Regensburg Waters

The form of if preventing this are not only through the ambient control and of measures that attenuate e, even though, they eliminate the negative effect of the climatic changes. But yes, in measures that revert the standards of occupation and use of the territory. So Paulo is not the only case of a city crossed for rivers. The cities of Ingolstadt, Regensburg and Ulm, in Germany, Linz and Vienna in Austria, Rustschuk in Bulgaria, Bratislava in the Eslovquia, Budapeste in the Hungria, Braila and Galati in the Romnia and Belgrade and Novi Sad in the Serbia are some of the main European cities crossed by the river the Danube. Moscow and Is Petesburgo in Russia and the Kievs in the Ukraine are bathed by the river Volga.

Santiago of Chile meets it the edges of the River Mapocho. A river crossing a city could be a pleasant factor and source of leisure, as much in a metropolitan center, how much in a small city. The question is if in all the cities crossed for rivers, the dispute incited for space, forcibly, lead to the surrounding dispute contrudo versus natural environment (in this in case that, the river). When this happens, the natural escoadouros of rain waters is restricted. Instead of having a natural course for where to drain, the intense waters of a rainy station a little more accented finish for invading the constructed spaces, not prepared for in such a way. One of the results is the improvisation of protective measures against waters, as construction of walls in the front of the residences and companies, with the necessity of stairs to have access they. This dispute elapses of the trend to the concentration urban-metropolitan, who by itself causes adensamento extreme number of people an area relatively reduced, that finishes for leading to some consequences in diverse sectors. This extreme number of people can exceed, for example, the capacity of the installations of existing services, compelling the rendering to invest to still more extend the existing installations in the urban areas and metropolitans, in detriment of other centers of lesser transport.

Guests Table

The holiday was a success … be forewarned guests (no later than 1 week) Arrange for the gifts. To your guests do not wrestle, but you do not get nasty "surprises", it is better discussed with parents invited children, it would be better to give (and vice versa) Consider the scenario. Children's festival consists of: a) meeting the guests and giving presents b) bright greeting show-program) holiday table d) independent games kids g) Guest conductors Guests spectacular greeting, photo session and the table are the four integral elements of the holiday. That's one show in honor of the birthday celebration and makes a truly striking and important – . show the program depends on age: at the early age (1-3 years) – less than half chasadlya younger preschoolers (3-5 years) between half chasadlya senior preschoolers (5-7 years) 1-2 hours, depending on organization Festive children children's table is very different from an adult.

If the adults at the table most of the time and eat a lot, filling meal pause in the conversation, the children's culinary seduce little. Children's table usually costs: A) sandwiches – Canapes B) fruit, decorated in the form of animal B) fruit milkshakes D) birthday cake with candles do not worry that children will remain hungry: more important to them and play communication. There is another important difference between children from adults: they always have many common themes. If they are together, then they will not be bored. They just need the time and place. It is important to consider, which will host a holiday. If this place be your own apartment, it is desirable to remove the possibility of game room items that are prohibited to play.

You should not spoil a holiday exclusions and limitations, without which you can do. Of course, the ideal place for independent games is playing at the cafe. It is both easy and fun for both children and adults. And more … All the same rule: the smaller children, the more attention. Children up to three years without the participation of adults can not play Not at all. Children older than five years, well, play together, even though previously they were not familiar. If children are playing themselves, the main thing – do not bother them. There is a special treat for children: games with their parents. Usually, we – as adults loaded work and household chores, light-hearted game that we do not have. But if you want to please the child, will take part with him in a fun show program. A separate topic: Leisure parents during children's holiday. On the one hand, it is easiest if the parent is assigned a time in which they must pick up children. But on the other hand, it complicates the task of parents birthday: They take responsibility for all the little guests. If, however, parents expect their children, what they take? Consider the minimum table and subject to communication. How much detail is to think of entertainment for children of adults triumph depends on a) the capacity b) the desire of) the need to make nice not only to the child and his guests, but parents and children came. Terminated wires holiday guests. At this point it is important to carry out each individually, preferably with each small guest hand at parting a little souvenir. Let it be a reminder of this day.