Movie Viewing

Funny, in anticipation of the spectacle itself, he rushes to his home, necessarily involves the film and begins to view it. In Meanwhile, it is possible to summon his friends the conversation, so show off the purchase of the video. But now looking at such a video, everyone is not only not getting the advertised breathtaking scenes, but rather everything else will experience total disappointment. As such all the famous movie scenes, and just got into the best advertising spot, while others are a half hour, this is nonsense. It is necessary to highlight that fact from such a situation no one is immune. To fight against this phenomenon actually own way, let's say for example, wait until he sees a friend's feature film and not tell the story.

In the second case simply banal absolutely never watch movies advertised, but actually in real life this would be quite tedious and boring. In our time, has a rare opportunity to meet in principle with what you like the film, and only as a result then buy a copy on disk. This feature has been available through a web of specialized portals on the Internet, which spread to online view of reality, in principle, any film. Directly with no account for a long time to look for the famous film, wait until they appear in the sale, and especially no longer need to order an unknown film with a tempting title, which is even able to be nonsense. On such a special website there is always a chance to see videos online, and in that case if a movie is not like it, is always available to stop the conversation and more about him think. Often on these websites, in addition to natural movies in full you can listen to the radio online, or else for example, see the full episode online. In addition, it should be noted that in practice, always available actually the latest movies, so very easy to keep abreast of all new products, in principle, both domestic and foreign cinema.

Short Film Copyright

Dear fans of cinema, those who are thirsty of creativity, who makes films for himself and his friends, who wants to go to a big audience. That's for you, we offer a new form of competition within the Independent Film Festival of Authors (NIFAK). Our festival is changing its program rules and conditions for its members. Declare the first competition of short film copyright on the same topic. Topic 1 of the contest – "My house ". The condition of the competition: movie length should not exceed 5 minutes.

The optimal length – 3 minutes. Everything else – the fruit of your thinking, your imagination, your cinematic culture. Send your film in AVI and MP4. The competition results will be announced and published at the end of the first quarter of 2011, April 1. At the same time will be announced on the 2nd competition of shorts and a new theme for the film. Independent Online Film Festival Copyright (NIFAK) operates in the "non-stop." At the end of each quarter, four times a year, the winners in one or more categories. It will be those movies that were the best in the opinion of the audience and jury. The winning films will participate in international festival of short films, where they would recommend the festival NIFAK.

In addition, the best work will be supported by the prestigious jury recommendations for those who wish to receive vocational training in cinematic high school. But the most important and interesting – you can in the limited space of the given topic, and creative brains to compete with muscle other authors to prove to myself and hundreds of thousands of people online festival of its originality. So, welcome casino, art film fans! Our festival is open to you! Chairman of the jury NIFAK honored. Worker. Artist of Russia, the film director Yuri Mamin rules on the festival site "NIFAK" published short and feature-length directorial works (the works) in the portal "NIFAK" published text materials on Products (articles, essays, reviews) in the portal "NIFAK" published photos and promotional materials about the product on the site "NIFAK" published by other media materials about the works of all published works available for download from the indication of copyright "NIFAK" All of the published materials are available for download with the source "NIFAK"

Eurovision Song Contest

“Why did not Peter goes to us at the Eurovision Song Contest to Ukraine? Here’s who should be sent, rather than Svetlana Loboda! (By the way, Loboda good singer and a song she had in principle also suitable, but Dmitrichenko as a soloist, as an artist, of course, significantly higher and more interesting.) “summary of this well-known Russian music critic, summed up his Sosedov Sergei distance acquaintance with the work of our compatriot, singer Peter Dmitrichenko. High appreciation journalist-expert, known to our audience on the TV project “Shark pen,” “You – Superstar”, “Superstar 2008”, gave a vocal and artistic data winner of the final season of the TV project “Chance” on his blog (): “… first tell about his discovery. This is a young Ukrainian singer Peter Dmitrichenko. Strong, surprisingly lively, filled with stunning colors voice timbre is incredibly fascinated me. Particularly striking is how it reads in the upper register, just bewitches her passion and drama. ” “Peter Dmitrichenko – new Obodzinsky?” – So began another letter of appeal to readers of a musicologist, and further, “the parallel (a blog reader – approx.

Aut.), A priori, who saw crazy up front, after listening to recordings Dmitrichenko not really struck me as a deliberate and paid off almost completely. By the way, the songs performed Obodzinsky I always listen with pleasure and great respect for this artist has found his unique singing tone, his age has created a song. ” Particularly interesting was to hear a review from an expert artist, which has proved to have genuine knowledge in music and featuring their own unbiased judgments about performers and musical works. Criticism, which achieved a positive assessment is not easy even to many already held “Stars”, the critic, whose opinion even listened to detractors. It is worth noting that this is not only highly appreciated by experts.

Suffice it to recall the opinion of Dmitry Klimashenko (known Ukrainian producer), delivered in a TV show ‘Drop’:’… I can not understand why you have not yet megastar?’. However, despite the recognition of talent, a record audience support and undying interest in the way the artist to the big stage long and difficult. It makes no sense to repeat once again known truth about the Ukrainian show business, dies as a blueprint of performers and created the conditions where, without money and connections for talented people to break almost impossible. Surely such a talented nuggets like Peter on the path of many of our compatriots – to conquer the entertainment business in Russia, so we can listen, watch on TV, seen on the big stage, and proud of it … But even at a distance … Here and neighbors of the same: “I think the way that Peter should be actively promoted in the entertainment business, and maybe even worth trying to do it in Moscow (I understand that he has no sponsors and the producer, but still could be that of something). This is truly an artist “event-” and he should be happy theatrical fate. In Ukraine, he probably would be difficult to move. ” The other day it was announced that Peter Dmitrichenko to participate in international pop song “Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk – 2009”. Hopefully, the international jury of the festival and the audience will appreciate the creativity of our talented fellow, and it will be a new height in the subjugation of their musical Mount Olympus, and not only Ukrainian.

Venetian Galley

You may also want to emphasize that our project is the revival of rowing-sailing ship building goes hand in hand with the President's program for the development of physical education and Sports. The project implementation will not only recover the lost ground in many of Russia in the sailing and rowing kinds of professional sport, but also to educate physically strong, hardened young citizens of a great maritime power, accustom them to the age-old naval tradition. In many ways, in our opinion, far-fetched, but is actively discussed now, the problem of neglect of the river and inland navigation sector, with the introduction of our project will end. Instead of ridiculous and absurd on its core projects is the construction of floating homes and parking lots (yes, this unenviable fate of the train, for example, the Moscow River particularly advanced "creative" designers) channel our rivers decorates caravans beautiful and majestic sailing and rowing-sailing ships. Among them will and pleasure, and cruise passenger galley, compared with that famous Venetian gondolas will look like A flock of roach on the background of the Caspian sturgeon jamb.

In our opinion, nothing is not substantially increase the tourism appeal of our capitals, ports and coastal cities, as the revival of the sailing and galley fleet. Same It should be noted that the creation of galley fleet will help in solving the problems with illegal immigrants. FMS does not need to spend huge sums on the expulsion of illegal immigrants. They can recruit crew galleys as rowers. C military point of view the use of galleys are also very profitable. Galley, built of wood, it is not visible to radar, thermal and other means of early warning and also virtually noiseless. All this allows completely hidden squadron move without attracting the attention of the potential enemy. And even in the case of a squadron of galleys today hardly anyone sees a serious threat to the small wooden ship.

C Given that the galley can accommodate virtually any type of warheads and troops, a small boat is a terrible weapon. Note that the defeat of the galley and its loss would cause serious damage country's defense in connection with the penny-cost and low-value of the crew. In our opinion, management of the Ministry of Defence should certainly pay attention to the proposed project. Galera "Tver" in Admiralty Quarter. Photos of the 1880s. (From the portal "Museums of Russia").

Prague Agency

Experience off-road ACTION and ACTION ON ICE Dusseldorf Agency now also incentives and teambuilding belong to the spectrum of below-the-line. In Germany, the Agency is exclusive provider of two exceptional incentive concepts GREEN GmbH: off-road ACTION and ACTION ON ICE. Hereby, in terms of team building and motivation, they break new ground. Chatting with the jeep through rough terrain or quad-bike on a mysterious mission are just a few of the numerous possibilities, providing off-road ACTION, located on a former military site in the vicinity of Prague. The experience programs are individually tailored to the participants, ranging from the eventful day of action to the several-day rally. ACTION ON ICE is a sports experience where participants learn to overcome their limits and to pursue a common objective as a team. You slip in the role of an ice hockey player for a day and take up the challenge on the ice. Professional equipment, training with a professional ice hockey coach, a game against a opposing team, where participants can apply the learned to a real situation and at the end of the day, a glamorous evening event at the celebrated the successes and experiences of the day, make ACTION ON ICE to an unforgettable experience.

In Germany, these incentives can be booked and organized well over the GREEN Agency. Learn more about the Agency under GREEN GmbH and OFFROAD ACTION / ACTION ON ICE: contact: Agency GREEN Marc Hartmann Pestalozzistrasse 96 40549 Dusseldorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 211 220 410-0 fax: + 49 (0) 211 220 410-20 E-Mail: the Agency GREEN stands for full service in the below-the-line marketing. We advise you in the process of creative concepts and assume responsibility for the entire communication and logistical implementation of your projects. Sabrina Rymarowicz

Electric Cars

As you wander the Internet found a very wonderful resource completely dedicated to electric vehicles and electric transport. Happy one, finally people began zadumyvatsya about the environment, in this case began to save huge amounts of money rahoduemye on gasoline. Really now, because of the huge amount of harmful emissions of road transport and thus far no high-quality fuels sick incurable deadly diseases weight people not only in big cities but in small towns. Elektromobilisty their example encourage us to maintain a clean environment in our country. Electric car – the dream of many thousands of car owners, for whom it is Now it has become progressively realizovyvatsya. Indeed Electric – is relatively a very convenient and not whimsical vehicle. Previously, many officials from various departments prevented the registration converted electric vehicles in the traffic police.

But now, thanks to the support of the Union Elektromobilistov Russia, was officially registered number of electric vehicles. Now elektromobilistov Russia there is a real force, they obdenilis and created their own union. The forum of the Union Elektromobilistov Russia can get any information kasayuschiyusya sale of electric vehicles, spare parts, repair and maintenance. To exchange experience in electric vehicle modifications. Propose their own alternative project. In addition, this site can obtain free legal advice on all road issues. Union Elektromobilistov Russia – is the only all-Russian movement that actually protects the rights of elektrovladeltsev and has both practical and theoretical poderzhkoy on all matters relating to electric vehicles. More:

Thomas Muller

Innovative strategy and implementation circle make hugely successful value! circle are exclusive confidential circle for the creative, communication and media production industry. Since 2006, value offers! network this innovative form of strategy circles. The benefits of value! circle confirms the participant survey 2009/2010 fully. The analysis of responses revealed the focus of participants in value! circle: 1 new impulses and ideas get 2 own strategy review 4 bottlenecks develop 3. options for action 5. friendships eliminate maintain 6 collegial sharing/networking 7 personal security win the individual topics were level specified with! Customer advertising, services marketing (26.1%).

Crisis management / project management (26.1%). Personnel management (17.4%). Mixture of these areas (17.4%)! other personal topics (13.0%) The feasibility of the results from value! circle assessed the surveyed participants with! very good (8.7%)! good (73.9%) The value! circle-maker Heike Winter and Thomas Muller are extremely satisfied with these results. The founder of the value! network gmbh agree that value! circle are an excellent and affordable alternative to comprehensive consulting projects and uncontrolled change processes in difficult times just for the middle class. Here, meet people who actively avoid responsible for contracting authorities and service providers, and freelancers with the challenges of the ever-changing industries. In the next value! circle are one or two places free for new subscribers:! 19th/20th March 2010, Irsee (Allgau)! 16th and 17th April 2010, Northeim (Gottingen). April 23-24, 2010, Dusseldorf! 04/05 June 2010, Worpswede (Bremen) detailed information on this media information and the related charts can be downloaded as a PDF document at: 561