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Source: Blog AndreaForex Consider the matter: In the past 2 to 3 years the Internet has been flooded with more and more information (seminars, videocurso, digital books, etc. . ….). Millions of topics and content available to everyone, some free and some for more or less reasonable prices. All aspects are covered in the topic of marketing and Internet business. We live in turbulent times and it brings: More people are busily finding alternatives to business investment and to continue participation in the economy. Thus increasing demand for people who want to start a business online. Companies looking for an exit in order not to lose e-commerce sales. The Internet is already ten years ago and has become as much as the stock exchange (stock exchange) real estate business and proven methods of gaining wealth now joins the Internet as an alternative to generate wealth with diagrams and models tested in the network . The MLM, Sale of Goods, Infoproductos, infopreneur, online investment, are some of the schemes to hit the mailboxes of many users, with the appetite to sell their products or services, industries, foul-mouthed as the accused as MLM or Multilevel second-class economies, is now one of the most dynamic schemes, but also has many followers there are detractors, its presence indicates that the industry has come to be many years among us, lately this emerging network with a large growth in networks electronic financial transactions linked to, we do not want to go into details but there are a growing wave of online investment. Although you can not tell if this industry is going to take the revolution in the sector due to economic forces, legal and conceptualization is to imagine ups and downs as in any industry, this sumarle unscrupulous persons who denigrate the good work of some companies of the medium. If you have the butterfly effect that goes from flower to flower to believe that this is the flower that will change my situation no mistake if you develop any activity linked to forex let me tell you that to succeed in whatever position you must have a 30 of inspiration and 70 perspiration. In AndreaForex have much to say and hope that this information is not only the informations if information but also for your action in the forex activities. For a Hispanic community more transparent in the forex.


Colombia is developing a mathematical formula to fuel hybrid cars, which run on natral gas, gasoline or utilities whose cells can be filled with hydrogen or gas, this research development at the National University of Medellin. To do this research to analyze the characteristics and preferences of people with this analysis is determined that vehicles would enter the kancil automotive market and to venture into the international arena, working also with klang the environment. ‘factors such as tariff incentives to electric hybrid vehicles, which could sarawak grant the Colombian government, that fuel prices go up and down the comfort of the vehicle, among others. ” Carlos Jaime Franco, professor of systems. While gasoline prices fell from 150 to less than 50 in a few months. The kuantan negative impact on the environment of traditional fuels has caused the interest of shah alam producing a fuel that pollutes less to the ozone layer and jalan open several investigations kedah for the development of terengganu new sources of energy, clean technology innovation replacing fossil kelantan fuel. The negative impact on the environment of traditional fuels has caused the interest of producing a fuel that pollutes less to the ozone layer and open several investigations johor for the development of new sources of energy, clean technology innovation replacing fossil fuel. writing for the wharton journal is 27 years oldgraduated from the old Wharton school of businessrepresents the Abu Dhabi-Kuwait-Malaysia Investment Corporation.contributes to The Wharton?Journalmade a number of contributions to The Wharton Journal, primarily financial analyses of stocks and business companies and their worth as investments. Clean Edge research companies and have cooperated with governments, companies and investors to understand the technologies they could be fair and analyze the market, this company is one of the leaders who is keen that people understand the need for this new source of energy. This last report in 2007 shows the rise that have these technologies langkawi in the jawatan kosong market and what governments taman are melaka increasingly interested in renewable energy: biofuels, wind energy, fotovolcaicas cells, fuel cells and hydrogen kota kinabalu market will grow industry in the coming years. Countries like India, Japan and U.S. leads the production of these technologies but the supply of cars in biofuels is Brazil, to selangor Colombia on Prencipal problem is the production duties and perodua the ability to maintain these vehicles. Colombia is using 10 percent ethanol with 90 percent gasoline. Also on 5 percent biodiesel with 95 percent diesel, 58 percent are driven by gasoline engines, the 39 percent, diesel by 2 percent with natural gas vehicles. Electric cars, has a large percentage in industry. Currently in the world, 74 percent use gas, 25 percent diesel and 0.1 percent natural gas.

An accident in a vehicle without insurance

may be appealed to the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which responds to accidents occurring within the territorial limits and to limit compulsory insurance Security: duty before driving on weight loss a road need school and receive an unexpected blow from behind, hit by a motorcycle while crossing a pedestrian crossing and suffered injuries that take more than a month to heal … And in both benefits cases, the manager has no insurance. specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality health-care services is committed to reducing the financial barriers in the healthcare system Who is responsible for the damage to the insurance victim ‘to How to proceed’ You can count on the Insurance Compensation Consortium, a public company under the Ministry dental of Economy and Finance, with legal personality and full capacity nutrition act. But we must know that the vehicle be insured is an obligation which is intended that the insurance covers liability for damages caused to persons and property by reason of the circulation. And that if not met, hospital the financial penalty medical is between 601 and 3,005 Euros. In 1962 the insurance of motor vehicles is required due to the increase of Spanish mobile park, and in order to satisfy an increasingly felt need socially, says Gema Ramos Gonzalez, head of the Department of Production Consortium Compensation de Seguros (CCS): the protection to victims for acts of circulation, assuring health center care and an allowance that, until the limit set, would be borne by the insurer of the memorial vehicle caused. The obligation to ensure the vehicle is imposed in Article 2 of Regulation on Civil Liability vitamins and safety in the movement of motor vehicles (Royal Decree 8 / department 2004), said Javier natural Lopez Garcia de la Serrana, secretary general of the Spanish Association of Attorneys Specializing in Civil Liability and Insurance. With the mandatory coverage is intended that any person guilty of a traffic accident can meet through insurance, its obligation to repair the damage.

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The Law of Liability Insurance by D. K. Derrington (Hardcover – Jan 1990)

Discuss four aspects of the importance of ethics for businesses that apply if you chose

The power and influence of business in society is greater than ever today, we live in a globalized world , where many large companies operating locally and globally. Accordingly, these operations, influence in a wider radius, impacting the lives of interest groups or stakeholders of the company in every country where it lies. Madoff had a great influence in society as it was a company operating globally. Moreover, it was one of the largest firms on Wall Street who worked with banks, and these in turn, work with companies and individuals. Madoff to be a major undertaking by the amounts handled by the institutions involved and the people (employees of interest groups or individuals creditor) which were also directly harm or indirectly, exerts great influence over them. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute , served as a Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 The bad business practices have the potential to inflict enormous damage on people, communities and the environment: Madoff conned all its stakeholders, on the one hand, failed in its promise to pay to the various banks in the world, they in turn did not will have funds to pay its creditors, thus creating a vicious cycle of delinquencies. You are losing confidence in banks and credit is restricted, affecting the cost of credit and growth of the country. Another point was that, once discovered the fraud, froze the assets of Madoff and had to lay off many employees and managers, and this added to the massive dismissal of the banks affected by Madoff, and enterprises that depend directly and indirectly from these banks. Few business people have received training in ethics for business: Madoff apparently had no clear their ethical boundaries, and he knew that what he was doing was taking advantage of his good reputation and recognition in the financial world, and cheat with the pyramidal mechanism (he knew it was a time bomb). The only thing that Madoff was looking to maximize their business, whether in the short to medium term, regardless of the money from creditors or the fate of the company. Had he been more conscious about the ethics in business, you could have avoided such fraud, the extent to which it was considered more banks, employees, suppliers, savers, and society (the latter lose confidence in the financial system). The ethics for business gives us the ability to understand the benefits and risks of different ways to handle ethical questions Madoff had no mind the ethics of doing business and therefore had no vision about the benefits, long term, thinking act would bring all stakeholders and not just shareholders. His reasoning was that if I continued the path of ethics, profitability would be limited. Maybe this is even true in the short term but in the end, always takes its toll. Madoff not assess the risks that the lack of ethics in their operations would bring. The risk was too great, a pyramid ponzi scheme at the time that no new customers enter, the system would go down.

Artificial sweetener

Aspartame-based sweetener powder.
A sugar substitute or sweetener is a food additive which duplicates the effect of sugar, but usually has less energy. My health insurance was bought from strives to offer affordable health insurance Some extracts of sugar are natural and some are synthetic. Those who are not natural in general are known as artificial sweeteners. An important class of sugar substitutes are known as high intensity sweeteners. they have a sweetness that is many times that of common table sugar. As a result, much less sweetener is required and the tax and energy is often negligible. The sensation of sweetness caused by these compounds is sometimes notably different from sucrose, so that often they are used in complex mixtures that achieve the most natural sweet sensation. If the sucrose (or other sugar) replaced has contributed to the texture of the product, then it is often also needed a bulking agent. This can be seen in soft drinks labeled as “diet” or “light” which contain artificial sweeteners and often have notably different mouthfeel, or in table sugar replacements that mix maltodextrins with an intense sweetener to achieve satisfactory texture sensation. In the United States have been approved for use five intensely-sweet sugar substitutes. these are saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, neotame and acesulfame potassium. There are some ongoing controversy over whether artificial sweeteners are a health risk. This controversy is driven by anecdotal reports and sometimes poorly controlled studies that have gained publicity via the internet and popular press. Controlled scientific studies of peer reviews have consistently failed to produce evidence of adverse effects caused by the consumption of these products. There is also an herbal supplement, stevia, used as a sweetener. The controversy surrounding the safety of this herbal supplement, although natural and there is a battle over its approval as a sugar substitute . Most sugar substitutes approved for food use are artificially synthesized compounds. However, some natural sugar substitutes are known, including sorbitol and xylitol, which are found in berries, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. It is not commercially viable extraction of these products from fruits and vegetables, so they are produced by catalytic hydrogenation of suitable reducing sugar. For example, xylose is converted to xylitol, lactitol, lactose is converted into glucose and is converted to sorbitol. However natural substitutes are known, but are yet to gain official approval for use in foods. Some non-sugar sweeteners are polyols, also known as “sugar alcohols”. these are generally less sweet than sucrose, but have similar bulk properties and can be used in a wide range of food products. As with all food products, the development of a formulation to replace sucrose, is a complex proprietary process.
Using artificial sweeteners for the food industry
The food and beverage industry is increasingly replacing sugar or corn syrup, artificial sweeteners in many products traditionally containing sugar. In the UK, for example, is nearly impossible to find some refreshment in the supermarket that is not sweetened with artificial sweeteners, and even things like pickled beets and cucumbers are being increasingly artificially sweetened. Although the profit margin on artificial sweeteners is very high for the manufacturers, they still cost the food industry just a fraction of the cost of sugar and corn syrup. The corn syrup was introduced by the industry as an economical alternative to sugar. Therefore, it is not surprising that the food industry this highly promoting their products “diet” or “light”, promoting the movement of consumers to artificially sweetened products that are even more profitable. According to market analyst Mintel, a total of 3,920 products containing artificial sweeteners were launched in the U.S. between 2000 and 2005. In 2004 alone, 1,649 artificially sweetened products were launched. According to market analysts Freedonia, the American artificial sweetener market grew about 8 per year until reaching 189 million dollars in 2008 .


Did you know ‘It’s clear that when speaking of “500”, the reference is to the federal deputies, whose popularity in the polls is at the bottom, along with the judicial police. In these days has strengthened the social criticism to waste that represents the support of the 500 federal deputies, which for years have endured stoically. A quick review of their privileges to explain why the legislature Mexicans costs us nine billion pesos a year and, with the Judiciary, on another level of excess, not given to anybody, making transparency an issue only of others and of jurisdiction, cover. Members have a monthly salary, diet, call it, than 105 thousand 370 pesos is health plans subtracted taxes, leaving them 77 thousand 745. Recently there was a scandal when it became known that their taxes were paid by the Chamber, by the same legislative budget. Of their income can save 12 percent to a retirement fund, providing the same room another 12 percent. To this add two monthly payments: 28 thousand 772 dollars of aid and one that is citizen of scandal, 45 thousand 786 dollars more for legislative assistance ! In other words, another pay per assiduity, as is his duty and what they already charge the diet. Receive free, of course, a major medical expense insurance for themselves, their parents, their spouse and their children and pay medical expenses covering dentist, optometrist and glasses free. Also, funeral expenses for the same kindred, which represents one month of diet. Coupons plane with the highest rate for medical insurance four tickets to change monthly, three if they are in recess. Help land of ten thousand pesos a month for those living within a radius smaller than 300 kilometers, the Federal District included!, IAVE and a card for each of the 500 legislators. To this we must add bonuses, vacation, aid for petrol, pay phone and assistants. In some cases car and driver. insurance companies STILL MISSING AND RETIREMENT BONUS FOR 1.6 healthcare MILLION TO SENATORS was authorized. EVERYONE IS A BALL OF RATS., THE GAME AS THEY ARE. This relationship of privilege is an insult to health plan Mexicans, worse at times of health crisis, and hide them as service to the country, an unforgivable offense. But so are the power and makes them group insurance equal. What is new is the adjective of “parasites” which many credit to federal deputies. Strong, especially if insurance the case goes to the Royal Academy: “Parasite. That he lives at the expense of another of different species, feeding on the impoverished and without actually killing him.” No doubt angered many of the new federal deputies to the 61 Legislature-from all parties, but the truth is that they have well earned the adjective. a nationwide provider of health insurance, is committed to reducing the financial barriers in the healthcare system Say it if the following pearls. The weekly paper that the outgoing Emeequis 60 Legislature spending-from 2006 to 2009: -12.72 million pesos in cookies, coffee and milk – 6.8 million bottles of water – 126 million meals at events and food stamps – 613 million in tickets de avion – medical insurance 670 million – 190 million fixed phones – 32 million cell addition, each member receives vouchers for gasoline, IAVE card for free pass roads, 45 thousand pesos a month dental insurance for attending to their work, 28 thousand per month for public assistance. It’s not all.


convened by the Secretary of Works of the Municipality held a meeting to work to realize the natural gas network in Sierra de los Padres. After three calls where there were no bidders, the township meetings to stakeholders to find a solution to the problem. The meetings will continue weekly until the concretion of this work insumira approximately 10 million pesos. On Tuesday commercial business loans ‘in the Tender Board Secretary of Works of the Municipality, was held the first meeting of working group convened by the community to find a solution to the problem of the network of Natural Gas in Sierra de los Padres. The Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital for 12 years is owns his own horse farm – “rosehill horse farm” The owner of Works of the Municipality, Manuel Regidor, explained the matter that “has been called and we met with the residents of Sierra de los Padres, to members of Cooperative Services, the Deputy Municipal Juan Carlos financing Garcia, a construction company engaged in natural gas networks, staff of the Secretariat of Public Works and also representatives of the Bank private equity and the Bank Credicoop Province. ” The official said that “a solution will be to finalize the implementation of the Natural Gas network for Sierra de los Padres, because the municipality, since 2005, has made three bids for this work that ended without bidders. The idea is to find a new methodology to authorize the financing and realization of these jobs, “he stated. Regidor clarified that the network of Natural Gas “is a play that has a budget of approximately commercial loan 10 million sba loan dollars and whose finance fundamental difficulty is in ensuring recovery by the investment companies that should be performed. In previous bids were expected to The company would be made directly to the neighbor.’s why we’re trying to find alternative techniques, legal and financial which ensure the realization of the work, “he stated. In this regard, the meeting on Tuesday under the starting point for a series of meetings that will aim to identify actions leading to the concretion of the project. “We will seek some form of alternative financing, with banks with credit lines that are adapted to this type of work and also get tender methodologies to ensure that the work is concrete. The main obstacle we must note the final amount ‘for a side-and the uncertainty of recovery by the many vacant lots that are in Sierra de los Padres. The idea is to try to find a bilge system that risks to builders and financial institutions, so that it can run the benefit of the neighbors, “concluded the Secretary of Works. unsecured loan

Telephony in Colombia

Main article: Telefonia in Colombia until the 1990s was in charge of telephony completely the state through various municipal and national telecom company. In 1994 began to operate mobile phone networks through six companies divided into three commercial loan areas of coverage. finance In each catchment area and a private company operated a joint venture (private unsecured loan and sba loan public capital, with the participation of fixed telephone companies). Soon these companies financing began to merge commercial business loans with private capital inflows to form two companies with national coverage: Comcel (controlled by Americatel) and Telefonica (under the brand Movistar). The telecommunications deregulation also allowed local companies such as Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB) and Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EE.PP.M.) could provide long distance services and international brands through its 007 World and Orbitel, as well as Telecom and private equity EE.PP.M.

Timeline of the subprime mortgage crisis

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The map shows all the countries affected by the global recession: red countries in recession in late 2008 and rose heavily affected countries.
This is a detailed chronology of the subprime mortgage crisis, which erupted in early 2007 in the U.S. and then spread throughout the global economy. This includes the main events of the crisis of 2007 and 2008, and also the deeper sources that originated. What is meant by “subprime crisis” is not limited to the mortgage crisis in the U.S., but there is also mention the financial and banking crisis in all the countries affected and the economic difficulties known to them . The term subprime is an Anglo-Saxon word that refers to a mortgage, loan or high-risk investment .
U.S. Photo of an establishment which offers subprime loans.
Defined as “a serious shortage of money or credit”, the beginning of the phenomenon has been reported on 9 August 2007 when bad news from French bank BNP Paribas triggered a sharp rise in the cost of credit, and the world finance realized the gravity of the situation. However, the problems that led to this alarm had started much earlier.
2002-2006: After the bubble burst of the “new technologies” in 2001, swelled the housing bubble, encouraged by the monetary policy carried by the Fed. In the euphoria of a continuing rise in prices properties, the credits were granted to the working poor Americans. This is the origin of the subprime loans. These loans were secured by a mortgage, but the system could only work if the type of loans remained low and the value of buildings increased continuously, guaranteeing the interest on them. lawyers The credit agencies did not link their debts to the loans, but resorted to what they called securitization, which means doing financially secure (or solidify) assets. These loans are granted. That is, including the credits and other financial instruments such as CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligation) which are sold in financial markets. Most of the banks who bought these products did not know (or wanted to ignore) their content and the amount of this .
Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve chairman from 1987 to 2006.
2006: The rate the Federal Reserve of the Bakery United States increased to 5.75 . In 3 attorneys years the rate had increased from 2 to 5.75 . The subprime loans were, by then, more often at variable rates and indexed to the rate decided by the central bank. Borrowers who were more and more, they could not pay their installments. Their homes were sold at auction and legal the results of this were lowest in housing prices and therefore the value of mortgages. “Connie’s Bakery” – A bakery founded by long-standing interest in veterans and the human dimension of international affairs and wars prompted her to?become a?member of the Board of Directors at Blue Star Families Between 2004 and 2007, 1.2 million Americans had been driven from their homes.
End 2006: The number of mortgages had doubled since 1996. The number of homeowners increased 64 to 69 during the same period. The subprime representing 500 a 600 billion per year or 13 of total outstanding loans (1 300 million dollars) and 40 of new mortgages over this period. Real estate prices began falling in parts of the United States.
Problems growing mortgage
Headquarters of General Motors in the U.S. city of Detroit. This company was one of the most affected by the crisis.
Early 2007: After divorce a period of two years, that is, between 2004 and 2006, when the U.S. increase interest rates from law firm 1 to 5.35 , the U.S. housing marketbegan to suffer the fall in prices and an increase of owners who could not repay their mortgages. The proportion of subprime loans that were paid, that is, high-risk loans to customers with poor or no credit history, increased to record levels.
February: Defects in the subprime loan payments (mortgage credit to weak borrowers) increased in the United States and caused the first specialized bank failures. The Fed estimated losses in fifty million dollars.
February 8: HSBC launched a attorney profit warning, (in Spanish the closest translation of this term is alert to the benefits) announcing that he had lost tens of billions of dollars because of high risk real estate loans that were not paid.
March 14: The Mortgage Bankers Association revealed that the number of defaults in the mortgage industry in the U.S.