Ponchos: Romantic And Neo-Hippie Poncho With The Return Of Fashion

Fashion greets with joy the return of the poncho, a long garment and fun colors that can not miss our winter wardrobe. At the end of the sixties, the poncho – along to the skirts decorated with large floral and elephant leg pants – it was the strongest piece of clothing flower children, young people who sang in the demonstrations against the system “You do love, do not war,” and hailed the peace and universal love. To fall flat in that cultural revolution years, I advice to go to the cinema to see Across the Universe by Julie Taymor, beautiful movie musical with Beatles songs – performed by the most famous of our time as Bono Vox and Joe Cocker-you will dream. The poncho is for all, as an elegant hippie or new, there are only choosing pregnancy. Benetton offers some with long straps in bright colors of green, fuchsia, the purple; Replay classic tip his poncho is black dyes and gray anthracite Les Copains proposed tartan wool poncho in the colors of the sun from yellow to orange, Louis Vuitton marks his poncho with your logo making it an extremely elegant garment; Moncler proposes an extremely techno poncho in black nylon with geometric designs painted white ; Burberry offers poncho in pink with geometric patterns in brown and gray poncho incredibly elegant Chanel black or navy blue. In the United States are very successful models from the designers of Latin America which offer original ponchos also be made on elegant sets. Adriana Santacruz proposes his poncho in the colors of the earth on a white shirt and knotted at life with a waist actresses Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore are placed multicolored ponchos Carolina Herrera On line we found two ways to buy original and ponchos manufacturing crafts directly from the Internet, paying credit card processing. only and exclusively sells handmade alpaca wool – like the original poncho L Andes alpaca is a kind of flame which is pulls out a soft and warm wool, ideal for large cold.

Beautiful models in fashion colors this year: from dark green to purple, from white to blue. In the movies the king of Western movies Clint Eastwood in the film by Sergio Leone for a handful of dollars, puts on his dusty brown poncho in a mythical scene is entered to make part of the annals of great cinema. In more recent times, on the small screen, Betty Keita, star of Ugly Betty, gets a colorful poncho red with embossed writing ‘Guadalajara’ If you want to make just after your poncho by themselves and learn the ancient art of stick-work , in Spain there are several workshop to learn various points with the sticks and make wool poncho and colorful wool garments. The “Knit Cafe” teach this ancient and almost lost art that has been scientifically proven, relaxes the nerves and spirit..

Excel Part Three

Let's see how we can construct the reverse statement based on information from shahmatki described in the previous paragraph, but first to add a description of the chart of accounts to use the names of accounts in the back sheet. Rename the remaining blank sheet in the chart of accounts and click on it. Enter a title for the Chart of Accounts and column headings and account name. Right-click on the header of column A and select the auxiliary menu Format Cells. This opens the configuration dialog format in which you must go to the Number tab. In the list, select Text and click OK.

Now the numbers in the first column will be perceived as a text, and you can enter values of 01, 02, and the like. Fill out the chart of accounts, typing the numbers and descriptions of the accounts. Sub-accounts can not enter. Then you can begin to create the reverse statements. Add a worksheet in the workbook and call it reverse statement. Enter the first line of the title records, after which you must enter the column headings. In cell A3, type the title of the account, and in cell B3 – The name of the account.

Combine the cells C2 and D2, and enter them in the name of the Balance at the beginning period. Similarly, combine in pairs the following four columns and enter the names and turnover for the period Balance at end of period. In the third line, enter in columns C, E and G are the name Debit, and the columns D, F and H, enter the name of the loan.