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The VII National Council of the PRD, to be held Friday and Saturday in Morelia, Michoacan, will be closed, the Secretary of advance communication, diffusion and Propaganda of the Party. “The media access will be exclusively at the opening of the National Council, as after that the session will be closed”, specifically in the letter sent to the press accreditation for the event. The broadcaster of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) said that during the ceremony, in a press conference informing the representatives of the media on the details of the meeting. On 19 September 1945 the opposition crowds do antiperonista March of the Constitution and Freedom
On June 4, 1943 was a military coup that overthrew President Ram n Castillo by launching what is known as the Revolution 43. Although initially the majority of political parties (except the Communist Party) supported to a greater or lesser extent to the new military government gradually began to form a broad opposition, which stresses the student movement.
In 1945, the opposition began to organize and coordinate. The task was carried out mainly by the United States ambassador, Spruille Braden, an official opposed to trade unions and supported the policy of the big stick, driving the open intervention of the United States in Latin American countries, arguing against Nazism in the years of World War II and communism in the Cold War.
The opposition focused on the complaint of the alleged condition of the Nazi government of the Argentine military and political work that was being supported by a majority of the trade union sector, and said his main criticisms against Colonel John D. Peron, then Vice-Minister of War and Secretary of Labor of the military regime.
The first coordinated action of the opposition was given the June 16, 1945 with the famous Manifesto of Commerce and Industry in which 321 organizations, led by the Stock Exchange and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce challenged the hard labor policy. The main complaint was that the business sector was creating “a climate of suspicion, provocation and rebellion, which encourages resentment and a spirit of permanent hostility and vindication.”
The trade union movement, which dominated not even open to supporting Peron, responses in defense of labor laws and the July 12 CGT organize a massive event with the theme of ‘reaction against capitalista . 3 According to radical historian Felix Luna that was the first time that workers began to identify themselves as Peronist.
Social and political polarization continued to escalate. The antiperonismo take the banner of democracy and harshly criticized the anti-democratic attitudes of their adversaries Peronism I flag as social justice and critical of contempt for the workers of their adversaries. In line with the terms of the polarization, the student movement expressed opposition to the slogan of ‘no to the dictatorship of alpargatas ” and the trade union movement has responded to” if espadrilles, books NoA. “
In mid August, I think a Democratic Coordinating Board, chaired by Ricardo Garbellini radical and composed by Justiniano Allende Posse (Centro Argentino de Ingenieros), German Lopez (Federaci n Universitaria Argentina), Bernardo Houssay (scientist), Jose Santos Golla ( rector of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral), Alejandro Lastra, Joaquin de Anchorena (Sociedad Rural Argentina), Laureano Landaburu (NDP), Juan Jose Diaz Arana (Democratic Progressive Party), the radical anti-Jose M. Cantilo and Diogenes Taboada, socialists and Nicolas Repetto Alfredo Palacios, the radical Gabriel Oddone, Carlos E. Diaz Cisneros and Gregorio Araoz Alfaro.
On 19 September 1945, the opposition appeared together for the first time with a huge rally of over 200,000 people, the March of the Constitution and Freedom, which Congress directed the Recoleta. Fifty opposition personalities led the march, including radicals Jose P. Tamborini, Enrique Mosca, Ernesto Sammartino and Gabriel Oddone, Nicolas Repetto socialist, radical anti-Jose M. Cantilo and Diogenes Taboada, the conservative (PDN) Landaburu Laureano, the Christian Democrats and Rodolfo Martinez Manuel Ordonez, the Communist Luis Reissig, the Progressive Democrat Arana Juan Jose Diaz, the rector of the UBA Horacio Rivarola.
Historian Miguel Angel Scenna says that fact by saying that:
The march was a spectacular demonstration of the strength of opposition. A long, compact mass of 200,000 people, something rarely if ever seen, covered sidewalks and driveways.
It has been said that the demonstration was mostly composed of people of middle and upper classes, which is historically indisputable, but this does not negate the historical significance of its breadth and its social political pluralism. Since this can be interpreted that one of the two halves that were dividing the town was there, but then came the march as a unit of almost all political and social forces that had operated in the country until then.
The full impact of march in the power of Farrel-Peron and unleashed a succession of military antiperonistas rioting that took place on October 8 when the military camp in May, under the command of General Edward J.

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first power of the state

executive representadopor is exercised and the president of the republic, the vice-president and ministers estado.los first two are as chosen by direct popular vote and secret, its mandate is for 5 years.The president can be reelected, unless after a period. Ministers are chosen paths by the president, and the state are ministyros-agriculture, livestock, rural development, foreign trade and investment, national defense, sustainable development and economic-development-planning education.culture and sports-government-estate-information-governmental human rights and justice-presidential-Foreign Affairs and forecasting purposes-health social-work and micro-housing and basic services. the executive yejecuta enforces the laws enacted by the legislator, has the mission of managing state assets and deliver the business of public administration. each department is in charge of the executive and the administration by a prefect appointed by the president of the republic.

Popular festivals

Popular festivals There are two flagship events of international standing in Seville held during the spring are the Easter and April Fair. It is also very popular among the citizens of Seville to attend the Roc o Pilgrimage which is held every year in the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Rocio located in the town of Almonte in Huelva province, and one of the great days for Seville , is the feast of Corpus Christi. Easter Main article: Holy Week in Seville The great strength of Seville, one of the most revered images of the Holy Week of Seville. The celebration of the various events held during Holy Week becomes one of cultural events, religious and most important art produced in the city. The Holy Week celebrations of this city are the most famous in Spain and have an international resonance in the Catholic world, making them a major tourist attraction.Holy Week is considered Visiting Museums National and International level. The processions of Holy Week for centuries are the evolution of forms, ways and means of the fraternities and sororities consist of diverse groups of people of various kinds labor or other properties where multiple factors have influenced both religious, artistic, social and historical . The station exit processional penitence or external worship is the main corporations that perform the Brotherhoods. The week runs from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday processions everyday images depicting the Passion of Christ as a whole adding some 60 fraternities.There is a General Council of Fraternities and guilds, whose members are elected every four years by the Elder Brothers of the various brotherhoods, which is responsible for organizing the Easter and to streamline procedures and agreements with official institutions and everything related to the official route. There is a whole series of items related to Holy Week in Seville as the Steps, the fraternities and sororities, the Nazarenes, the bearers and bolts. Atmosphere of a street of “Real de la Feria de Abril”. April Fair is known as Feria de Abril, one of the festivals that take place in spring, particularly in April. The Fair takes place in the district of Los Remedios and is considered Visiting Museums National level, and since 1965 as International. The Real de la Feria, consists of 24 blocks, has a surface area approximately 450,000 m2.that settle in 1047 booths, with varying sizes from one to another with a road network composed of fifteen Real street names of fighters who have been intimately linked to the city. This part of the enclosure is equipped with sufficient infrastructure to solve the problems of water connection, sewerage and electricity demanded by each of the booths in place. Coupled with the Real de la Feria, are the premises of an Amusement Park, with about 400 different rides, this park is ephemeral and is known as Calle del Infierno. The Municipal Caseta is where the activities are undertaken Protocol City and Districts each have a booth for public use, because access to the booths in most of them are limited to members of the same. The origins of the April Fair dates back to 1846 when Narciso Bonaplata, of Catalan origin, and Jos Mar a de Ybarra, of Basque origin, drafted a proposal that prompted the City Commission in Seville.In March 1847, Queen Elizabeth II granted the privilege of fair Sevilla. Some characteristic features of the April Fair are: home, lighting, stand, short dresses, flamenco dresses, Civilians, horses and carriages, beverages (such as chamomile and modern typical rebujito) cuisine (very typical the pesca to, especially at night “Alumbrao”), street of hell, bullfights, fireworks. Corpus Christi Corpus Christi in Seville is one of the most important celebrations in Seville. It is held the following Thursday on the eighth Sunday after Easter Sunday. That day the city is decked out in their best clothes and makes for a day all sibships Seville (whether of glory or sacramental penance) are united in the same procession.The procession consists of 9 steps (including those who are saints of Seville, the city patterns, the Holy Thorn and custody with The Body of Christ) and various social representations, ecclesiastical, military and political. It’s a party comsiderada national interest.


Financial services are by which people control the money around the world. The finance include loans of money, shares of companies on a global, or transnational flow of capital and trade move. The Financial Services sector, relates to a commercial activity, a provider of brokerage services relating to the scope of value creation through money. From the point of taxation, are activities that are classified in the trade. Taxed in the 1st category, based on actual income. The activities include the financial services sector are mainly: 1.Banks and Financial Institutions: Banks International, Foreign, Performances. 2. Supply and procurement of insurance: general insurance cos, Life, of credit, Brokers. 3. Fund Managers: General, Pension, Mutual, for Housing, Investment. 4.Stock Market: Bags of Trade and Securities, Brokers. 5. Other Financial Services: Factoring, Leasing, Money Exchange. The Stock Exchange or trade is a long term investment of the 144 member countries of this, which you have the ease of purchase and sale negotiations.

From the 20s

From the 20s to the 60s, in which the pen was displaced by the pen, Parker was at the top worldwide sales of writing instruments. Additionally, in order to resolve the issue with the slow drying of the ink once deposited on the paper, developed a fast-drying ink and much brighter which he called “Superchrome” which was intended to model successful Parker 51, in which advertising proclaimed “Write at once, dry spot” .- But the ink did not give the expected result, because of its greater density that soiled feathers, stuck, and the high price, leaving subsequently produce and continuing with its traditional Quink ink .- The plants were spread over many years in countries like Canada, Britain, Denmark, France, Mexico or Argentina.Parker pens were chosen to sign important documents throughout history as the armistice of World War II or the nuclear disarmament treaties between the United States. UU. and the USSR have also come to make commemorative pens, limited series and even material from space or silver from the wreck of a Spanish ship of the sixteenth century.


At present, VTR offers cable television, telephone, Internet and long distance as well as monitoring and security services called Safe House, a total of 800 thousand customers in much of the country, the second most important company and Internet Telephony Services, behind Telefonica Chile. Its most important competition Movistar TV Digital, DirecTV TV Chile and Telmex. Currently, the company is functionally organized into ten vice: Clients, Products, Operations, Logistics and Systems Engineering and Networking, Administration and Finance, Human Resources, Planning, Legal, and Corporate Communications. Geographically, the company is organized into four zonal operations: in the North (regions I to IV), Centro (parts V and VI), South (regions VII to XI) and Metropolitan.VTR currently has a cover nearly 90 of the entire country (TV), its participation in the paid TV business (December 2007) is 68 nationally and has a 20 Participation telephone business and 35 in the Internet business. The main problem is the Company’s coverage, because although poseea 90 coverage of cable TV, telephony services and broadband have a minimum coverage, and these exclusive services of the big cities and regional capitals, because Telefonica Chile has made it impossible for VTR not login to your most important business telephone service in all cities of the country. In February 2008, VTR running a massive shift in its corporate image, changing its logo and its slogan, which reads: VTR, what we like in life.In March 2008, VTR war enters a new service, again with Telefonica Chile, the so-called War of the Internet, in which the companies offered to triple the speed of their broadband connections, which was announced the same day that of Telefonica. Telef nica, so far, would be successful, because this has greater coverage and unlike VTR VTR, freed of restrictions on the system supposedly Peer To Peer (P2P), which has controlled VTR to its customers. In November 2008, doubled again VTR Internet plans starting November 4 in the municipality of San Miguel and ending its implementation on December 10 in the Providencia district. In January 2009, VTR begins its first stage of complete digitalization of cable TV service, for it the basic d-box (the Motorola DCT-700), were allowed to hire as a separate service and will be included in hiring any plan television .Then some channels with national coverage achieved by digital network like the case of ARTV, Etc. .. TV, BBC World, and other premium channels for some cities that do not come and live analog network! Sports (Single Antofagasta), ESPN (single Copiapo), Universal (Single Arica and Copiapo), Hallmark Channel (Only Arica, La Serena and Coquimbo), Boomerang (Single Arica, La Serena and Coquimbo), Evangelical TNE (only Valparaiso, Vi a del Mar and Concepcion), Via X (Only Curico), among others. This April 1, VTR out of your digital grid Retro canal, as this became truTV. However, the operator added to your grill Tooncast channel digital on Channel 254 and currently in test ManagemenTV channels and Golden, both in the signal being tested Vive! TV of cableoperadora.Tambi n added El Canal de las Estrellas, but only for customers My pack from April 7. Since May 1 is added as a premium channel on Cityvibe.Since July 8, VTR added the Playhouse Disney channel on Channel 255, the digital network. From August 1, 2009 in Curico begins the last process of digitizing the analogue switch, so from now on all TV customers will have a d-box on every TV, VTR has announced the inclusion of up 4 teams d-box core (DCT700) per customer, including free television in the plan, but so far not been realized. In October 2009 he said the channel 13C (Chile) throughout the country via d-box on Channel 215.Plan also replaces the Internet Mega 8 (of 8 Mbps limit), the Mega 15 (with limitations only 50 GB traffic per month), because the VTR is now unable to continue offering infraesctutura enough to the 8 Mbps without limit, so now only offer unlimited plans VTR connections are less than 2 and 4 Mbps, customers who already have 8 Mbps connection will not be migrated to the new plan which will be offered only to new customers, was launched The new plan would replace the Mega 18 Mega 15 (which now replaces the Mega 8 unlimited plan) with the same limitations as the plan of 15 Megabytes. This plan has been criticized by the Internet, the vast majority have fallen more than 250 GB per month (between files, music, games and navigation), so many are being urged not to purchase the Mega Plan 15 (which is included with Triple Gold pack), and / or plans to hire minors are unlimited, or find another company that can offer higher speeds indefinitely.Recently leaked information VTR estaii the limit of their service and this is a way of limiting the traffic of new customers, and that this situation could last at least 1 year, currently doing tests to update the network Fiber System Deep which the optical fiber direct to the house offering speeds up to 100 Mbps downstream and up to 60 Mbps upstream, and was tested experimentally in some neighborhoods of Calama and plans to be the ultimate solution to the lack of bandwidth in the medium term. From November 2 TyCSports back to the grid full cable after being retired from full analog cable grid in 2007 and replaced by the CDF Basic despite the claims made by customers, also add channels Gol TV , MTV Hits, MTV Jams and VH1 Soul formerly premium at no additional cost for full digital cable customers.While cable customers to light signals is being evaluated that will also be open without charge to supplement its current grid, it is rumored that could open proximanete Cinecanal (which is distributed as the base from November), FX and Fox Life (core in other operators), all at no additional cost, however this is still not confirmed. Also been added into Citystars and premium channels to pack Movie City Cityfamily however these have included expensive pack Movie City within LAPTV on premium channels. International Telefe would also soon be available in Santiago and in the north through the d-box, in the rest of the country remain in the grid channel analog. Currently offered in high definition version of Channel 13 in the channel signal 813, with 50 of its content in HD.

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