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Rock is not just music, not just musical direction, a youth culture, a means of communication of young people, a mirror of society. Rock can not exist without communication, without young people – it's like a bath without a towel. It originally emerged as a means of expression of youth, rebellion, and as protest, as a denial and review of the moral and material wealth of the world. Throughout its history, rock reflects and represents the ever-difficult problem of parents and children. As a means of expression the younger generation, rock, in the eyes of the older generation is just as childish pastime, sometimes dangerous and destructive. Although there is a rock for a long time, and it has grown today, the adult generation, before fate and today faces the same problems as and at the beginning of his ways: confusion and rejection. This fact clearly shows the spiral of development: how could we not have evolved, we go through the steps that have remained in history.

Even in terms of philosophy in rock music revealed all its fundamental laws. The fact that the rock is a protest of youth and the emergence of new music, by rejecting the old, shows the law of negation. The appearance of a new style by merging of other styles – the law of reflection. In contradictions of rock (the confrontation of pop-rock and heavy metal music) shows the law of unity and struggle of opposites. With English as: 'rock' – a rock, reef, rock, verbs – to swing, shake, remove from equilibrium; 'rock-music' – emphasis on the rhythm of rock, instrumental sound rough and often vulgar texts emphasized that the genre is rooted in the sexual, exciting, and the earth. And yet, there is no precise notion of the word 'Rock'. Many musicians have recognized performers in rock style, consider themselves to be rock 'n' rolschikami, and do not find differences between rock and rock and roll that is wrong by definition. So-called style of 'rock' does not exist – Is a collective term of art, symphonic, hard rock, etc., formed on the basis of rock 'n' roll and a bit.

RTR Planeta

Mankind has long dreamed of learning to transfer pictures from a distance. Before this dream was realized, it took more than one millennium. During this time, mankind have heard tales of a magic mirror, on a plate with magic apples, wondrous about the wells in which we can see the whole world of other portals on the planet, about the teleport … Several decades of research discoveries and genius gave us the first TVs in almost every home. Now we are able to transmit the image to see it, invest it in a certain idea, meaning, watch free online. There is a huge number of channels that have learned to use this knowledge and tend to be those who are first to see, hear and remember the audience.

But earlier it was considered unenforceable … In the first days after the New Year came to be known television leaders who routinely compete for attention and time TV viewers in Ukraine, which may affect in 2011, the opinion of many. Oddly, but in the top ten most popular TV channels in Ukraine and got some Russian … Let us not think what it is connected, just imagine data you need. So, in the first month of the 2011 Inter TV channel in the lead on the number of hits in the audience of Ukraine, ahead of TV channels 1 +1 and STB. The top ten popular channels were also ICTV, Novy Kanal, Ukraine, NTN, 1 channel, K1, TET. Good positions occupied 2 +2 rating, NTV Mir, TRK Era (First National), RTR Planeta, Mega, Channel 5, M1, TVi, QTV, RU Music, but not likely they can become seriously rivals the top three. Rating popular channels was made by Poll fifty thousandth audience 18-54 years in many cities. It is worth noting that TV Inter, 1 +1, STB long enough alternately replace the leader, so that we can confidently say that these channels will be a long time form the point of view and to entertain many audiences through television, internet TV, despite the fact that the Russian telekanly begin to take part in the competition for popularity of TV viewers in Ukraine.

Makeup Hair

Simple movements can help stimulate blood flow throughout the body and remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Another tip: in the morning do not get carried away with hot water and no splashing in the bath for too long. Caring for a person Swelling under the eyes can be removed with two metal teaspoons stretcher. Put them in the fridge for 10 minutes, and then attach to edema and count to 60. Wrinkles on forehead there are those who often frown. If notice of a habit, try to give it up and express dissatisfaction svle other way.

If you completely relax your muscles fail, massage them for a minutes. Lips. To make this part of your face always looked young and attractive, it should be abundantly moisten. What? Of course, hygienic lipstick. Choose the one that contains oils or waxes, but no artificial fragrances! Lipstick with a fruity odor you will want to lick it, but from the lips of the only drying and aging rapidly.

Painted with a mind to start for 5 – 10 minutes before the makeup, be sure to use moisturizer for the face. It minimizes the negative impact of color cosmetics and give the skin a healthier appearance. Correct view. When applying make-up is necessary to remember that you paint the house, in the dim artificial light, and Here you will see on the street – in daylight. So when the paint, and sit by the window in well-lit room and use the mirror a little more risk to do otherwise, make-up too bright, or vice versa, too pale. Paint the eyes. If you do not like bright makeup, get a jar of pearl shades of skin color. They must apply to the middle of the upper eyelid lashes right about, and your eyes will look wider and eyelashes – long. Corrects brow. With age, the upper eyelid can sag slightly, and this gives your face a tired and puffy look. To hide the trouble to properly adjust the shape of their eyebrows, slightly 'tucked' them to the top. Just do not overdo it with tweezers: too thin eyebrows add you right away about 5 years. Watch for the hair to shine after washing them for a second dip your head under a stream of cold water. From such a 'surprise' scales to your hair will close the hair surface becomes smooth and shine the light on. To make your hair look more natural, do not try to paint them in your former natural color – choose a shade lighter in tone. At night, always Tie up long hair and never tie them in a ponytail or a bunch, because if in a dream you'll roll over on the pillow, be sure to damage the part of their hair. Beautiful body


"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." Gospel of John 3:16 "For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. "Romans 6:23" For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus "Romans 3: 23-24 We all sin, from Adam, the first man, and every one of us have sinned. Sin separates us from God, His fellowship, His favor, sin is like a black umbrella that hinders the rain of blessings fall on our spiritual land that is our soul to refresh and enliven. This sin separates us from Dio, demanded a death that was the debt we had with God, God sent His Son the Lord Jesus on the cross of Calvary for our sin payment, mine, yours, and the all. It is so valuable the Lord Jesus His death act on behalf of all who accept him as one who died for us. God the Father accepted the sacrifice of Christ is risen from the dead. Salvation is a gift from God.

Jesus is the gift of God to fallen humanity, let's face it and live for Him and He promises to give us life and life in abundance (Gospel of John 10:10) "But the gift is not like the transgression, because if by the transgression of that one the many died, much more abundant for a lot of grace and the gift of God for the grace of a man, Jesus Christ. " Romans 5:15 If you are interested in this topic can read the Bible, especially the Gospel of John, and discover the love of God expressed in the person of Jesus. God bless. On the Road


As a token of his love, give your man crystal heart, filled with delicious balm. Until now, the husband of your beauty and love "drunk"! 🙂 The invitations have already been received, the guests thoroughly reflect on the gifts. The main thing with the intent and the theme! So how often, to attend the wedding couples, and more gifts to pick up the "family." The selected gift to be not only beautiful, but also reflect your desire "young". Let's say, a glass globe – is a joint recreation spouses' Around of light. " Why do not they put the goal in front of you? Traveling always stirs and strengthens the bonds of love, brings new tone in relations and helps to feel like "Romeo and Juliet." To the house of bride and groom always were only happy days, give them crystal elephants. It is considered more elephants in the house, the more it will be good luck. And that always shined the light, and not one was a dark place – a crystal chandelier in this sense – irreplaceable. Rays of sun falling on each crystal suspension, are scattered around the house a million of the same rays, sunbeams playing on the walls for a romantic evening …

you can give crystal candlesticks in the form of pigeons. Never mind that the house has electricity, but it makes a spark the fire special charm and mystique, which we have lacked in their daily lives. In the same style – glasses made of crystal. If they are handmade – excellent! Let them be solid shape and look "like a king." For a romantic gift can be attributed, and a crystal vase for fruits. Can you imagine all these gifts in action! The evening after the festive ceremony, bride and groom, with candles in crystal champagne, poured into the "royal" crystal glasses, taste their fragrant vines, lying in a crystal vase Crystal wedding present … with pure radiance of the senses after 15 years together!

Load Accumulators

Batteries must be very well maintained, so that they hold for long. This is to ensure that these do not load too quickly. On careful loading and unloading is complete respect. The nickel-cadmium batteries, the highest duty of care to white, as they have measured a known problem with the memory effect. This problem also occurs in a lighter form of nickel-metal hydride batteries. Here, the pleasure of the RC car fly by very quickly.

Therefore, the batteries are fully discharged before charging. There are very good Entladewerkzeuge, including dischargers a simple light bulb would do well, but here is the control of the discharge current is not guaranteed. If the indicator is extinguished or the discharger is no identifiable climb the light bulb more foreseeable, the battery should be removed immediately. This is otherwise in danger of being deep discharged. Now, the battery can be recharged.

A small formula is to be mentioned here: Charging battery capacity is equal to 1.4 times by the Charge current. This is to ensure that the units are converted correctly. Before that should be looked in the manual, what is the maximum charge current of the power supply is and what the maximum charge current of the batteries. If this is not to refer to the instructions you can from a dealer or in the RC forum to ask. After use, the batteries should be kept fully charged and disconnected from the RC Car. When not using the batteries it should be charged at regular cycles again. This is referred to most of all 3-4 months. In front of the shop but do not forget the batteries discharged to complete again.