Musical Keyboards

Keyboards musical is a musical instrument which uses (as its name implies), a keyboard to interpret it. Musical keyboards are designed on the basis of the Western tuning. I.e. that the natural notes of the c scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, b) are white and are larger, while those corresponding to sharps (do?, re? do, fa? do, Sun?, the?) are black and a little smaller. The keyboard is the part or front section, which is provided with keys and destined to be operated by the fingers of the hands. By your definition of keyboard, keyboard name was commonly applied to all musical instrument that has a keyboard.

Keys is pressed, the instrument produces sounds by means of acoustic, electronic or electromagnetic, as the case may be, and such sounds executed over time generate melodies. Sometimes they run concurrently generating consistent, that over time generate a harmony musical. As he had already told them, the musical keyboard is composed of a set of keys adjacent, blacklists and whitelists. A semitone is the interval between adjacent keys, and between two keys corresponds to a tone. There are different types of keyboard instruments:-are wind instruments: organs and the accordions can be found in this category.

-String instruments: in this category are, the harpsichord, clavichord, piano or key. -Also find electronic instruments: these are a wide variety, they are electric keyboards, electric piano, electric organ, digital samplers, and many more. There are instruments with a conformation similar to keyboards, without exactly being keyboard instruments. For example, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, the lira or the glockenspiel have bars of some resonant material arranged equally in tones and semitones, but are beaten directly through any type of the ramrod.

Tunes As Beats

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Musical Instruments

Shop musical instruments always music has accompanied the existence of men, that is for recreational use, for ceremonies, traditions, or simply as a moment of union between people. De facto, the music always has been magic and an essential part of the life of men. With the passage of the years always more people has passionate to play musical instruments and if before only few people knew touching, now always more people starts already from the age of childhood and continues by passion without age limit. You can start at any age. In addition it is always easier to buy a musical instrument. You can find and choose your instrument in a musical instruments store.

Musical instruments stores are always more equipped. You can find not only any type of instrument (electric, percussion, String, wind) if not choose their quality, which can be also very good and above to find any kind of musical accessory you need. Any form is interesting to anyone, yet does not want buy nothing, enter a musical instruments store by its exhibition of instruments that is worth seeing because they are objects that also love only to see them and not just listening to them.


Long thanks to its geographical position and its long history, Morocco has become a place of cultural exchange between the Arab world, Europe, Africa and the Amazigh. Morocco therefore enjoys a rich and varied musical heritage that represents all the peoples that make up the Moroccan society. There are three main musical styles in Morocco: Andalusian music, gnawa music and the dekka the marrakchia. In this article, I will focus on the Andalusian music. Morocco is a country of the Maghreb deeply impregnated by arabe-andaluza culture, and this simple and obvious reasons: the geographic proximity to Spain, as well as the intervention of the current dynasty of Morocco in Andalusia. The settlement in Morocco of a vast majority of Andalusians come from important Spanish cities such as Toledo, Cordoba, Sevilla, Valencia and Granada, after the Decree of 1609 that ordered the expulsion of the Moriscos in the peninsula, as well as the role of patronage of artists and Andalusian musicians by the Alawite dynasty, the absence of secular colonization Ottoman and a brief French colonization, they assured the artistic continuity in a significant way. According to historian Bernard Lugan, specialist in African history, during the eight centuries of Muslim presence in Andalusia, seven of them were closely related to Morocco.

Thanks to its strategic geographic location, Morocco has always been a natural place for trade and exchange between Europe and Africa and the Muslim world. The Andalusians non-Christians (Jewish and Muslim) began to abandon Andalusia in the 11th century, during the reign of Alfonso VI, reine de Castilla y Leon. The last group was the of the Moriscos who, in principle, had converted to Christianity to avoid being deported. Thanks to its situation crucial, especially spiritually, the Fez city became home to many Jews and Muslims refugees of Toledo, Cordoba (which fell against the Spaniards in the 12th century) and Seville (taken in the 13th century). One of the neighborhoods of Fez is known as the Andaluz neighbourhood.

Cities like Tetouan were completely rebuilt and repopulated by refugees from Granada. The Moriscos installed in Rabat and Sale pirates formed republics who successfully conducted numerous actions of piracy, allowing them to negotiate with many countries, including Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands and Iceland. Many communities identified themselves as Moroccan Andalusian. Surnames such as Diaz, Andaloussi, Torres, Toledano, Kortobi (of Cordoba), Molina, Gharnat (in Granada), and Nigno resonate and preserving that heritage. The orchestras of Fez, Tangiers and Tetuan still use instruments traditionally used in andalusi music dating back to the 9th century, such as the lute, the rebab, the darbouka, tambourine or taarija, zither or qanun and violin or kamenjah. In Morocco, Andalusian music is also called al – Ala and has been long fostered and promoted by the authorities. If they wish to enjoy the Andalusian music at first hand, come to Marrakech and live their rich musical heritage. Many restaurants and hotels in Marrakech celebrated evenings of traditional music and numerous riads in Marrakech and villas in Marrakech have their own shows of Andalusian music.

Music Relax And Meditation

To begin to talk about healing or soothing sounds we must translate it into concepts a little more Ethereal for the understanding of the majority, since in these terms everything could be relative. Moods always vibrate and expand the space in terms of vibrations and colors, being that all mental States are thrown outward from the body that created them.These vibrations affect other minds increasing your tone and the emotional States of other people who are tuned into the same frequency for better or for worse. Since time immemorial the hermetic have taught the States of movement of the light, heat, magnetism, and the principle of molecular attraction which is nothing more than what commonly people known as love. Positive thinking vibrates at a frequency of high spectrum, why one of the sayings of the master jesus was. The God of this world comes to my and can’t find anything in my to grab it.The negative pole is concerned that operates in most minds. As the low sounds are low frequency and vibration slow, rather loud sounds are high vibration and faster, as well as bright colors.

If either are very diverse and broad factors that we can use to our advantage to help raise our vibratory rat will deepen not too now are simply going to refer us to a few very special sounds called solfeggios momentarily. They were handled in a technique that has been lost almost in time. These frequencies were apparently given within the Gregorian chants and said that they produced not only special States those who sang them but also those who listened to them. This effect produced in masses came to preoccupy both the hierarchs of the Church, which with the passing of time were being removed. Says that an example of what we mentioned here is the great anthem to san juan bautista.