The Toasts

In the toast we can emphasize these two: When to begin the toasts it is stopped eating. They must of being brief, courteous, with a reference to the act that is celebrated or personality to homenajea which, they can have a slight touch of humor. As far as the conversations we will mention some of the many norms that there are: One is not due to give pats in the arm to the fellow member, far from it to hold it. Not to bore with a subject that does not know the fellow members. To try to avoid the subjects of policy and religion.

As far as the goodbyes we must consider that: It is necessary to take leave with a gratefulness phrase. And the host has to dismiss his guests to the door. As far as punctuality to say that. It is a good form to give good image. Against which often one thinks, he is not elegant to be impuntual.

If by any circumstance one is going away to arrive behind schedule, is necessary to warn. If a person is delayed will be expected one hour to him, at the most, spent east time she will begin herself without he. We can find norms at the time of taking in the presentations, the coffee, when smoking, in the speeches, by the calls of telephone, until in the way being and dressing, thus also with flatteries, greetings and many things more. So I am going to take the 10 steps to him to follow to obtain ” substitute in good modales”. 1. – Not to get tired to give thanks to the host. 2. – To be very precise in any occasion. 3. – To be an amiable person with all the guests. 4. – To know without doubting which is the most advisable clothes to use in any occasion. 5. – To always take care of the image, and not only in the important events. 6. – To never boast than is controlled or than it has become. 7. – To know how to listen, and to be interested reason why says the interlocutor. 8. – To help anfitriona whenever requests she it. 9. – To try to be most natural possible, the naturalness can resolve any unforeseen circumstance successfully. 10. – To know how to always keep good the modal ones, in all occasion.


In an official banquet when he attends a high hierarchy of the State the hosts yield the presidency to him. The appetizers and the menu, for appetizers. The most indicated it is to place in a table of the hall a tray with the chosen drink and the glasses. Music is fundamental to create an pleasant atmosphere. It is precise to choose one that accompanies the conversation. It is necessary to make the menu in advance so that moment can be warmed up in the last. Also it is necessary to organize office with the places setting to serve, spare part plates, the most comfortable etc.

would be to count on the qualified aid of personnel, for example " A Mayordomo" , but otherwise the spirit of collaboration between the guests must prevail. The foods appear emplatados or in a source. In the second case, the places setting are offered in hand to the first lady to use. The plate with foods and the clean one are placed by the right. The used plate retires by the left. On wines, they use when the guests are seated.

to serve reserves, they open ahead of time so that the drink is oxygenated. The red young people fit well with red white meats and. If one drinks target and red, first it is for the entrants and the red for the seconds. The temperature indicated for the red ones is between 16 C and 18 C; and for the targets, between 7 C and 9 c. if they are young broths, it can oscillate between 10 C and 14 C. As far as the glasses, is necessary to exile those that are of color, since they prevent to see the brilliance and tonality of the wine. The suitable glass more for the wine is the one of ball, great and of the same size that the one of the water.

The Butler

One is not due to fill more than until half. DECALOGUE OF PRESENTATION 1. – The candles of the table ignite before the guests accede to the dining room and they go out once have retired. They must be odorless. 2.

– The water and the bread can be served before the guests happen to have dinner. 3. – The food is offered by the left, and the drink uses by the right. The places setting are aligned by the grip. 4. – The wine can be spilled in a crystal jar and also be placed in the table. 5. – The Butler begins to serve by the lady who is to the right of the host, she follows by the one of the left until arriving at the owner of the house.

The protocol with the gentleman is repeated who is to the right of anfitriona following by the one of the left and finalizing with the owner of the house. 6. – The center of flowers must be low to allow the vision between the companions at table. The indicated flowers are those that do not give off perfume. 7. – The napkins are placed to the left or on the plate, since the guest, when finalizing the food, must leave it to the right. 8. – The plates are to 2 cm of the edge of the table. 9. – The glasses can be placed over the plate or to the right of the same, according to the space that is had. Of left to right: water, red wine and white wine. 10. – He is advisable not to place ash trays, since the unique aroma that must prevail in the table is the one of the food. NORMS OF CORRECT SOCIAL BEHAVIOR OF The GUESTS There are many norms of behavior, equipment for all guest, we are going to mention some of them.