Hoshino Gakki

Hence, when choosing a guitar (whether it be an acoustic instrument, electric guitar or bass) is some sense guided by three principles: 1) For what purpose do I buy a guitar? 2) What I want to get from the instrument, achieving its goal? 3) How much money can I afford to spend on a guitar? Example 1. You have a desire to spend the amount of the order of 10-12 thousand rubles. for a little bit tool, while you can not safely call myself an experienced musician, versed in high-end and with precision tuned instruments. Again, more I would like to include a tool and as a set. Option to read clearly – Hoshino Gakki company has already arranged for beginner guitarists: set a budget guitar Ibanez GRX70DXJU includes the very guitar cover for her, combo, strap, tuner, picks, cable jack-jack, and a bag for accessories – all for your settlement amount. Example 2. You already have some experience using equipment from different manufacturers, and your priorities have already begun develop in a certain collective image of the ideal tool for you personally. Let's say it looks like this: guitar, thin 'fast' fingerboard, bridge – such as Floyd Rose, locking for strings on the fingerboard, body – mahogany + maple sensors – minimum two Humbucker'a, color – from dark blue to black.

The last factor that determines the choice – your budget. If this is the range of 15-20 thousand rubles., It is clear Ibanez RG-series – for example, Ibanez RG320DXFM. If your plans include spending more respectable amount, it is possible look at the Jackson DK2 Dinky. From these options, we can find analogues of the South-East Asian origin, if your budget is very limited. The method of choosing a bass guitar is exactly the same just considered, the differences are only in the technical nuances. Thus, formulating to himself with a certain clarity of the answers to three questions listed above, you can easily dial the phone or write to our store application to our e-mail. You can be sure – you and I find the right solution for 5 minutes of conversation:) Good luck in buying the tool and further work!

Eurovision Song Contest

Summing up Eurovision 2009 Eurovision Song Contest 2009 was the most popular as the number of participating countries, and in the training of the show. Initially it was thought that participants would be 40, but subsequently refused to participate Candidates from Georgia and San Marino. The reasons for refusal have not been announced. The competition at this year became the 54th and his organization and preparation work required most investments than all previous contests. In Moscow prilitelo the largest number of participants, and the quantity of concert equipment surpassed all previous projects.

Live broadcasts were made even in Austria and Australia. At the same time for all fans Eurovision Song Contest, his view was held even over the Internet. Browse through a global network not only can the final performances, but all the semi-finals. For the announcement of the winners in various categories for the first time in its history competition were used electronic envelopes. This decision added a spectacular show and helped save a lot of time. To increase the effect of the shows, it was decided that lead in the semifinals and finals will be different.

This addition yielded significant results – the number of guests who choose to get (and received) accreditation exceeded ten thousand people – is another record high, for all prior years of such did not occur. To prepare for the competition have created thousands of jobs for specialists from various fields. To highlight the event in Moscow, arrived more than two thousand journalists from Bole than forty-five states. Weight of equipment imported from all over Europe is over a half thousand tons. It is worth noting that about one hundred and fifty tons was in the air, suspended on cables and ropes. More than two square kilometers screens around the arena to perform. Total performance artists at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 was visited by over one hundred thousand people. Tickets for the final show reached 30 thousand rubles, the price of tickets at the box office, tickets are sold dealers – sold several times more expensive than the original cost. On statistics in this year's number of active viewers proekza was almost 70% of all TV viewers.

Dmitry Nozdrina

Group "Cuba" was formed in March 1995, Dmitry Nozdrina. The name associated with the song "Cubana" one of the most popular reggae bands Jah Division. Group 'Cuba' has participated in numerous festivals and reggae-reggae-party in Moscow and Zelenograd. A series of concerts with the cult reggae compositions, such as Jah Division, The Island, the Amu Darya, Dr. Aibolit, added the group many new fans.

Successful concerts of "Cuba," held at clubs Island, polynomial, Four Rooms, Russian Forest, open areas of Moscow and Zelenograd. In winter, 1998 released a limited edition exclusive album The Best of The Cuba" with concert versions of favorite songs to people. Starting with the historic "Zelenograd Woodstock" in 1999 at the Palace of the band "Cuba" actively participated in the annual concert open-free, dedicated to the holidays the City Day and Youth Day. April 28, 2002 a solo concert of "Cuba", after which the group took participation in Zelenograd rock festival. The song "Wings for your back," published in the anthology "Zelenograd rock" was the first in the list. In 2003 was recorded and released a maxi-single "Painted Rain." In 2006, the song 'about the plight of rock musician or "Show Business" was a success on radio stations such as "Radio-maximum, Nashe Radio", "Zelenograd radio."

Low Frequency

And so it started, I’m not going to go heavily in scientific terms, and on this to try to explain all the available simple human language, as they say, without water. The first thing we start to remember this school as a known human ear perceives sound waves from 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz. As there is the same person or not of the same range of human hearing. For example, I hear in the range from 15 Hz to 16 000 Hz. But best of all, we hear sounds from 500 Hz to 4000 – range of human speech. Too low we perceive as a vibration. Too high – ultrasound – just do not hear.

Ultrasound – the sound of the band above the limit of human hearing, ie, with the frequency of sound waves above 20 kHz. Infrasound – the sound of the band, below the limit of human hearing, ie, with the frequency of sound waves below 20 Hz. The second thing we do is analyze the range (He tract, band) of human hearing. The range is divided into three components: Low Frequency (LF). Mid (MF).

Radio frequency (RF). Third, for a good sound for your audio system to achieve consistent sound subwoofer and front speakers. To do this we need to identify with a frequency response starts slump front speakers and this will help us test the site. (Link at end of article) The fourth, setting up the subwoofer. For example, consider the acoustics of home theater. 1. determines how frequency response starts slump front speakers. To do this, disable the subwoofer, write tests to drive reproducible. Switching tracks from about 100 hertz to 20 hertz, you should notice a decline in the volume. Suppose you observed decline in the volume between 25 hertz and 31.5 hertz, 31.5 Hz can be heard more distinctly than 25 hertz, it turns out that the decline in the frontal acoustic response is approximately 31.5 Hz. 2. include a subwoofer and put pen-crossover (cutoff frequency) in position of 31.5 hertz. 3. Done. Finally, this procedure is necessary to make settings using a tone generator or MP3 – WAV tests recorded on CD, DVD, USB Flash drive, ipod, or any MP3 player, and only after that play musical material. Download tests and start using!