Padroeiro Saint City

In the territorial divisions of 1936 and 1937, Crossroads were formed for the district headquarters and of Macarani, Campinas and Brook of the Jump. Em1943, asede of the city was transferred to the Village of Macarani, then raised to the category of city, and the city of Crossroads was transformed into village of this new city. Only in 1952, through the state law n 511 of 12 of December, the city was restored breaking up itself of Macarani. The new city was constituted of the headquarters and the districts of New Brasilia and Campinarana. The city of Brook of the Plaza, desmembrado of the city of Crossroads, was created in 03 of March of 1989 for State law n 4850, published in Official gazette of 04 of March of 1989.

The headquarters were raised to the category of city, when it created the city. After the emancipation politics, in the first lawsuit, Mr. Pablo de Almeida Light was elect mayor of the city together with the nine councilmen who had composed the City council. Legally, the city belongs to the Judicial district of Crossroads. For not yet having a Parish, it is religiously, subordinated to the one of Crossroads. The majority of the population is catholic and the Padroeiro Saint of the city is Joo Baptist, commemorated annually in 24 of June.

However, the great religious party of the city is not mentioned to the party of the padroeiro, but to ' ' Pilgrimage to the Hollow of Pedro' ' , carried through in 29 of June. The pilgrimage is a tradition that is kept since year of 1925, when the fact happened that gave to origin to the peregrinations to the hollow of the cattle tender Peter. The memory of the city registered and has reproduced the events that had involved the murder of a cattle tender known for Peter de Ana Rita.

Cascadura Village Cruise

Walking a little more, as it was good for going to the assay of the Serrano Empire and for coming back high hours of the dawn the foot, I descend the Edgard Romero, Road Vicente Oak, passing under of the mount of the Serrinha, without no lost bullet, going until the Aquidauana Square and at last after more than half walked hour of, to arrive in house safe and sound without our parents were despaired in waiting. We normal age to cross the subterranean of Penha at any time that it took in them of a side to another one, what today he would be synonymous of suicide, our stroll of week end was to eat crayon and to more good take broth of sugar cane in the street of the Romeiros with ours clothes on board the capacity Penha- Madureira, that later would be the 721 celebrity Cascadura Village Cruise, if me do not fail the memory. Walking still a little more, who forgets the barbecues them Cities High and God who we could frequent without fear some, but already is leaving our route there and is subject for another chronicle. It takes that this action has not been only one reply to the outlaws who had dared to defy the state with its attacks. It wants God who the governing of our city and the policemen understand of a time for that good outlaw is imprisoned outlaw and that no money of the world, that is not profit of allowed form and honest it will bring peace to its familiar ones and a worthy future for its children. Who knows daqui some time can take our grandsons to take a walk, not in the Park Ari Barroso that UPA turned, but perhaps in the Church of the Penha, or who still knows in Party of the Penha, that stops who if it remembers was one of the greaters that had in our city. ' ' Somebody offers somebody as test of some coisa' ' , he was as soon as the speaker of the Shangai Park announced plus an order. How homesickness!

Emotional Intelligence

The person owns plenary session emotional dominion of the aspect in the situations and contexts where this factor is critical and successful solves any difficulty that appears to him, in internal harmony and with very intelligent results in relation to the others. Emotional handling with Skill. The person owns emotional skill to solve situations in the emotional scopes to which this factor is related. She presents/displays Vulnerability (Insufficiency of Emotional Intelligence). The person is vulnerable emotionally before certain type of situations and, therefore she feels very affected and incapable to suitably solve the problems in that specific area. Caution must be had.

This means that definitively the factor of emotional intelligence is below the minimum limits and, therefore, if the person faces situations in which this factor is critical, most probable it is than problems are generated. In such sense, the result aims at that if contract a person, who are to position must be kind to this type of situations since they know the high degree emotional vulnerability that presents/displays the person before this type of facts. Some erroneous concepts Emotional intelligence does not mean ” simply; to be simptico”. At strategic moments they can require on the contrary to face plainly somebody to make see an important truth him, although it bothers, that is had been avoiding. Emotional intelligence does not mean to give loose rein to the feelings, ” removing to everything afuera”. On the contrary it means to handle the feelings of way so to express them suitably and with effectiveness allowing that the people work together without rubbing in search of a common objective. *Referencia: Notes, notes of the chair of organizational behavior, Phases UC .