Music Files

Music files have revolutionized the way of listening to music, MP3 players or computer software designed to play music files, have made it easy and convenient to build playlists for any occasion or mood. Although compact discs (CD) programmable to allow some flexibility to create playlists, ease of clicking to add songs makes other forms of programming look archaic and restrictive. It is not surprising then that people prefer the option of using MP3 players to listen to music through the system. The most common and least expensive to listen to music from the computer to the stereo system is connect an RCA audio cable from the sound card in your computer to the stereo receiver. All sound cards are made with at least one line of output for the speakers of the mains unit. The connector is usually a 3.5 mm mini-phone connector A low cost adaptor that counts with a stereo jack of 3.5 mm on one end and two RCA female connectors on the other is required to operate, it connects to a standard RCA stereo cable, the opposite end of the cable may be connected to the radio or surround sound receiver. After the connection is made, adjust the volume before turning on the receiver.

Change the receiver mode for auxiliary (as opposed to radio, CD, DVD, TV, etc), and gradually turn up the volume. You may need to increase the volume of the MP3 Player control. Advanced sound cards can also have another line of output, such as Digital Out. The instructions are the same, instead of a digital cable to RCA cable. The receiver also needs a digital audio in port. Although wiring methods are cheap, they have the disadvantage of requiring a physical cable connected from the computer to the stereo.

If the computer is a desktop in another room of the stereo Centre or entertainment, this may be impractical. A laptop provides a good medium Mobile for music libraries, since you can set closer to the stereo system to simplify things and keep the wires out of aisles. Another method is the wireless technology, in this case, a small transmitter is connected to the line output port of the sound card, and a game receiver is connected to the audio in port on the receiver line. Computer music is silent dissemination through radio waves from the transmitter to the receiver. The receiver interprets the radio signals and translates them into an audible signal to play through the speakers of the entertainment center. Stereo wireless transmitters vary in design and pricing, some models include video ports compounds to send not just audio, but video signals between the computer and the entertainment center.

Radio Airlines

It is well-known, that the music is a reflection of the mood of people in certain occasion or moment, but also, is a highly influential in the attitude taken towards certain daily experiences. Recognized airlines go far beyond their common services and seek to offer its customers satisfaction in their daily living. These airlines offer uninterrupted music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. If what you want is to have the best mix of music of all time, then find out the website where airs and enjoy your day always listening to the best music at the time that you want. These settings often have the best selection of songs of songs in English and Spanish. The genres of music that you offer are genres like jazz, blues, traditional Mexican music, folk songs, trova, sauce and even music in the new age genre. Enjoy the best hits of the moment and delight your ears with the best musical selection to the hour you want, and clear, sweetens your life with wonders that music you can provide. A. Verastegui hold.

Musical Harmony

Musical harmony has to do with the study of chords and the relationships among them. To understand the harmony it is essential to understand music as a language. Since we are talking about the study of chords, it is important to understand that they are the chords. These are multiple sounds simultaneously. The simplest expression is through triads which are made by three sounds.

There are 4 types of triads: – major triads – minor triads – augmented triads – diminished triads below is an example with the c major scale in the Pentagram and are going to use to explain the four types of triads. We are going to add two sounds for each height extra. We have the first sound as a basis the following sounds are the upper third and fifth above respectively. The triads major major triads are for this example Do Fa y Sol. A major triad is composed of your base to a third higher, which should be a major third (OJ my). And its base to a fifth higher, this should give a perfect fifth (do sol). Any chord that consists of one major third and a perfect fifth higher, these are major chords.

The triad minor d minor minor and a minor. For these chords should be a minor third (re fa) from its base and a perfect fifth (re the). Triads diminished if dim must be a minor third (if re) and a fifth declined relative to its base (if fa). Augmented triad for the larger scale there is a chord therefore increased, it will be as an example by altering one of these notes with the chord of OJ. As shown has a major third relative to its base (OJ my) and a fifth increased relative to its base (do sol #). Following example this representation of grades with Roman numerals, note that for older chords are represented in uppercase and lowercase minors accompanied with a letter m, as well as for the if diminished chord is represented with the abbreviation dim or with a small circle in the top right of the letter of the chord. I iim iiim IV V vi vii (dim) So far thats all, expected further expansion in a future article.