Website Development And Animation

Site development invariably involves an answer to the question 'what sort of message we want to implement, opening an office in the global network? '. And these goals may differ significantly. But it is not uncommon, when it comes to commercial site, one of the leading objectives – attracting the attention of potential buyers for their goods or services. And of course, creating a positive image of the organization plays an important role. Animation – the phenomenon is highly known. And that did not declare its opponents in the network, it is necessarily prokovyvaet attention and impresses. Precisely because of this huge number of customers coming into the web studio gives her his preference. Thanks rapidly developing technology, its level and quality is becoming more and more impressive.

And the ethical use certainly increases your site's popularity and global appeal of the organization. Oh, and if quite simple way – quality animation is worth considerable cost. And when a firm has the ability, in order to pay for work on its creation, then it is more solvent, and therefore secure. Using One of the amusing visual effects approaches vsluchae producer of animation for the Web – use of visual effects. That he can achieve amazing results. Advanced morphing, outbreaks, fire, lights – this is not scherpyvayuschy list of features implemented using this approach. Certainly will be found skeptics who argue that a resource with such twists would be slow to boot. But nowadays, when the data transfer rate no longer represents a such an important role, their use is entirely appropriate.

Race Champions

On Sunday, November 14 was zavershitelny 19-th stage of this epic season in Formula 1. Passed the final stage in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the highway Yas Marina. At Yase in Abu Dhabi a huge amount of luxury and glamor in harbors around the entire island parked myriad of megayacht, with half-naked beauties on the deck and flybridge. Interestingly, they are also ardent fans of Formula 1 … The newest trail Yas Marina, built as last year renowned architect Hermann Tilke on all the latest technology and with maximum convenience for the audience, here for you and a platform for dignitaries and VIP guests, here, and a network of many restaurants, along with five-star hotels. One of the hotels hangs directly above the highway, this megaotel – the only event of its kind in Formula 1, here is the density of billionaires and millionaires per square meter, as perhaps nowhere else … A huge number of celebrities scurrying, here and there … And all this in a fascinating light purple sunlight, predicting an early sunset …

And what an amazing outlandish beauty-art facilities here! Yeah … so chic season ends can only formula 1. And if and carry out some comparisons with other tracks, there arises only one of the legendary Grand Prix, which is not smaller than the dimensions of luxury, wealth and celebrities – it's Monaco. But if Monaco is taking the old and memorable architecture, traditions, the artificial island of Yas – ultra-modern buildings and architecture in the style of Hi-Tech.

Middle Bronze Age

Rhodes 'glorious island', as Horace called it, was one of the most important cultural centers of Greece with an extremely rich history. According to Pindar, the island received its name from the nymph Rhodes, which was daughter of Poseidon and Aphrodite. As follows from mythological sources and modern archaeological research data, a person's life at Rhodes goes back to prehistoric times. The geographical position of the island between East and West, the mild climate and fertile soil made the land of Rhodes, but which has repeatedly sought to immigrants already in the Neolithic era. By the Neolithic period are isolated finds in the caves of Rhodes and the Caliph Kremasto. In Middle Bronze Age in Rhodes have little village on the plain Yalisa, Filerime and in the north of Rhodes.

Significant was a settlement of the Minoans on the plain of the universe Trianda, in north-western edge of the island. It settlement, which arose about 1500 BC was abandoned around 1300 BC At this time, Rhodes flourished Mycenaean culture, as evidenced by the rich necropolis Yalisa and Camiri. After the end of the Mycenaean culture, about 110 BC, the Dorians, led by their leader and seized the island Tlepolemom split it into three parts, headed by the cities Yalis, Camiri and Lindos. In Homeric times the three cities of Rhodes, together with Kos, Cnidus and Halicarnassus formed the Dorian shestigrade – amfiktioniyu centered in the sanctuary Apolllona in Cnidus. Residents of Rhodes, first of all, Linda, took an active part in the Great Greek colonization, extending its influence to the east and West. In the archaic era Rhodians, using the preferred geographic location of their island, were heavily engaged in seafaring and trade. In the 6th century BC, the city and the Lynd Camiri even coined own coin.


Many, many years ago back in the small kingdom had this story. The narrow streets of Copenhagen still remembered as a bridge to their ridiculous stepped gait great storyteller. Lanky figure of the man arose here there, and even rumored that Anderson saw in different places simultaneously. As if he had during his life preparing to be the spirit of this city. His tales were just a rehearsal. If he had not tried on a suit storyteller, but the mantle Tales of itself. And with each new story, this robe was sitting on it all the more successful, driven skilful hand of the Great Portnoy under artsy build the future owner. Is not known exactly when Andersen has ceased to be Storyteller and has become the fairy tale.

Some believe that it happened immediately after the author and not mastered grammar, died completely on the fairy tale, having fallen from her bed and strongly rasshibshis. Maybe it was true. Or maybe not so. It is known only that after his conversion Andersen has never left since his beloved kingdom. All subjects were aware of this, and know to this day.

As the story since then never stopped. That neither happened … German troops marched into Denmark and quietly even as some are routine. The people of this country, their spikes going into the sky, could not and could not resist. Overnight, the commandant's office located next to the flower shops. The smell of tulips was so true that, through piercing the ambitions of the Third Reich seemed to dissolve into the air and gave a wind, which took away their light haze outside the kingdom.


'Let there be a cry of despair for the ages and a warning to humanity is the place …' Poland. Whether it has been to explain what I felt for the week of his stay in this country? Even very rich vocabulary of the Russian language can not to describe the emotions so strong … It would seem that the usual overseas school trips to places associated with the Jews. Such is the tradition in Israel – has not yet been formed to carry spiritual and adolescents in the final 12-m class in the country, where once their people had been its integral part. I live in Israel for three years, finishing high school in the program NAALE.

So, come and see my turn to sources of joy and misery of my people, call them specifically – 'Life' and 'Death'. Excursion is an alternation of attractions related to both the first and the second one. By his choice, I was going for the 'Death' – see the death camps, rails, trains, barracks, movies, at the same time avoiding and ignoring almost all preceded the Holocaust 'Life' of the Polish (and other) Jews. That's what I think and hit at my work and the perception of consciousness, based also on the natural and painful emotional susceptibility of my nature. Birkenau. The first camp that I saw. And – right to work, began to stir imagination, trying to reach only one thing: 'Here it was happening there stood a train here on these same tracks, and zdesproishodila selection here, and here … ' But no matter how I tried, defense mechanisms of consciousness restrained the flow of sensations, which fought a 'dam' that separated from the materiality of the understanding, acceptance of reality.

Theodor Eike Rudolf Hess

Exactly 70 years ago during World War II (March 27, 1940.) Reichsfuhrer Himmler ordered the construction of one of the largest concentration camps of Nazi Germany Auschwitz (Auschwitz-Birkenau), the founder and commandant, Rudolf Hoss, who is. Hess began work as an ordinary worker in the camp at Dachau, and ended his career as a deputy chief inspector of concentration camps camps. Rudolf Hess faithfully perform its mandated task, no matter what kind it was. He was very diligent performer absolutely any work set before him. Hess, exclude the personal opinions into the background, placing orders and the orders of his superiors is more important one's own desires, whether it's office in Dachau or Auschwitz guide. This 'industry' has not gone unnoticed by management, and soon was appreciated by Theodor Eike, Commandant of Dachau.

It is a favorable location Theodor Eike Rudolf Hess contributed to later appointment as Chief Hess Auschwitz. About Rudolf Hess knows that he, as a boy, like Hitler wanted to become a priest in the church, however, disappointed, became a soldier. During the First World War he was awarded the Iron Cross award class I have in 17 years. In March 1924 he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for the murder of his teacher, who was the instigator in the opinion of Hess's Communists. This verdict was a shock for him. Rudolf Hess at yourself feel what it's like to be concluded, six out of ten years in Brandenburg prison. While serving in the Dachau concentration camp (in 1934), Hess in his heart did not agree with the issue of mandatory Eike horrific torture and humiliation of prisoners, however, he did never showed the kind of "not to be soft." In Sachsenhausen, Hess is appointed head of the commandant's staff and aides in 1939. Then, firmly convinced of loyalty to the Fuehrer in political activity, regularly cited in effect of each order of the authorities.

In 1940, Rudolf Hess ordered a death camp in Auschwitz (Auschwitz) in polurazvalennyh buildings, Hess met with various problems, but continued to actively work diligently, trying to include in the working process of almost all fellow SS. Placing at the camp of Auschwitz (Auschwitz-Birkenau), residents of seven surrounding villages were expelled and their lands confiscated by the created concentration camps, are in the end an area of approximately 40 sq. km. Colleagues Rudolf Hess often disagreed with the head on many issues, in particular, to "influence" on prisoners at Auschwitz. They have learned to "advice" Eike, and therefore, were supporters of aggressive action.

First Female Reindeer

Timothy Veselov first arrived on the scene one. The family moved from Monchegorsk closer to the fall of 1949. First head of the family worked there the shahtoprohodke. Even before this was Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan. But fate still has in the North. Locality deer (on the securities of this title it was given in December, but on the fact of opening the mine people were counting the time from August 1949) was a camp of tents and mud huts. Timothy Trifonovich for days lost to mine, and Janina Frantsevna with two children began obihazhivat barely habitable dugout. Whitewashed walls, hang curtains neat.

Time was short, had to hurry up: is about to be born third child. People in the village was still small, all knew each other, and running 'Kolzhelrudoy' Dmitry Romanov joking – Well, Ioannina, if it is twins – just give a flat in a new house! God did not send twins, a girl was born – the first radical resident of the village. The baby was named Valya. It was listed metrics of birth – November 7, 1949, although in truth Valya said that it appears a loud cry … November 5. Revealing a little family secret, Ioannina Frantsevna said: – Romanov insisted! Like, should commemorate the birth of their first child in the village of 'appropriation' to him the revolutionary birth date.

And Valya's mother, was born in 1915, recalled: 'Rodnikov been around! Water pure-pure, and what wonderful flowers growing on the tundra – the eyes do not tear. And above them flew furry bumblebees! Sometimes, pregnant, go on the water, sit down on the mound – and blueberries all around! Eating handfuls, but she like grapes. " … Then Veselov lived in a hut on the street. Kirov, in the 51st got 2 bedroom flat in the second house was built. They will be born yet youngest – Tanya. With a deer, and later – with Olenegorsk and combine Veselov never to part. Timothy Trifonovich will work on the GOK to the end of life: he could not, could not work without. He lumberjack, he driller. And then, when the forces become smaller, already retired, will go to the guard. Janina Frantsevna will earn his pension, when put on its feet four children. Children also link the lot with the GOK. One of the three 'girls' are already in retirement. And Lyudmila Timofeevna and Valentina Timofeevna at the plant, which built Timothy Veselov, work hard and to this day. Only the names of their Now others. And the grandchildren – Veselov here. And it all began – with the curtains dug into flower … FIFTY YEARS of Mount DEER

Relationships, Culture And Religion

A new relationship can give us the emotional support necessary to overcome the crisis of indifference. Drag the sound principles of Judeo-Christian culture. Are our crutches, and we are especially damaging to the concept of guilt. The most damaging in our lives are the frustrations arising from disagreement with people. We produce frustration and fall prisoners of our emotions. Especially painful the heartbreak as a result of a rupture, with the admixture of guilt, that strangles us, constrains us, keeps us from being happy, we will mortgage future relations. We sometimes locks and traps us, and our soul becomes gray.

At that point, what happens to us to philosophy. Our soul takes refuge in our thoughts, and comes and takes away the freshness of life with its abstract constructions. So like her, which can only be reconciled with life, not in the real world (blasting) but in an ideal world, our lives marked by disappointment, we can only reconcile them into another ideal world. Perhaps we have no other way. Our country will be like Adorno would say, left us, our Utopia face reality without fear.

Holderling said that where the danger lies, salvation too. The losers are legion, and many end up taking refuge in his personal hell. Hence the pessimism vital to their emotional isolation and anhedonia. The road is learning to walk without crutches, claiming the right to try to be happy. There are many techniques of psychological support, often ineffective, because it is possibly the only way to face life with courage. I claim the right to aspire to a world described by the limit of no harm to anyone. Maybe that's why the Greeks sensed that ethics was character building, internal struggle for perfection, a path that had to go, that we had been given. The world of feelings and emotions are very intense for the human being, become an unapproachable infinite. To paraphrase Goethe, if that long to infinity, we must pursue it in all directions. The losers are legion in the life, so we must fight and hug, the other option, accommodative leads to a well, a ruin existential. When we do not have enough force, recourse to the assistance it gives us a Fairy Godmother in our lives.