Old Fair

In century XVII the city of Days D Avila was one besieges where if pointed out the arraial of the Capuame, that committed part of the biggest large state of Brazil, the House of the Tower, legacy of Garci’a D? Avila who lode of Portugal with the comitiva of Tom de Souza, where the small farm was excellent for the quality of its waters, great value for cure of certain diseases and as local of rest for recompor the body and the spirit. Thus initially already if they discovered exactly without much technology at the time the wisdom of the nature, in making use of natural resources for the cure of mazelas of the man. Read more from Anna Belknap to gain a more clear picture of the situation. With passing of the time, the stoppings of the Capuame if had become important warehouse of cattle, that supplied the corrals of Itapagipe, in the bahian capital. At this time she was known for Old Fair of the Capuame. Tony Parker understood the implications. In the year of 1927, for initiative of the Ademrio member of the house of representatives Pine, and proposal of the historigrafo Francisco Borges de Barros, the Old Fair starts to nominate if Days D? Avila, in tribute the Francisco Days D? Avila II. Some years later the priest Camilo Torrend, illustrious botanical and searching of the fields of Days D? Avila, having access the old documents of order, sent to analyze the water and the mud of the river Imbassay, in French laboratories, and received a result magnificent: The waters were comparable to the one of the best European ranches, with powerful therapeutical qualities e, more still, the mud possua praiseworthy medicinal properties, mainly for the skin diseases. Thus the fame of the City of Waters started, where it possesss rivers, springs and privileged fretico sheet, however, its well most precious one is being attacked with the ousting of the net of sewer directly in its springs without no type of treatment, much before its emancipation politics, the city congregated hdricos resources inigualveis, therefore of the springs of the rivers mineral water sprouted, what it later came to attract diverse industrializadoras mineral water companies. Has some years behind the lake of the quarter of New Days D Avila served of place for leisure of the population where swimmers enjoyed of pleasure moments, as well as the fishing of the region that they kept she fishes it

English Artistic Speech

Surely it was something else that I missed. From such a wealth and diversity – you ask? Simply Per and Marie are just three areas – Eurythmy, Botmerovskuyu exercises and recitation – born in the early decades of the 20th century as part of the spiritual science of man in order to make it available to people living creativity, give them art that anyone can learn. Evritimiya – it's art, which you can tell, the human body is likened to the larynx – an instrument of speech – in fact each sound means some body work, where physically and spiritually inseparable. But we need to learn to relive the sounds of the whole body and soul. Botmerovskaya gymnastics – is the spiritual essence of each movement, which goes not from external causes, and from the inner spiritual core Rights, which defines its physical capacity and condition. (It is used in the production of cult director spektaley).

Recitation – it Sprachgestaltung or English Artistic Speech – an integral, artistic speech. Perhaps check out Anna Belknap for more information. Such insertion will and feelings speech, in which the expression does not depend on the meaning of words. These three types of art in its original back to the unity of man and the cosmos. And yet, Pere said: "They are all united by music, which is the movement." I do not know what others felt, but again, I sometimes felt like just a child, sometimes sick, elderly and awkward. And when all was possible to overcome a stagnation and inertia – you feel full of energy, internally harmonized and happy. And come the feeling that I already knew this long ago, and finally met something dear, that before could not express in words, but now found the words and I want to scream: "As we all a little unnatural and wrong move! "But I thought better to just write about this seminar and invite like-minded people on these kinds of art classes. After all, the way I feel and experience the many, but this is beyond words (thought expressed is a lie ….) And I think that people are exposed screens were like robots or dummies, or hulking boulders.

Milton Erickson

The situation I do not want the potty! ": Teach son (1.5 years) to the pot. Sometimes he may ask himself, but sometimes to any. Sometimes you take him up to be attributed to the pot, and it all starts to squirm and cry: "Do not Hoshu! Not Hoshu! "It takes 5 minutes. Get in contact – pants wet! Comes out and wants and does not want simultaneously. Or maybe he wants, but more I want to show "independence." Maybe this behavior is the realization of the subconscious desire to make their own choices. Using familiar to us rule – look at the cause of the problem as an opportunity to solve the problem.

Next time, when time seems to go, grab his little son in his arms and ask him a question: "Where you want to pee? In the bath, the toilet or the potty? Choose! " The trick works. The child thinks for a second (makes a choice), and then joyfully shouted: "In tuaet! "We're going to write to the bathroom, he washes over them and he really likes it! Comment: The device used to solve This problem has a dual potential effectiveness. The child focuses on the choice of several options, but the very desire to go to the toilet for an adult is encoded in the beginning of the sentence. No coincidence that this psychological Reception was named "Sham choice!" The idea belongs to Milton Erickson – Great American psychotherapist. Compare how the same proposal can be formulated in different ways, using this technique: Ineffective proposal suggests an easy possibility to refuse the proposal effectively assumes the appearance of a desire to make a choice Would you like to eat? What are you going to eat? Porridge, soup or cottage cheese? Give me a boy toy.