for guitar – organ riff shifted to guitar Overdubbed gtr. – Guitar part recorded by imposing Overall harmonic analysis – general gakrmonichesky analysis Outro – Final songs out – given the tool pauses play N times – to play N times Played behind the beat – played with a delay relative to the main pulsation Piano arr. for one (two) gtr. – Party Piano shifted to one (two) guitars Piano Solo – solo piano pick noise – overtones of the neurotransmitter pick slide – peak-to-slide (to the edge of a mediator along the strings) pick scrape – scraper mediator pitch – pitch (note) pm (palm mute) – muting the strings right hand near the base (tailpiece, machinery) Polychordal harmonic analysis – harmony presented poliakkordami Pre-chorus – prehorus; part of the song preceding chorus (chorus) pull bar up – pull the lever up Pull off after sliding – reception 'pool' is after 'slides' rake – rake Refers to all gtrs. – Applies to all guitars Repeat and Fade – repeat with zatihaniem Release bend 1 / 2 only – lower bend only a semitone resume – return to the specified range of Riff – Riff Rhy. Fig. – Rhythmic figure drawing accompaniment riff Rhy. Fill – rhythmic insertion Rhy.

Gtr (s). – Rhythm guitar (s) Rhy. section enters – comes the rhythm section see additional lyrics – see the rest of the text at the end Tracks see previous page – see previous page semi clean tone – almost pure sound semi-harm – the note from sounding semi an – Partial, faulty artificial flageolet shake and dive – shake and drop lever simile – to play the same way (the same figure, riff, etc.) simile on repeats – with repetitions to play the same slack – the weakening of the string tension, sagging slow bend – bend slow slight pm – easy jamming his right hand slurred harmonics – legatnye flageolet snap bar – hit his hand on the lever Spoken – blurts standart tuning – standard system steady gliss.

Indonesia Island Bali

When the two lovers decide to strengthen their relationship by linking the knot, to live together happily ever after, in front of them gets a hard problem – how to make the most wonderful day of your life an extraordinary and memorable? Not all couples prefer the usual ceremonies, and many are thinking about how to conduct an unusual wedding celebration, which will be romantic, and surprising. And what could be more romantic wedding-trip? Where is organizing this wonderful holiday? France – trendsetter, Italy – the keeper of antiquities, Spain – a country of Don Quixote and Carmen? And why not otpravitsyav fabulous Indonesia Island Bali? Once on this Island, you lose all sense of reality. Such beautiful scenery can be found except in glossy magazines. Green hills, mountains sparkling with snow peaks, white beautiful beaches, lapped by the waters Indian Ocean. Magic, and only! Almost all year here warms all tender beams of bright sunshine and the water warm as milk. Most often, tourists come to Bali for the period from March to October – the dry season. During the wet season there is a possibility that a trip marred by tropical rains.

Still, back to the wedding. Wedding ceremony on the Indonesian island can be made by European standards, in a traditional style or in Bali, which is gaining popularity. Beginning this fashion have put the American show-business stars and movies. Now, thousands of couples arrive at the island paradise to say the coveted "Yes" here. So why Bali was Island wedding? For the Balinese family, the upbringing of children – not just words. Since childhood, the Balinese know that, as adults, create a family. For lovers, come here, so true to the tradition becomes an ideal. What is Balinese wedding ceremony? Admiring the part, think that it wedding.

At the bride to the groom – beautiful bright outfits and heads crowned with the crown. Temple, where the celebration, decorated with flower garlands. Honeymooners escorted the girls dressed in national costumes. In the church committed itself an ancient ritual, at the end of which is issued Balinese certificate – "lontar", ie palm leaf with the letters. Ways to make wedding to the wishes and aspirations of the newly-weds, Bali set! Not all have to make it exotic. Suppose that the pair will be dressed in traditional dress – the bride in a gorgeous wedding dress (wedding dresses can be purchased directly in Bali: Some companies prescribe dresses and suits from catalogs), the groom – a tuxedo. The unusual nature of Bali will be the most suitable, the most romantic scenery. Every wish is fulfilled. Wish ride on car, boat, carriage, drawn by decorated horses – please! Wanted to take a walk on the elephants – they are at your service! After the wedding, there was a desire to fly by helicopter – to provide it. For accompany the orchestra will offer a wedding, the music played on national instruments, solo performance – in Bali will do everything to the couple for a long time with delight remembering the most extraordinary day of your life, which will be captured on film, and video. As a rule, Russians wedding ceremony in Bali – a symbolic, to get married citizens of the Russian Federation may, in Jakarta, where the embassy. But the symbolic ceremony is often symbolic. Attend the Bali is safe to say he was in paradise, and what could be better for the newlyweds that dream all his life long to make a paradise!

Fact Songs

To love music, it is necessary to know and feel. There is truth "but": to love music, it must be at least a little to know and feel. As my father used to say, you can not love what you do not know. A man can only love the fact that he knows what he has joined at least at a subconscious level. Most people are not indifferent to beautiful music and songs and can be classified musical compositions. As soon as most people are indifferent to the music and songs, love to listen to them, it is logical to assume that most people have some knowledge in this area. The level of knowledge sufficient to assess the specific hear the song or instrumental composition that enables a person to classify musical works. Music lovers share songs on the "good songs" and "bad song".

Take, For example, songs. Able to correctly assess their music lover will share songs, at least, "good songs" and "bad song". I would venture to suggest that most ordinary, "average" music listeners "A" are just such a scale – a simple and adequate for evaluation. Or else complete it even "mediocre songs." That the bulk of music lovers around the one hand, people who absolutely do not understand music and songs, for which all the songs are good or bad songs. On the other hand are more advanced music-lovers that their level of knowledge of music allows you to select in addition, plus a "very good song and "Very bad songs." Perhaps it is a complete list of possible assessment categories of songs by people, because more gradations human brain is lost.

The Symbolic Meanings Of Colors

The psychological impact of color is changed. For example, consider what they represent various colors in different countries or regions; Color Passion Red India = West = Africa = black color purity green exorcism Japan China = U.S. = life = money = national symbol Ireland China Blue = Iran = mourning immortality Middle East = shield colors also evoke a variety of feelings and emotions according to culture. Interestingly, there are universal interpretations of certain colors. For example, a survey found that the scarlet color representing power and authority to people from different countries. Websites and color schemes: To create appropriate combinations of colors, ideally, color schemes pre-defined.

These schemes help to match the colors in a practical way. To explore the possible combinations using an interactive color wheel. The following sample color wheel, among others, saturation, brightness and color schemes. Go to: Select a base color for your website. Then design the color scheme based around that color. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez addresses the importance of the matter here. If you apply the base color to the heading of the website and the logo, you should apply the other colors of the scheme to the other elements of the same page. For example, boxes, typography, illustrations, horizontal bars, icons, etc.., Objects can be in harmony with the logo and shape and the color scheme selected. See the following three color schemes: Monochromatic: one color in different intensities.

Triadic: three colors equidistant on the color wheel. Complementary: Colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Analogue neighboring colors on the color wheel and color have a common denominator. Explore online information about other existing color schemes. An important detail is to know that each color has a unique numeric hexadecimal code that helps identify you on the color wheel. This makes it easier to select each color accurately according to the required layout and color code table. This also helps to share accurate information with persons associated with the design process. The use of color schemes help you to design web pages that carry the right message to people is addressed. The benefits of investing time by selecting a color scheme are many. It will project a right message to the culture of those who are expected to visit the portal, thereby increasing its usefulness and relevance.

Chicho Man

So emerge the "Rastas", and thus creates a rhythm full of freshness, filled with sounds of the Caribbean and very hot. Throughout the years this musical genre that millions of people managed to forget their problems and fell exhausted to the songs of freedom and love offered. Tony Parker has firm opinions on the matter. The most popular reggae musicians are: Bob Marley, Los Pericos R EGG AETON can say that is a new rhythm between rap and reggae that has become popular in Panama (where it began in 1981 Renato, Nando Boom, Chicho Man The General was the one who internationalized), Puerto Rico (on 1986) and Jamaica has a number of followers and interpreters. A racy dance, Caribbean, even more daring than the rap, of course each performer brings his own style, although his lyrics rule must have some youthful mischief, mix of sex and double meaning words to sticking to the public. Having its origins in Jamaica, and after processing done by the most prestigious American deejays, Panamanians, Puerto Ricans, etc., the Reggaeton genre has become the king of the nights of USA.

With a strong and powerful percussion, mixed with study skills working and lyrics casual, fun and very catchy. The most popular musicians are aeton regg: Lorna, El Chombo, Don Omar, Glory, Hector & Tito SALSA Salsa is a dance music style which derives from the Cuban son. Salsa music is a genre that emerged in New York City in the mid- 70. It resulted from a mixture of Cuban rhythms, Colombians, Venezuelans, Panamanians, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans to American jazz and rock.

State Country

The Mexican economy or the art of inequality or concentration. Article of Mexican economy that I found on the portal of Eugenio Gomez Alatorre a graduate with a teacher at the College of Mexico and universidad panamericana shows us the probability that the Mexican economy came to a recession. Expresses us where it is due to the change of regime that exists in the country, since it carries with it a different economic model. He explains that the model serves to analyze time series characterized because its behavior depends on a State that is not observed directly. The author applies the model to the EUA PBN assuming that their behavior depends on two possible States: expansion and recession. Many writers such as Tony Parker offer more in-depth analysis. According to the author due to the severity of the 1995 crisis in Mexico, to apply the model of regime change to this country was necessary to consider three States: Expansion, recession and crisis. The search took us to the Mexican society to reach a new political model was the hopelessness that people felt Mexican, the discontent that was against the Government it was very big, after a simple analysis and of the little knowledge I have on the subject of finances I can say that dependence that we have with the United States goes hand in hand with the crisis that now we live since it has not allowed us to take-off as an independent country, but at the same time the changes that have been made in politics van linked with financial and misleading changes that they have been able to exist in these last years, but it is difficult to diagnose from a point so far, and with so little experience in the field by what could be easy said that financiers in command have done a bad job. Ana Paola Zamora Escobar..

Tom Hess Productivity

How to learn to play guitar, when this is not enough time author Tom Hess can not allocate enough time for playing the guitar lessons? You can not choose what to practice in that tiny amount of time who have? Of course, it may be difficult to find more time to practice guitar, but it is possible to learn to get the time available for maximum results. Here's how to do it … For Foundations tangible results in the guitar, you need to focus on two main things: the impact of your work and their productivity. Be productive – so skillfully avoid wasting time and effort. Be efficient – to have the opportunity to achieve the desired result. Imagine that you are trying to dig a swimming pool using a teaspoon. Of course, you are working effectively (pool-then dug up), but the completion of this work take years (because you're working with low productivity).

A much better approach (which will save you time and energy) – is to use a powerful excavator and do the same job in minutes! To become truly a wonderful guitar player in the shortest time, you should strive to maximize and effectiveness and productivity, as they are equally important. However, this article focuses entirely productive, but about I will discuss the impact of another article. I want to share with you three ideas and strategies for effective training, to help you maximize the results of studies by increasing productivity. They can and should be apply regardless of how much time you select for classes, and especially if time is limited. .

Properly Learn

It is obvious that for every person important task is to determine the conditions under which it would operate most efficiently. Remember the parable about how one citizen rubai tree with a blunt ax. So, this process as you understand that lasted a little longer than if I were to use a sharp ax. Passer-by noticed that the woodcutter was very tired from a rather long felling of the tree, but the latter did not even think to fall. Contact information is here: San Antonio Spurs. Then a passerby asked the ax. Get all the facts and insights with Jorge Perez , another great source of information. After inspecting the wood-cutter, he said: 'Hey kid, why, your very blunt ax! Sharpen it! So you chop down a tree is much faster! " What woodcutter replied: "I have no time to sharpen the ax, as I still need to cut down ten trees' It is in order not to be like this character, and must, as I said, to identify some factors work effectively or, in other words' in advance to sharpen his ax ' not to waste time in vain.

Also, it is important to find your own way of learning, which will be most effective for you as well as for a normal person can be that for the other – is totally unacceptable. For example: for me to something quickly learn to stay in almost complete silence, but I know several people who teach something, accompanied by a rather loud music The following list – compilation of the most frequently encountered problems that occur during training. Some may be familiar to you, and some – not.

Intercultural Training United States:

Interculturelles training United States – keep up with the Jones of the degrees of the individualism in the United States and Germany is fundamentally different. Therefore, intercultural competence is crucial for business success, and an intercultural training United States should prepare everyone for sending on this difficult task. Tony Parker wanted to know more. A cross-cultural training United States works mentality just the differences and makes effective aware the posting. The American society is built on the values of individualism, where aspects such as personal responsibility, independence and self-realization play a central role. Conveyed in intercultural training United States that this trait also empirically can, for example, with the help of studies of G. Hofstede (“culture BBs consequences: international differences in work-related values”, Newbury Park: Sage, 1980) or C.

Hampton Turner and F. Trompenaars (the seven cultures of capitalism”, New York: Doubleday, 1993). These studies make the trait individualism also in the Compared to Germany, a rather mediocre individualistic culture significantly. Learn more at this site: Margaret Loesser Robinson. To understand him and to derive appropriate policy options, an intercultural training United States however is essential. Even more surprising is the today shown ambivalence that often in the behavior of Americans set can be. Strict smoke – and drink bans, rigid dress codes or strictly defined political correctness are often at odds with the individualism.

An intercultural training United States of global cultures is efficiently convey that American individualism is often masked by a group orientation, often resulting in a conformity, which is considered by Germans often stronger, than in the home country. Not for nothing have the items to keep up with the Jones “or even”teamwork”originated in America.” The Pilgrim Fathers, many Americans often relate, left England once in the 17th century, they could practise their religion not to the desired extent. They arrived in America, but built not an individualistic paradise, where everyone could settle out, but they lived together in a strictly religious organised society. It is therefore essential to learn how to successfully deal with these traits for Germans. For this purpose, an intercultural training is United States in advance, before posting or business contacts, an important success factor.