Ita Bank

The governments are privatizing because the FMI thus ' ' quer' ' for the neoliberal politics of the American government that thus it determines when to find (- vain) its interests convenient. Analyzing the impact of the neoliberal politics, in the history of the Brazilian politics, it sees what Ivo Lesbaupin observes, (interview IHU On-line in 09/2007): ' ' Since the introduction of the politics neoliberaisentre we, to leave of the Collor government, the country it comes being governed as if the people did not exist. The people is consulted in the elections, but, after that, the elect government acts in totaldesconsiderao of the program where the people he voted. Poltica that one that he takes care of to the interests of the financial capital, of the banks, and the rentistas, and the great one empresariado. The express media the thought of these setores.' ' ' ' The annual profit of the Ita Bank was of R$ 3,8 billion, the Bank of Brazil announced a profit of R$ 3 billion, the Bradesco, of R$ 3.1 billion, and the Unibanco, of R$ 1,3 bilho' ' in 2004. (The State of S. Pablo –, 23/02/05).

However, in 27/10/2010, according to, only in 3 trimester, the Bradesco Bank got a profit of R$ 2,527 billion. In a projection of of R$ 7,12 billion annual. The profit of these four banks, that totalized 11,2 billion R$ are not nor the half of the profit of the VALLEY OF the RIVER CANDY (privatized) after the increase of ores in 2008, foreseen for 20 billion US$. Where Carajs only goes to relieve about 9 billion US$. In entorno of the project, it is placed city of Parauapebas, (133,000 inhabitants, 2007), where if it locates the biggest reserve of ore to the open sky of the world) and the visible contrast of the poverty and absence of infrastructure in its peripheries.

North American Zuzu

In contrast, they enaltecem the representative as if he was legitimate owner of the power, only capable to improve the social condition through the rise of the social rights. Ahead of this, it fulfills to asseverar that the cliente representative of whom he is the legitimate detainer of the power, subsidizes of this to take care of personal interests, act this generator of corruption. With effect, the elementary characteristic of the military dictatorship is the method of clipping of the civil laws (liberty of speech, secrecy of correspondence and arrest only in crime detected in the act or judicial errand emitted by competent authority among others), unjustifiable tortures, disappearance and deaths, beyond the use of the law as mechanism of legitimation for the arbitrary and desumanos acts of the Brazilian State. After Zuzu to have discovered that in fact its son had been plus a victim of the military dictatorship, appeals to North American senator Edward Kennedy who takes the case to the congress of the United States, attempting against itself that the father of Stuart was North American. Salient Ademais that it has forts indications that argue the performance of North American military meetings in the dictatorship in Brazil that searched interests economic politicians and. Ademais, is certain that the military dictatorship in Brazil represents a obscure past, but important of being argued. Although the negative traces that hinder the construction of the citizenship, are an deserving past of special attention with respect to demystifying and disclosing the true history of the military dictatorship, that is essentially impartial in defending interest current politicians, and subsidizing of necessary documents and depositions of national as of Zuzu, but that different of this they had obtained to resist the repudiosa violence of this phase of Brazilian history.

As well as Zuzu Angel diverse families had suffered with the loss of its beings wanted for the ditatorial repressive system, however differently of Zuzu they did not subsidize of the ways so that they could give voice to its desperation, this is the moment for these families! ideal scene to disclose not counted, similar history of that if they can homage the guerrillas disappeared, tortured and died. At last, ‘ ‘ to remember so that not repita’ ‘. Tatiane of goals Blacksmith Bibliographical References OAK, Jose Murilo of.Citizenship in Brazil: the long way.

Democratic State

The understanding that we have of the functioning of State is of institution organized politics, legal and socially, that it is located by means of the Federal constitution of the Republic formulated and directed for the government that has the sovereign power to manage the bred and commanded politics in this government, which are of supremacy to guarantee the democracy. It can be said that for the good relation of the State and the citizenship the efetivao of the Democracy, that consists of a regimen of government where the power to take decisions politics is with the citizens direct or indirectly, through the popular choice is necessary, the elections. The Federal Constitution of the Republic (19988) said in the Art. 1 the Federative Republic of Brazil, formed for the indissolvable union of the States and Cities and the Federal District, consists in Democratic State of Right and has as beddings: I? the sovereignty; II? the citizenship; III? the dignity of the person human being; IV? the social values of the work and the free initiative; V? pluralism politician. Paragraph only. All power emanates of the people, who exerts directly by means of elect representatives or, in the terms of this constitution. The constitution of 88 was one of the most important steps of the Country route to the democracy in the construction of a Democratic State of Right, and establishes in art.

1 the basic principles for the conduction of the society, and so that this if constitutes in a democratic society valuing the person human being, its dignity, the sovereignty of the State, the social values of the work and the free initiative and the freedom politics. The democracy, equality and citizenship in the Democratic State of Right, can offer to the citizens equal conditions and guarantee the effectiveness of the politics organized for the State. The Brazilian constitution foresees that Brazil consists in a Democratic State of Right, that if configures at the beginning of century XIX, based in the German right.

Lybian Power

Muammar Khadafi, that after arrived at the power a coup d etat in 1969, and was knocked down by the call ' ' rabe&#039 spring; ' , popular revolts that had finished knocking down diverse leaders of Arab countries, between them the former-president it Egypt Hosni Mubarak, among others, were assassinated in way coward by whom they had been pursued by its government. The wild act as this does not justify a dictatorship of 42 years. It will be that daqui pr front will exist a democratic government in the Lybian, with the election of the rebellious groups that had taken the power in the Lybian? This premier it affirms that it did not order, that it did not give orders for the execution of Muammar Kadafi. But it demonstrated that he is worse of that it. ordered yes to kill it cold blood, and NATO has its parcel of guilt in this everything because it bombed the next familiar convoy where she was the Lybian leader and, beyond some military of its narrow confidence. All they had finished died for the Lybian rebels the cold blood. The president of the United States, Barack Obama, festejou the end of Muammar Kadafi, that, according to it, serves of alert for regimes authoritarian. Already president Dilma said that the death of any leader does not have to be commemorated. The ONU now fits to ask for a serious and exempt inquiry, and without partiality, on this crime and to punish the culprits for the international laws in vigor. the birth of a new country will be a true incognito, since sets of ten of groups and factions exist, that only desire the power, it had as it and it usufructed Muammar Khadafi.