Country Crafts Gift

Go to the next store. Grocery. How many of traditionally Latvia! Cheeses, curds, bread, canned Sprat, smoked fish! But all of this we will not buy: Can not dovezti such wealth to the house and ruin the rest of the contents of the suitcase. What should we choose? Look closely Here it is! Famous Riga Balsam. Infused with herbs, a champion among the alcoholic beverages! We will add it to tea, if feel the cold, and remember with gratitude the Riga masters. And for those who are not afraid of this tests say that this wonder-balm can drink and not how it is diluted.

Benefit from this health is unlikely to be more harm but – no, too:) Tea is pleasant to drink, not only with balsam, but with something sweet. So, we move look at the adjacent shelf and see a chocolate factory Latvian Lyme. It is famous for the whole Baltic region and even beyond. Take the sweet tile in bright wrapping or box of chocolates filled with liqueur. Home sweet tooth will be delighted! If I was not able to convince you of the benefits of shopping, go outside and look around: maybe you are lucky to do without the Latvian industry? We were lucky once with you: look at this little pan-shop! Maybe there we 'll find the perfect gift? Oh! There really is plenty to choose from. Latvia – Country Crafts. How many gifted masters and mistresses! They love to knit and embroider the original articles, weave linen tablecloths and shawls, carved tableware made of wood, make jewelry out of metal and amber.

Gifts they have – for every taste. Moreover, even the most fastidious "sorters" will be satisfied. Personality and quality of handmade felt in every product. You do not have to choose a gift from similar things: view immediately stop at the one you liked. If, suddenly, you – not a supporter of "material", I suggest not to stop and move on. Let's go to church, sit on the bench, close your eyes and will enjoy organ music. In Latvia, the body can be found in almost all temples. Sounds heavenly, right? Certainly want to share experiences with loved ones. Then, if you do not Mozart, to remember the music and home, the notes to recreate it again, buy a gift audio cd recording of this divine sound. See: impressed! That ends our tour for a gift. We have reserved the long hours of walking, meditation and joy. Those who liked the chosen along with me gifts, happy, hide them in a bag. Those who are still looking for something special, turns on the next street, and continues search for yourself I wish you success! And, look, wait a story about the amazing gifts, findings that have met you here in Latvia.

Embroidered Chevrons

Emphasize professional affiliation and distinguishing features of corporate style will help you chevrons and stripes. Chevron called stripe ugolchatoy or rectangular shape in different parts of the military uniforms. One of the main purposes of chevrons – the definition of belonging to the genus troops. Stripe is a tissue overlay with symbols. As the tissue lining uses different materials: Cotton (blended, twill), filts, cloth, drape, chiffon. In the manufacture of chevrons and stripes satin edges are processed with a roller.

Patches are used to apply the logo and the various symbols, popular use patches for sports, bikers, and other clubs. Patches for rockers, punks, patches with musical groups and others are an integral part of youth clothing. Ensuring safety on the roads in the dark days requires the use of stripes with reflective threads, which is important for sports and children's clothing. Printing on badges and chevrons done in different ways: Plastisol (PVC), with the addition of plastisol polyurethane resin with pvc. The most presentable have embroidered patches. On top of embroidered patches have high durability and vibrant images. Stripe compares favorably to the embroidery, so that they can be placed on any part of clothing. Patches can be placed on clothing, caps, and even shoes. Standard sizes of stripes on clothing and hats: – patch on the sleeve (100 * 30 mm) – stripe on his back (300 * 80 mm) – patch on the breast (120 * 30 mm) – stripe on the cap (50 * 50 mm)

History Of The Yugoslav Language

To the ears of the common man, not particularly versed in linguistics, the phrase "the Yugoslav language" is quite normal. But try to casually drop it when a linguist, you will immediately see a grimace on his face, which often occurs at the musician, catch a false note. This is understandable. In linguistics there is no such thing as "Yugoslavian language." And yet, how is it? Until the 90's was the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia and became be, and the state language, too, was. And it is absolutely fair to call the Yugoslav, even though for reasons of elementary logic and norms of the Russian language as "Yugoslav" – meaning "pertaining to Yugoslavia / Yugoslavia." So what still is – "the Yugoslav language"? Until the political map of the world, there is a state like Yugoslavia was, respectively, and the state language, which was called Serbo-Croatian.

Thus, "Yugoslavian language – the language of Serbo-Croatian. In fairness it should be noted that the "Yugoslav" one hundred percent of his can not be considered. Most of the country it said, but Slovenia and Macedonia – no. But since another, absolutely Yugoslav, language was not, then we will assume the Yugoslav Serbo-Croatian language. In principle, the Serbs and Croats began to speak the same language since the vi century, ie from the time when their ancestors were on the Balkan Peninsula. In this case, the Serbs were convinced they speak Serbian, Croatian and saw it as their language Croatian. By and large, these languages differ from each other almost as much as the Moscow dialect to dialect Pomorie.

Wooden Floor

Before starting to paint the floor, you must prepare it. Eliminate the large gap between the boards and their subsidence. Protrusions zastrogat. Smoother than the adjusted floor, the more beautiful and more practical to paint. Knots is desirable to cut down on the chisel depth of not less than 3 millimeters, then putty. Paint should be completely dry floor.

Before starting work, ready to eat the paint must be mixed thoroughly and paint a piece of dry board, striking her with a thin layer. Board stand for two days. If the paint is not then stick to your fingers, so it dries well. Stained floors can be a simple, advanced and high quality. Simple. Not very thick paint stain flooring for the first time. After two days or longer repeat painting.

If after this board sometimes translucent, then three days later painted a third time. No less than three days washed away with hot water all made by the following varnish. Floors should be washed without soap and soda, which destroys the paint and reduce shine, as long as the drying oil is removed .Krasku should be applied in thin layers, shading it carefully along the boards. Thick layers of frown, a long time to dry and have unattractive appearance. The thinner layers and better each dried, the higher quality paint finish. Improved. In one liter of linseed oil, add 100-150 grams of dry or grated proolifte paint and floors with a thin layer without gaps. After two days of using putty repair any defects. Fillers Apply a thin layer, let it dry, clear sandpaper roughness. Re-fix the places where it narrowed. After this zashpaklyuyte at once the whole floor, well Colour the sand and paint thinner, carefully shading it. After drying, paint the floor once or twice. Each deposited layer of paint must be leveled as much as possible. After drying the floors are cleaned. High quality. It is performed as an improved, but the floors should be putty full two raza. that the paint on a long walking erased, we recommend to prepare a colored plaster, adding a dye that color, what color the floor. Fillers carefully sanded, primed and painted two or three. These floors are beautiful, invisible zippers boards, it turns out very similar to linoleum. It must be stressed that each layer of paint, priming or proolifku should be dried as best as possible – achieved solid ink film and improves the quality of the work. Stain poorly dried surface leads to the fact that the paint does not dry out for a long time, and frowns.


Places coated with a fresh coat of plaster in the joints should be lapped on a level with the old plaster. For a more lasting solution to the traction caused by the junction of the old plaster to plastering rescued places edge of the old plaster to drench with water. We first applied spray, primer and finish coat and then overwritten by the surface as overwritten the old plaster: round or vrazgonku. Solution using the same, what was done the old plaster. Cracks in old, but hold tight plaster, cut with a knife or otrezovkoy the entire thickness of the plaster. Very thin cracks are cut to a depth of 5-10 mm. Then cracks were washed with water and rubbed in the same plaster solution, which is made from principal plaster flush with the plaster. on the surface of old plaster creates a new, thin film solution that covers all defects, various spots and bumps.

Before peretirkoy surface is moistened or washed with water. Peretirku solution must be performed primarily at the Cretaceous-compact the sand. In mortar add plaster is not recommended. Nabeul scraper to clean off a dry or wet surfaces. With Rod and bottom delete Anew hard brush dipped in water. Rusty spots, it's hard removable and irremovable, it is better to cut and surface plastered all over again. Violations of rods – a crack, the various defects in the rods, and broken-off space of less than 2 m wetted with water solution and thoroughly obscure grind in a small poluterkom.

Eastern Cinema

The first of the Eastern cinema, which was lucky to see our audience is the Chinese martial arts movies, characters who were fearless, invincible and incorruptible. Starring these movies were filmed, such master of kung fu as a world-renowned man of legend Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and other lesser-known masters. The contribution of these people and their companions on the sets of the world film industry is truly limitless, and overstate their value today is almost impossible. The problem is only in the fact that most of the domestic audience did not realize that not only films about samurai, masters of kung fu and karate movie industry is rich in oriental countries. Undoubtedly, these traditions are firmly entrenched in the minds of there the directors and actors, and movies such rarer, but still continue to appear on sites in Japan, China and Korea.

But the modern cinema, which is already difficult to compare with the so- grown fond us militants, not only can watch and look at what is and is mandatory. It is easy to follow a trend that almost every prestigious international film festival in the competitive picture is film from the east, and even a few. Almost all the festivals, the author manage to take back home one of the main awards, but then again a few. (Even in this year's festival in Cannes winner is a picture of Thai director Apichatponga Virasetakuna "Uncle Bunmi, who remembers his past lives"). So one conclusion: "Choose a favorite genre, more ratings, reviews and forth to watch the movie Eastern cinema"