Benjamin Button

The amazing thing – especially when it turns around. Fiction literature and cinema awash with stories of travels through time and space. In the new film talent director David Fincher is an incredible transformation of time: nothing like a spectator until now have not seen. Life "in reverse" or the eternal ride "over the counter" – such is the fate of the main character Fincher film. Born he almost lost his life because his father abandoned the frightened child with an ugly old man's appearance. But its a small chance of a life given over Benjamin Button has not missed, and the foster mother helped him not to die and enter the world of men.

Inspired by the memory of a depressing feeling of watching the movie "Elephant Man" is at first sad thoughts about the future of our hero – the eternal pain and joyless existence. However, watching a movie evidence of the fate of Benjamin and the other raises the question of why a person is given over such a test – to be different, not like it. None of the spectators will not have a doubt, that our hero regrets his appears on the light: it had everything – old age, and maturity, and youth and childhood, and childhood … in that order … Almost everything in life, he was able to get to know and have lived, perhaps, a decent life.

And then there is only one story love, carried through his life and ended with a unique scene of infant death at the hands of Benjamin aged lover Daisy? Amazing acting job Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton successfully emphasizes the plot of the film – so masterfully to express people of all ages not to everyone's strength. Deserves special praise the work of make-up, which allowed the actors to fully convey the main features of different ages characters. If you hesitate on the question whether to watch the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" can be said – is worth. And not because it's a hundred percent contender for the number of nominations, "Oscar", and because such masterpieces as this Hollywood make us think deeply about the many values of life, sometimes we forget. This product definitely go down in history of world cinema as a very original and bold film, producing a strong impression.

George Roerich

Were studied many cultures and ethnic groups with all their peculiarities and differences, despite the fact that defined and common features characteristic of the peoples of the world. Patterns of their evolution. The significance of these studies for human remains to be fully appreciate. But today we can confidently say that Yuri Nikolayevich has one of the main roles, however, as results. If we consider that at the beginning of the expedition he was only just twenty-one years, and to its completion twenty-six, then it says a lot. The same can be said about the Manchurian expedition in 1935. By its scale and duration, it was certainly more modest than the Trans, but the role of Yuri in it – the permanent assistant and associate of his great father – Nicholas Roerich, it was another stage. Step into immortality.

In his last years Yuri has lived in Moscow. Old, his dream has come true – to return home to Russia (the same dream was that of his parents, but alas it was not to be fulfilled). He still managed to very much to do after his return and for the homeland, and for all humanity, but he lived at least five to ten years longer, how much more would be done. But history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood. What happened is what happened and for the professionals of the heritage that is left waiting and inquiring minds are more than enough. All the more so in the archives, not only his personal but also the entire family, and his works have remained. Even after the departure of Yuri's younger brother, Sviatoslav N.

studied the transfer of the archives in Russia, their systematization and transmission of his work, remaining at his Moscow apartment. It was not on our planet in the twentieth century family home of equal Roerich. It is no accident probably it consisted of four people. And one of the four cornerstones of this monument, which will bow down before humanity will rise through the century and millennium, the name of George Roerich. As an example, as a symbol, as an example of heroism, humility and purity.

Artistic Exhibitions

Group exhibitions: January 1990 CDAV Santa Clara. March 1990 Samuel Feijoo Salon Santa Clara. November 1991 Gallery Havana Imago. July 1992 Samuel Feijoo Salon Santa Clara. July 1993 Samuel Feijoo Salon Santa Clara. Clear Santa lounge Samuel Feijoo fittings. August 1995 Portugal Lisbon Gallery. December 1996 I Salon of contemporary Cuban art Havana July 1996 Gallery Gibraltar Barcelona.

August 1996 Samuel Feijoo Salon Santa Clara. April 1996 Gallery Aristides Fernandez Sancti Spiritus. Cuba. March 1998 the young creator Santa Clara home. August 1998 II Salon de Arte Primitivo Cienfuegos. March 1999 Hall of the city. January 1999 exhibition of folk art museum Provincial Santa Clara. February 1999 Contemporary art from Cuba The Art institute of Boston.

March 2000. Boston University. July 2000. The art of Cienfugos. Cuban Art Space. Center for Cuban Studies. NY. March 2000 exhibition of folk art museum Provincial Santa Clara. March 2000 Salon del Museo Naval of Cienfuegos.Exhibiciones personal:septiembre 1990 mar Gallery CDAV Santa Clara. January 1991 Castle of Real force Havana Cuba. August 1992 art library Jose Marti Santa clear. October 1993 Gallery CDAV Cienfuegos. June 1995 Gallery Boulevard Cienfuegos. August 1997 peace Gallery, Cologne. September 1999 CDAV Cienfuegos. January 2001 Gallery Boulevard Cienfuegos. April 2002 Gallery heritage Cienfuegos.Colecciones privado:museo of modern art Santa Clara. Naval Museum of Cienfuegos. Provincial Museum Cienfuegos. Collection of the Vatican. Collection Gunterh Muller Berlin. Yakamoto Tokyo collection. Collection Bellafonte. USA. Collection free Cuba Miami. Gianni Spadura collection. Italia.Montecatini. Coleccion tysen.espana. premio:julio 1990 Hall of art Popular Samuel Feijoo Santa Clara. January 1993 clear Holy young Art Salon. July 1991 Popular Art Salon Samuel Feijoo Santa Clara. December 1992 youth lounge promises Madrid Spain. December 1995 Hall Outsiders Gallery I Chicago. December 1998 four winds Gallery Took Beijing. July 1999 Festival for peace. Lebanon. May 2000 Salon del mar Cienfuegos naval museum. May 2000 Premio UNEAC Cienfuegos. Original author and source of the article.

World Tourism Day

Is sustainability in ski tourism this possible? There is world tourism day on September 27. This year it is tourism and sustainable energy under the motto”. More and more ski areas develop concepts to bring tourism and environmental protection in line with each other. and view, what are the problems caused by the ski tourism and imagine ski resorts with innovative solutions. Great fun on the slopes of major interventions in the nature of global warming threatening ski resorts in the Alps”- headlines of this kind appeared again and again in recent years in the media. According to a study by the OECD, the number of snow-sure ski resorts in the Alps from the current 87% could reduce up to 21%. Almost all ski areas working against the loss of snow and snow their slopes to secure 100% winter pleasure to the guests. But just the artificial snow-making is one of the greatest burden on the environment around the ski areas, because it requires lots of energy.

Per hectare runners Surface 24,400 used approx. kWh. And also water consumption is enormous. For the snow of the slopes in the Alps, about 95 million cubic metres of water are consumed according to the Organization of CIPRA roughly that equivalent to the annual consumption of a city with 1.5 million inhabitants. The problem is aggravated because the water levels are already low in the winter. Also water and power lines must be fixed for snow-making which means an additional interference in the natural. Also the balance is disturbed for the development of ski slopes through deforestation, noise and light of flora and fauna. Last but not the tourists of even nature rely heavily to. The increased traffic through the tourism, the energy consumption for accommodation and catering, as well as large quantities of waste cause large amounts of CO2 emissions.

NAVIGON Travel Always

Years the cult-Porsche 911 Carrera of the 80s rent in Munich and with Passo Tourismo navigated the most beautiful roads of the Alps. Munich, July 29, 2010. Classic enthusiastic drivers experience the journey is the destination”under this motto the tours of Passo Tourismo. Off the beaten path, take scenic roads under the nimble tire driving the sporty Porsche classic of company. Now it is even easier for the driver to get off on the winding routes to the target not the right way. In addition to the detailed elaborated roadbook is given each driver and passenger on the tour, Passo Tourismo offers now available navigation system from NAVIGON. On the current models, all routes are available and unerringly lead motorists to the designated tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants along its route.

An accidental departure from the scheduled itinerary is thus hardly still possible – and if it decides deliberately, the NAVIGON leads back reliably again. The driver can be so fully indulge the passionate driving experience in the classic air-cooled Porsche 911 while the passenger enjoyable can absorb the unforgettable impressions and views of the Alpine mountains. A further step to provide customers of Passo Tourismo in addition to expertly maintained vehicles and personally selected hotels and restaurants with a still better quality in the network. Finally, the driving experience and a carefree break for automobile travelers in the foreground should be. More details on the Passo Tourismo Web site: