The Economy

Such as: do not pay enough in this profession, there are no opportunities, competition is intense, the country's situation is bad, the economy is falling, and many others that you know so well as I do. When you let these thoughts away by then decided to change orientation. You gave up your dream because of fear or think you could earn more doing something else. But what you find? You're not happy, you are immersed in a routine that is overwhelming, do not work with enthusiasm, has made just debts and expenses that keep you slaves of consumerism. Day after day I get out of bed to meet the same routine without finding satisfaction and what you thought was best for you, now your life has become a simple and monotonous life. This is commonly known as the "rat race" runs and runs but never go the same place and you know why? because you let down your creativity by choosing a more secure way, elgiste work for money and not for the opportunity to serve. The result, a job that you love but you pay your luxuries, you have fallen into a materialistic doctrine, forsake this child dreamer who only wanted to save the world.

And yet you do not have financial freedom, but rather you have become a slave life more materialistic. Now let's see would your life if you had chosen to achieve your dreams. Say you wanted to be a teacher of kindergarten, many will say that insurance is not well paid, but let's see how you could get your financial freedom.

Backup Data

It is not yet aware that backing up data is a duty many traders. The IRS checks the computer system In the context of audits the IRS access rights on the computer company has. In the run-up to a possible inspection, so practically the business registration, a participation obligation. This regulates the technical and legal background to facilitate the life of the tax office. This is called then principles of data access and the testability of digital documents”(GDPdU).

In case of infringements threaten penalties and an estimate of tax can be made for missing data. Since these may be in excess of the real tax liability, this will lead to problems of the operation. The guidelines (GDPdU) apply now for all farm sizes for small – and medium-sized enterprises. Information can be found on: larger farms have one – or several system administrators, who hopefully attended their courses and thus, have the problem under control. But what do small businesses that have no own IT-staff? There were some questions, for example, the archiving method.

Which media secures tape drive, CD or a RAID System. Old data must be properly transferred into new systems (migration) this needs to be documented comprehensible. This is true not only for the accounting but also for business-critical emails that need to be permanently secured. In order to accomplish this, the data on non-manipulable data carrier, must be transferred and it should be noted the life of the disk. Must be taken on the format so that the IRS can evaluate the data also comprehensible. If no own IT specialist is tangible not every company has an own computer administrator, a specialist is however imperative in this case. This suggests a suitable backup concept and takes care of the correct implementation. It submits then other proposals because only Data backup is not enough unfortunately. Measures must be taken to the computer system from external attacks and more to protect. Help offers the nationwide operating IT-service net with over fifty, strategically distributed, bases here. These are easy to find using the own PLZ: the expert of the IT-service-net advises its customers regarding this issue and of course other pitfalls, dealing with the own computer so holds. It is determined a maintenance interval together with the customer in which then the agreed service work be carried out. As a trained service technician, he assumes of course all tasks from repair to the training of the users. Due to the growing demand for IT services, the network strengthened its ranks. Lone interested and qualified entrepreneurs are integrated into the network to provide an optimal service in the target group of small – and medium-sized enterprises. US/ITSN.

Business Informatics

Success, not a fluke has once again for 4 years top positions the Business Informatics of at Reutlingen in a nationwide ranking reached a top spot. In the business week ranking of course finished second, ahead of the universities in Stuttgart, Munich, Dresden, Furtwangen or Pforzheim nationwide. Only the University of Karlsruhe section better in the nationwide rankings. Nationwide, a total of 534 hiring managers of the largest German companies were asked for ranking purposes. The key question was: which universities and technical colleges are the best graduates. In economic computer science courses in Karlsruhe and Reutlingen prevailed at the universities clearly.

8.5 percent of hiring managers voted for economic computer science studies at the University of Reutlingen, 9, 1 percent for Karlsruhe. Follow on the other courses with significant distance (depending on the economic informatics courses in Pforzheim, Stuttgart (5.5%), Munich (5.4%), Dresden (5.1%) and Furtwangen im Schwarzwald 4.5%). The Dean of the Faculty was pleased about positive once again cutting off of Business Informatics in a nationwide ranking computer science, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Bonke.

The result confirms our work and shows that a good education offered courses in Reutlingen despite nationwide protests about the Bachelor – and master enjoys an excellent reputation throughout Germany”, so will. The result was also notable because the Business Informatics achieved top positions for four years in the rankings now. The good result was not a fluke.” Faculty of computer science providing Faculty of computer science of the University of Reutlingen on Bachelor and master courses in the field of information management, as well as media and communication information. Company, partner universities and students, the Faculty has an excellent reputation. So it is in external university rankings for years top rankings. It is one of the most successful Informatics schools in Germany. The success is based on a mixture of solid Science, practice, and team spirit. A total of 650 young people (40% of them women) studying computer science at the Department and graduated from a new, exciting side experience every day. Them to assist 20 professors and scientific employees, create the freedom and creativity for a successful study.


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