Hissarlik Years

Allied men, commanded by Odysseus, patiently waited the dawn. The progressive silence of the city gave them the signal that awaited. Trojans, absolutely intoxicated, watched with horror as the achaeans were descended from the large wooden horse. Unable to defend themselves, the resistance was useless. The haughty and impregnable Troy, 10 years after the beginning of the war, was plundered mercilessly. The prophecy of the gods had been met.

The news of the fall of Troy full of joy to all Greece. The main heroes of this story, each with different circumstances, returned to their homelands after completing the recommendation made by the ghost of Achilles: the sacrifice of Polyxena, the Trojan Princess, youngest daughter of the marriage between King Priam and Hecuba. All the big bosses of the Greek militia (Idomeneo, Neoptolomeo, son of Achilles, among others) returned to their lands. King Menelao brought back home to the beautiful Helena, who despite the years, was irresistible. Aeneas, another of the leaders, finally fell in Italy, where his descendants Romulus and Remus founded Rome.

Only Odysseus, the most illustrious surviving hero of all, could not get back, cursed by the gods for his little humility and genius. The adventure of Odysseus to return to their land, (where hoped them his wife Penelope and if son Telemachus) would be the substrate of another great story of Homer: the Odyssey. An untamed adventurer: Heinrich Schliemann until here, the magical story that egea oral tradition has bequeathed us. Homer, if it is that in truth it existed, left us a moving and epic story that thrills, wraps, subjugates, but which is clearly unrealistic. However, legends and how fantastic fact has come down to us from the past, have always a truthful side. The years and hard work have been commissioned from unravel the mystery.

Chavez Vs Clockwork Orange

Brechner JOSE I did but one prayer to God, a very short one: O God, make my enemies ridiculous. And God gave me. Voltaire. Hugo Chavez is possessed. Have long been causing to Colombia, the nearest enemy. The United States, their most hated enemy. In Israel, an enemy of its Arab friends, and now added to its list the Netherlands. Holland is a member of NATO which groups 28 nations.

If we put all those with whom the Colonel wants to face Insane, we have almost a quarter of the planet. One thing we can be virtually certain: there will be war. Would be the first intercontinental conflagration started in Latin America. That makes him feel important. The reason for adding to the Netherlands from his opponents, is because according to his comments, the U.S. is arming to the teeth in Aruba and Curacao to attack.

You may be right. Since taking power, and without prompting, Colonel goes to buying arms and preventing end the empire. He allied himself with Russia and Iran, which children are not words. What are you trying to make U.S. stand idly by? When a guy like Chavez, low intellectual caliber, horribly self-conscious, because there is nothing cute, comes to get a power so grown, its narcissistic obsession becomes larger. It is part of the history books and cartoons. It has everything a man could want materially, the product of his skill in the embezzlement. Its goal is to make glorious the hegemonic power of the continent, something that no one tried.


The question how to know when I’m Ovulating to stay pregnant, is a question that invades many women who yearn to conceive. He is estimated that at any time between 11 and 21 days from last menstruation when should be Ovulating. Your body will send signals which indicate the best time to get pregnant. Signals such as a flow or mucus clear, slippery and elastic; whose function is to protect and quickly driving sperm on his way through the uterus and fallopian tubes to find the egg. Many women do not produce this secretion by what must rely on specially formulated moisturizers to prevent damage to sperm. They are internal lubricants which help the sperm on their journey. Many women have irregular menstrual cycles so you do not ovulate exactly 14 days and even their cycles vary from one month to another. It is then when these signals you send us our body become especially important to determine the approximate date of ovulation.

There is also a slight increase in temperature in our body, caused by the increase in the production of the hormone progesterone. The hormone that stimulates ovulation. You won’t feel the change but can be detected through the use of a basal thermometer. Another alternative are the test kits of ovulation, which can help you determine when you are Ovulating. The lutenizante hormone increases days before ovulation, so that these can indicate when your ovulation is approaching, although care, do not indicate the precise day that you are Ovulating. To determine exactly how to tell when I’m Ovulating to get pregnant you should follow a complex of steps all at once. As a calendar in hand, testing and above all know the signs of your body. Teach your partner everything learned about ovulation, thus he will also take part in this process and you will not feel lonely and stressed taking calculations and detecting signals.

Take it easy, remember that children are a gift from God, mind positive and much faith. That this whole process is like for you and your partner.

Ralph Marko

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