Wine Country France Legendary Wines

French wine weeks in xanthurus invite to enjoy no question: France is definitely the epitome of classic wine countries. Here is the cradle of many world famous and widespread varieties; Here is the birthplace of many great wines which delight the wine world for several decades and became a legend. But even this well-known wine country offers still enough space and opportunity to discover the diversity of French wines (new). The wine online shop xanthurus cordially invites its visitors this autumn and offers enticing, easy delicious wines and wine packages from the country of the Tricolore. Cherchez le vin: it offers the selection of French wines in the online offer from xanthurus enough room. Who relies less on big names as on new discoveries, will sure find the wines from the House of Chateau St. Martin de la Garrigue. The distinctive note is characteristic for all wines to herbs, but also floral elements, according to the marked by shrub Heath formations (Garrigue”) Vineyards.

Herbs such as thyme, lavender, Rosemary or Sage ensures the special Mediterranean expression of the wine. The terroir of the Chateaux Saint Martin de la Garrigue justify this authentic expressiveness of the wines. The optimal conditions of the Coteaux you bring Languedoc in conjunction with top winemaker art wines by masterful density and aromatic fresh out. Recommended that in Rouge, rose and Blanc present themselves who want to convince themselves, which may be tradition the wines from the series”- see. A tradition of a different kind offers one of the most famous wines of France, the Baron Philippe de Rothschild Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Rouge. This was 1930 actually as a second wine”to the Grand Vin of Baron Philippe de Rothschild planned, but, especially in gastronomy, fast as estimated wine delicacy prevailed. Today is this red wine of the flagship of the Bordeaux blends in General and epitome of Baron Philippe de Rothschild wines in particular.