Everything Just Stole A Hit Soon Occupied The Courts?

Singer Antonia aus Tirol against ex American Idol candidate there but something to generate the music the emotions among the people, but behind the scenes, there are very often violent conflicts ending usually in court. What we then, money, fame, envy or honour, which has right or possibility the consumer then on the truth or no longer interested in it? You could fill already books about strife in the music business. In the current case of Antonia from Tirol. She writes a new German text on a world hit tune, in this case, it’s about Tornero\”(1975) by I Santo California is over 10 million copies sold. To the new text, also the tune of Antonia’s producer Peter Schutti was altered something, newly arranged and everything in the contemporary pop hits sound produced.

Then have a business relationship with Jack White (Gloriella, Sony Music) is undoubtedly one of the most successful German music makers and already a new from an old hit. Briefly to Antonia aus Tirol is end of May 2009 on the official German charts with their \”new version with the name 1000 dreams far Tornero ‘ a. Antonia thus landed the hit summer hit of the year 2009. Already after a few days of the presentation of the song by Antonia in the ZDF television garden with Andrea Kiewel appeared at once the same song announced EMI as the new single from Anna Maria Zimmermann (former American Idol contestant) music and praise this song as their, at least one had to understand this so when reading. Aligned so that it gives the impression as you would deliberately confuse the advertising by EMI. Antonia from Tirol which was known on the side of DJ otzi is now well 10 years on stage and has established itself in the Schlager genre, of course she can be not so easy to steal their hit and their management is threatening legal action against EMI and its artist.

Deflation – Inflation Currency Reform?

How central bankers will charge and how investors clever to react and can earn the meltdown on the financial markets is averted. Observers worry gradually so as it will go in the coming months. It is clear that central banks in the hand hold the key. They have kept the markets and the economy with hefty cash injections and special measures in the liquidity policy before the collapse. Inevitably the time closer now that central banks worldwide reduce their aid again.

The question is: how will business and markets react? It is certain that there never such scale has been in a crisis rescue measures. So the way is not back to normal. Rather being discussed even in the central banks sharply the likeliest scenario. While the guardians of money around the world are in a quandary. Because they fear both runaway inflation. They are more concern but a permanent Deflation.

The biggest problem of the bankers, however, is that them the past crisis clearly front, was conducted that seem conventional analysis systems, no longer accept valuation models and standards. The tools which they use to control the economy of (fed), and to maintain monetary stability (ECB), seem to be no longer correct. This is most striking in measuring the inflation rate. It is measured with the consumer price index (HCPI) and expressed. And the HICP depends significantly on the composition of the so-called shopping cart. This includes the services and goods of for daily use (bread, fruit, beer, cars, refrigerators, etc.) collected and weighted. But: Increasingly important cost units of everyday are not included in the shopping cart. For example, house prices or financial expenses includes old-age provision. The reason: Whether investment property or to own use real estate are not supposed assets, would be consumed. For this reason, these asset prices for banks are not relevant for their task.

Bus Powered With UTC Power Fuel Cells Is Excellent

The fuel cell manufacturer UTC power announced that the Grand Environment Prize was awarded to the new generation of hybrid fuel bus at Busworld Europe Kortijk 2009. The Belgian bus manufacturer Van Hool and UTC power fuel cell manufacturer announced that the jointly developed twelve-metre long new-generation hybrid fuel cell bus at Busworld Europe Kortijk 2009 was awarded with the Grand Environment Prize. The event started on October 16 and ends on October 21 2009 UTC power is a subsidiary of the US technology group’s United Technologies Corp. (UTC). The new vehicle is based on the Van Hool A300L chassis, which is above-average success in the North American market.

The new bus is lighter than previous models and has an increased performance powered by advanced lithium-ion battery systems. Hydrogen tanks on the roof provide energy for about 480 kilometers. The bus will be with the UTC fuel cell system used PureMotion model 120. Already sixteen orders of the new Hybrid fuel bus arrived for the inner-city fleet in California and Connecticut at Van Hool. The buses will be 2009 / 2010 included. The new generation hybrid fuel bus is the result of a productive partnership. He illustrates van hools continuous use of environmentally-friendly technologies”, says Leopold van Hool, Managing Director of Van Hool NV. Our experience transportation solutions, which exhaust gases are operated, boom all over the world.

The amount of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions, which will save a bus with UTC power PureMotion -powered when compared to a diesel bus, corresponds to the ecological advantage of more than 12 acres of the forest”, says Ken Stuart, UTC power Vice President, transportation business. The offered since 1988 by UTC power fuel cell systems for transport vehicles driving buses in the United States, Spain, Italy and Belgium. The latest proton exchange membrane (PEM)-Brennstoffzelle of the company supplies more than 560,000 kilometers in the public transport. About UTC power: The company headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut, is a full service provider of environmentally friendly energy solutions. With almost 50 years of experience is UTC power one of the world’s leading manufacturer and developer of fuel cells for stationary and mobile applications, the military and the space, as well as of innovative cooling, heating and power generation systems for decentralized energy supply. About Van Hool Van Hool is a Belgian company specialising in the design and construction of high-quality buses and on green technology. UTC: The Hartford-based United Technologies Corporation (UTC) worldwide delivers products and services to the aerospace and building industries. UTC employs about 225.600 people, of which more than 60 percent outside the United States are active. For years, the listed company achieved (NYSE: UTX) year continuous profitability. The turnover amounted to 58.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2008. This Growth generating subsidiary companies: Pratt & Whitney, manufacturer of aircraft engines and space propulsion system, carrier, US manufacturer of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems, UTC Fire & security, provider of fire protection systems and safety technologies, Otis, manufacturer of elevators and escalators, UTC power in the area of decentralized energy supply. The flight systems Division are the daughters of Hamilton Sundstrand, as a supplier of products for the aviation and aerospace industry, as well as helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky. More information at and: Euro RSCG ABC, Dusseldorf UTC team Tel + 49 (0) 2 11/91 49-716 fax + 49 (0) 211/91 49 855

Daniela Portner

High-quality art for anyone who presents in unusual places such as in industrial buildings or as a video on the Internet that can be not only individuals, but also inspire companies, for which Daniela Portner aligns with, for example, exhibitions and art seminars breaks new ground of promoting creativity of employees. When a file with over 150 national and international artists of all styles woman Portner can meet the most needs of their customers. Finally also the customers of the founder are as individual as the artists and their art. The numerous visits to the Web page as well as the first successful sales of works of art show that is also seemingly little interested in art for art inspire. Is an image is perceived once as interesting and unique, so all would have it suddenly”, so Daniela Portner in regard to an experience that she recently had a screen presentation. Every customer is taken seriously by me and advise”, so the founder. No one who is the idea is to purchase a work of art, must be afraid to show themselves as ignorant. A work of art you like or don’t like, it’s so easy to get the point.

I help this that I take along with the artists matching for you and works of art, she advise in the selection of suitable premises, she inform and everything to organize”my customers. Even the artist himself feel good hands woman Portner, who always has an open ear for them. Daniela Portner developed their business with passion. The logical consequence of the vision of a life marked by art evident not least that she lives through their ideas, within their own four walls, even artfully decorated.

The Escort Courtesan –

The development of the high class escort services and the luxury escort agency in today’s busy professional world has the fine Manager, businessman and professional traveler no time more for fixed bindings. He spends his life in his company car, a hotel room or on a plane. On the track, interpersonal contacts, feelings and desire remain tenderness. He has a certain standard of living, he enjoys the luxury and upscale ambience. In his spare time, he longs for security and close. This recognised in time Gabriela by agency VIP escort 9 years ago, when she founded her VIP escort service agency. Specially for the upscale VIP clientele she specialised in their wishes for a perfect high class service combined with luxury and elegance. The Escortmodels have been carefully selected after education, manners and wardrobe.

So was the perfect “beloved on time”. Its now renowned and world famous noble escort agency is among celebrities, athletes and politician, top managers the VIP address par excellence. The courtesan and “Love time” is always discreet, enjoying the tingling adventure, independence, and the mysterious unknown. The Lord of upper-class determines the duration of being together without any obligations of a fixed binding or heartbreak or controls. A service with a future.

The escort service of the mysterious lover is nowadays also used by couples, who want to brush up on their daily lives. The reputation of “disreputable industry’ is over. Worldwideweb, in today’s modanen world, that offers the possibility to connect people from all regions and countries. The elite customer selects his dream woman for some hours in the portfolio and the sympathy decides whether an erotic high light is from a dinner date. Not favor separate the paths with sympathy, kindness and simplicity. The fine company is special and to identify itself with this level, excellent Marnieren, a good home and a perfect appearance to include a perfect first class escort. The women, in a be recorded with such elite escort agency, meet these requirements and would like to not be compared with a prostitute. The high class escorts are available with both legs in the professional life and enjoying the luxury offered them. A secret should remain a secret and therefore this elegant ladies would be not questioned also from the VIP escort service about her private life. You enjoy your time with full ELAN and sense of adventure and will give the customers unforgettable moments.

Infolox Supported HAHN + KOLB In The Optimization Of The Product Catalog

HAHN + KOLB – innovative tool providers and system supplier Lindau. Our catalog is our most important product. That’s why we want to improve it continuously. To make a big step forward, we have brought us support infolox catalog experts”, so Markus Buttau, head of marketing at HAHN + KOLB. HAHN + KOLB is known as an innovative tool service providers and system supplier.

In the direct marketing tools, instrumentation, equipment, handling systems and machines are sold. The annual HAHN + KOLB-catalogue with more than 1,400 pages and a circulation of more than 70,000 copies in Germany is still the core of the business and is available in several languages. It is all the more important to constantly question his quality. In a workshop with representatives of management, marketing, purchasing, product management and sales were thereby exposed the optimization potential, discussed and weighted. Infolox already had a detailed analysis of the catalogue with regard to information architecture and Navigation is performed. Infolox ideas and constructive proposals developed for dealing with the potential, implemented together with HAHN + KOLB. Relatively quickly became evident that such extensive work as the HAHN + KOLB-catalog requires not only a systematic navigation. “Also had to be taken into account, that picked up all clients of heterogeneous target group with their different practices” are.

Whether diamond stone or hand-powered drill will be interviewed four people about the procedure for selecting a product in the catalog, you get maybe four different answers. “There is not a” navigation rather several different approaches to the range must be available. Exactly this navigation aspects was the focus in the implementation of the new HAHN + KOLB-catalog. A Chapter overview with color coding, form the basis for the improved navigation in the 1,400 pages chapter punches, four different indices and new chapter start pages strong catalog. Markus Buttau, Marketing Manager at HAHN + KOLB: so far we have received only positive feedback from all sides. For this important step forward it was exactly the right decision, to put on the catalog experts at infolox.” Infolox infolox: Is a leading service provider and solution provider for product communication and information management. The focus is on the analysis, design, and creation of marketing publications (print and online). While the company accompanied its customers through the entire process, from consulting through implementation up to the pressure. Infolox uses latest technologies and solutions in the fields of product information management, content management, E-Commerce and database-publishing for comprehensive cross-media publishing. Customers such as Buderus, Junkers, Honeywell, MAICO, 3M, Texas instruments, Mitsubishi Electric, and many others already rely on the competence and experience of infolox. Contact press: infolox GmbH Monika Faupel Bregenzer str. 101 D-88131 Lindau Executive Assistant phone: + 49 8382 / 275 894-0 fax: + 49 8382 / 275 894-9 PR agency of good news! GmbH Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29