New Tourism Magnet

Above-average growth rates in comparison to Europe the capital Berlin is the favorite destination in the Occident to London, Paris and Rome. But grows the number of nights, guests, since 2001 the recently built hotels and their capacities above average at. Also international visitors to Berlin make up about 40% of our guests and are looking for some cheap hotels in Berlin. Highlights are of course not only cheap hotels in Berlin, but especially its architecture, historical sites, art exhibitions, art festivals, shopping opportunities, nightlife and huge event highlights, which annually include several hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic. Good cheap hotels and Berlin are no contradiction.

On the contrary. The Athens on the Spree has many hotels at unbeatable prices and is one of the most frequently visited cores of national and international travel transportation. Berlin is on the way, to be the new tourism magnet in Europe. Berlin is one of the beyond the world’s largest international Convention host. The ICC is the largest centre for the staging of congresses in Europe and helps with Messe Berlin economy tourism hand in hand. Explore super cheap hotels in Berlin at excellent prices. Berlin has one of the most advanced hotel landscapes: from the international grandeur hotel, impressive art – and design the formative Berlin guesthouse centrally located hotels. With nearly 3.5 million inhabitants, Berlin is the largest metropolis of in Germany and where it might be sexy to combine cheap hotels and Berlin.

In addition, Berlin is area nine times bigger than Paris. Without a doubt, cheap hotels in Berlin can be found in each and every one of the twelve districts. The city is very diverse due to its different areas. Many highlights are United in middle, representing the history of Berlin. The German Government or the State Library form a bridge to the modern urban planning around the Potsdamer Platz. Around the Hackesche Hofe and many cute blocks have an abundance of restaurants and exhibitions, allow insight into the color fullness of cosmopolitanism and have countless cheap hotels in Berlin.

Berlin Mecklenburg

‘ Tourism climate forests ‘: cooperation falls on March 12, 2010 at the ITB in Berlin Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with Bosnia-Herzegovina, the starting signal for the first climate-tourism forests in South-Eastern Europe. Specially arrived from Sarajevo, the Minister for environment and tourism will officially open the project of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Dr. Nevenko Herceg, together with the Minister for agriculture, environment and consumer protection, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Mr Till Backhaus, at 13:00 at the booth of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Hall.2A). “Bosnia-Herzegovina is the second country that takes care of our successful project to compensate for the CO-2 emissions after Chile now. Good ideas and simple solutions are always wide acceptance. “More frequently the forest stock is sold, the greater the benefit to the environment”, Minister Backhaus is pleased to be the international response.

In the wake of the ITB is a delegation of tourism experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina tourist companies and associations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania visit. Part of the visit program is of course also a planting in the climate forest Mirow on March 16, where the Mecklenburg forest stock presented the participants get and thus the first forest shareholders”are from South-Eastern Europe. Also in Bosnia-Herzegovina, surfaces for the first tourism-climate forests were already assigned. So sustainable tourism aim is to create in a project of the German society for technical cooperation (GTZ) through the planting of semi-natural forests learning and adventure trails as well as offerings in the area of active and sport tourism. Contact: Eike Otto company:

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