Watt Soccer KalleBaker Starts Hobby

Are the Wattolumpiade of the most spectacular charity event Schleswig-Holstein who or what the Watt crusts”? Watt crusts are a popular specialty of the Marner Kalle-maker”a rustic molded rye bread with a crisp crust, a spicy bread just like you used to know it yet from the good old days. “The Watt crusts” calls itself but also the team of Kalle bakers work force, since the new edition of the Brunsbuttel Wattolumpiade “in 2006 at the competitions, which is represented as Watt footballers and as Watthandballer. Previously mark Riemann was the Kalle Wattleten to her boss is still given no place in the front ranks of the winner, but finally counts for Riemann and his team especially the sporting spirit and the idea of who is behind the Wattolumpiade: A dirty sport a clean thing. This according to the initiators of spectacular charity event Schleswig-Holstein”gathered on 5/6 June 2010 for the seventh time Wattleten in the disciplines W soccer, volleyball, Watt handball and eel relay race. Because only a week later the FIFA World Cup in South Africa will be kicked off, “Watt Cup” at the heart of the creative competition of silt is of course also this year. “” “And as in previous years is Kalle-Baker” sponsor part, freely according to the motto do good and back it “, as he also at other events such as the day of Elizabeth” or the Aidsschleifen Jaws “proves. The Wattikan”the idea Finder Jens Rusch’s organization team is reliant on such people. Because the principle is simple: all incurred expenses will be covered by sponsors, so that the proceeds can go to organizations such as, for example, the cancer outpatient clinic of Schleswig-Holstein Cancer Society completely.

As employer of the Wattolumpiade, Kalle-Baker provides”not only for the physical well-being of the brave Wattleten and the Festival helpers in the background, but sold his goods as well as for the good purpose to the Visitors to the Watt battle grounds. “” And if in these days the film to the Wattolumpiade meerkampf.watt? “by Frank D. Muller in the cinema starts, then you must mark Riemann and his Watts crusts” admire even in a supporting role. The DVD of the film will be available later in all k-bakery stores.

Ludmila Lindtrop

I never thought I would do in this life, his favorite thing – to write poems that appear site – author Ludmila Lindtrop poetry. And what really could not even dream about is the fact that the website will be heading “Download books” and even my first audiobook. I was engaged in anything but the fact that I was interested. There were a lot of reasons, but rather excuses that stop me. I, of course, upset, but the uncertainty in that I can change anything, always won.

And three years ago, I still began to write poetry. A variety of poems: poems about life, about what matters, poems about love and nature. Now I’m the happiest person because I doing what he likes. Do not be afraid to start doing what you like – it’s never too late. In this space I will post my new poems: A good friend of mine said that in order to learn how to write poetry, they should write every day. My poems about life – and this new poem about life and written a few years ago.

Poems about life, its meaning – is, above all, attitude. Poems about life – different. Of all the poetry of love poetry for women, of course, is the closest. Poems about love, you can write every day. And when all is well, and when everything is bad. Love – this is what we live. Therefore, I like to write poems about love and friendship. In this section, collected poems of author love. I think you would be interested in reading and poetry about nature. I like writing poems and short. They come unexpectedly, and the end is not always predictable. Short poems are written in difficult, but it does not make them less attractive to me. Selected Poems – these are the poems that I or roads, or most were successful in the sense, the plot, according to the rhyme. In the section “Download the book” You can download the book with my poems in format PDF. During the summer there was more and audiobooks, and you can download and listen: The website will be available and song on my poems. Songs You can listen to and download. Category – ‘favorite poems. ” I do not like to walk in guests. But the Internet allows you to ‘summarily’ fees to get acquainted with the works as well-known poets and poems from little-known talent. It will be printed copyrights poems, which I love. I hope that you are enjoy. In the “Interesting,” I want to talk about what attracted attention, I found it interesting, and what I would like to share with you. If you are, reading my poetry, go back to my site again, I will be infinitely happy.

Exciting Atmosphere

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