Willie Logan

And always with his 'left-handed' guitars lag. Liv Kristine – Leaves' Eyes Norwegian singer Liv Kristine is considered to be the most unusual and creative woman in European music. It performs almost everything – from popular music and classical to metal and gothic. With solo performances in the old gothic band Theatre of Tragedy, or a group of Leaves' Eyes, performing symphonic metal, she accompanies himself on guitar, lag. Alfie Jackson – The Holloways frontman popular London team Holloways, Alfie playing guitar lag, harmonica and sings. The boys played in the style of indie-rock. Adam Evans – Just Jack is known for work on television, Hollywood movies and popular groups. Currently playing guitar lag in the music group popular British artist Just Jack in the style of hip-hop, house, pop, electro.

Dario Lorina young talented guitarist endorsee lag, he began with a tour with Jani Lane, frontman of Warrant, participated in many projects in the U.S., played in a group KarnevL. 'He reminds me of a young Paul Gilbert' said Eric Martin, vocalist Mr. Big. Darren Clewes – Hinterland Off-supercharged rock – as they describe their style. To achieve this sound, Darren uses his two lag RP2000, made in France. Denny Jiosa Denny – man 'smoothed Jazz' (Smooth Jazz).

Was nominated for a Grammy among gospel singers, toured Steve Winwood, playing on Broadway. For several years he play jazz guitar lag. Gus Monsanto – Zyon Vega Brazilian heavy metal band Overdoze, an American Monkey Bite, French Adagio, and now own project Zyon Vega – a list of the achievements of the Brazilian's obviously not finished. lag guitars go all over the world with him. James Arguile – Mumm-Ra Mumm-Ra – amazing young British team, melodic guitar pop. Quality sound, good vocals and virtuoso guitarist James Arguile its lag give an excellent result. Steph Gildea – Mendeed This success came to the Scottish metal-core band in Britain. After the release of their latest album This War Will Last Forever in 2006 Mendeed rolled a joint tour with Slipknot, and then with Napalm Death. Many critics consider it a new word in the modern British metal, and not the last role in this – the guitarist Steph Gildea and lag. Luke Vidamour – Luke Pickett band after project hardcore Her Words Kill, done a lot of noise in the uk, Luke, along with vocalist Luke Pickett began to untwist the solo project of singer. Teams change, lag remains. Willie Logan finalist "Guitarist of the Year" in 1997, with many tributes and albums, Willie is an acknowledged master of blues rock. Expert MuzMart Mary Mott

Elvis Presley Rock

All sorts of attempts to connect to various musical trends have created a huge variety of genres. Since the merger with academic music gave life to art-rock (late 60's), with jazz – jazz-rock (late 60's – early 70's), with the Latin Music – Latin-rock (late 60's), with Indian music – raga-rock (the mid 60's). In the 60's and 70's, there were also metal (hard rock), punk-rock rock-avant-garde. In the late 70's and early 80's have a post-punk, new wave, alternative rock, hardcore. In the 90 years of development have been widely genres grunge, Brit-pop, alternative metal. A beginning, as we have said, was the appearance in 50 years Rock 'n' roll. The starting point is considered to be a record of the legendary song 'Rock Around The Clock' by Bill Haley.

And soon after that, America has learned Elvis Presley Rock 'n' roll grew from the Negro rhythm-and-blues and country, was involved in the sex and drugs and had a bombshell. American society of that time was permeated Puritan morality, therefore, hardly appeared, rock and roll became the music of the band. But, despite attempts to 'smooth' drive into the frame allowed, its popularity gained such strength that had no knowledge of any one musical direction. And stop the rock movement was impossible. Elvis Presley went into the Army, Chuck Berry and Jeremy Lewis were in prison, but rock music continued to sound throughout the country and gradually seep into Europe. If in the 50 years the main focus of rock music were the U.S., in the 60's in Western Europe there was a group that managed to skillfully combine European melodic music and dynamic Negro rhythms.

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Benik Mishyev "I'll never be late, because I do not wear watches" "Time is not for sale, but bought" "I wonder if time has the time?" "Do not be ashamed to complain of fatigue? And then what do our hearts? You just Think about it! "" cat always knows how much you eat, "" I consulted with my intuition, "" A good book you have read, will be much more useful to read thousands of newspapers, "" Corruption can not be prevented, yet there are people "" We hostage our sleep, we can not even lift a finger "" I love the risk only for what it lacks even a hint of hypocrisy, "" And the problems are our problems "" If you can help better help " "Any caretaker who once wanted to become an astronaut," "You have to stroke the piano, otherwise, it will swallow you whole" "But muddy water was once clear," "Autograph Idol fans do not need more than personal business Card "" The rise in prices can be stopped only by the growth of the brain "" My music is always connected, and inseparable from the events connected with my life "" I increasingly see the Internet as a weapon of mass destruction " "Conflict is powerless only to common sense," "Cherish every drop you drink" "I always look a man straight in the eyes, all thoughts in the eyes" "I do not want to believe that there are bad books, yes, it's sad, but true" " Degree own security depends only on yourself "

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Introduction of new beautiful, romantic songs heard less and less all my life I love melodic music and nice songs: listen, play, sing, compose. But recently started noticing that I have heard of the new music share Weight is really beautiful, romantic, rhythmic songs and melodies became significantly less than before. What is wrong with the talented composers, poets and songwriters? Why? Did fail Land talents? Or maybe I just older and no longer adequately perceive modern music and songs? Or violently shoved me every step of a dubious consumer goods? And if not stalled enthusiasm among really talented composers and poets to writing of “pearls”?

And how do composing new music and songs? What can I do to good, the beautiful new music was more and that she was hearing? How to enable dozing while the potential of writing music and songs of our people? Songwriter, composer Vladimir : ask questions first myself all these questions, I – songwriter, composer Vladimir have long been asking myself as a music lover, and as a songwriter and instrumental works, and as a citizen, and, finally, as a scientist who loves to analyze, compare, to lay all on the shelves. Systematize knowledge and to act together for the prosperity of beautiful music and songs I’m sure it’s time to organize their own and others’ thoughts and knowledge to share and exchange them with a wider audience of colleagues, music lovers who are concerned by similar issues, to hear and discuss together their views and suggestions..