Louis Hay

Only for 5 minutes, elije concentrrte only in the breathing. I like much the special form that Louis Hay must to meditate; she initiates the meditation with the question what is what I need to know? Surely your being will show to you the answer at some time of that day or the subsequent days. It listens to that the universe signals to you, there is the key. 7) Reconcete. It recognizes your profits, everything what you have secured east year by smaller and insignificant than it seems to you. You have accompanied some in a while difficult friend? reconcete by that time of quality that you have offered him.

You have managed to present/display some project in your work? Reconcete! You have managed to begin to reflect about what you really want in your life? Reconcete! You have obtained an ascent? Reconcete! You have traveled to some place to rest only by a weekend? Reconcete! You have offered to more time and of quality to your children and your pair him? Reconcete! You have found a that spectacular job that as much you wanted! Reconcete! You have approved important matters in the faculty? Reconcete! You have known and conquered the love that today accompanies to you? Reconcete! There are preparation an exquisite cake? Reconcete! We have so many things by which to be thankful. Escrbelas. It is thankful for the material, spiritual and intellectual privileges that they bless to you. Valralos, sintete a privileged being to enjoy them. It is thankful TO BE ALIVE! It smiles.

It laughs. It looks for relations that you make happy in that you can divertirte. It attends spectacles that you like and they entertain to you. It rents films that move to you, that they impel to you that they do to you well. It sees the cinema, what prettier thing is to go to the cinema! Elije to read a book that it drives to you, wakes up to you, defies to you. This stage can be wonderful, if your elijes that thus is. The language creates reality. If we are on the lookout of our internal conversations we will be able to choose to narrate those stories to us that we like more, what makes us more well to create the reality that we wished to soon live and to put hands to the work. Pnte in action. Only the action produces results. " Your you have the brush and paintings, dot the paradise and enters l" Kazantzakis With love, Finds this one article and many more in my blog: inner transformation, success and personal growth a space to relight your inner flame, to renew energies, to observe with others " ojos" and to create new possibilities the intention of my blog is asistirte to find happiness and success in your life from an inner transformation. Desire that here benefits of articles, resources and ideas that can attend to you in the development of your personal projects like thus also which the espiritualidad inspires day to you to day to find well-being and inner peace. Original author and source of the article.

Requiere Company Languages

To ascend until the control of a company does not depend only on realizarun degree in Administration and Direction of Companies. In the same way, the position is not assured to count on masters Mba and to enjoy the confidence of good professional contacts. To part of the university races it is essential that the future executive has management competitions, therefore, a global perception of the company, aptitudes to know how to choose, to do against the challenges that require many working hours and comunicativas competitions to have a discussion of effective form with the rest of personnel. The manager must count on steel nerves and not decay before any type of mishap. Therefore, it is an office that is not within reach of everybody. As essential as the official titles and the aptitudes of management it is the knowledge of languages. Until now, the fact of knowing languages did not consider a fact differentiator if it were wanted to direct a business but in the present situation, with the international trade, he is something basic. The directors who had a position similarcon anteriority to queasomaraesta exigency has had to develop importantecurso of learning.

The most important language is the English, although apparently the Chinese will be the language used at international level. Whatever to prepare a language needs much eagerness and calm. It is fundamental to consider that as we stopped being adolescent we have more difficulty to speak other languages, unlike the children, who absorb the languages as if they were Polyglot. Also it turns out very advisable to travel to another country to study, mainly if the school of languages distributes a specialized linguistic course in businesses. In case of being especially inept for the languages always it is the option to order the tasks that need deal with the foreigner to another personnel the company. Although it is good for not taking responsibility of all the work, the fact of not being able to understand to the buyers, collaborator or partners in a certain situation can suppose serious misfortunes. Indeed by this, he is fundamental that the candidates to directors prepare themselves concientiously.


Another phenomenon that is happening within Mexican policy is that the political parties look for a charismatic leader, which demonstrates moments of great strategic advances in the attainment of the organizational objectives, it is his moment of optimal situation. Whereas its more critical moment, administers a consistent situation, in which it indicates a great tendency in pausing long time in a planning of high quality. The leaders who own this style have much difficulty to interact with people with a high motivation to the profit, these successful leaders must have perspective major that the one that exists in the organization. They have the talent to see and to create the future. In addition, they use a high visual language to materialize that future to his equipment.

As a result of it, they reach objectives majors to the proposed ones, because they create allows group that drives people to turn that future in fact. Pity that is not seen, these last two characteristics in our governors, since their works have not extended beyond their period of government, because in Mexico the leadership is a strongly ingrained cultural characteristic, forged from pre-Columbian times, and is indeed this tradition which does so difficult to be a Mexican leader, due to all the characteristics that throughout the time are had accumulated and that we perceived like minimum obligations to be able to grant this estatus. I conclude that our governors in fact are not leaders, circumstantially occupy a position but they initially need the characteristics mentioned really to be leaders.