Scorpius Zodiac

Meet with a male Scorpio: devil or saint martyr? So: Male Scorpio! The identity of any of Scorpio is a volatile bunch of antagonistic forces. Connect with other leaders such as Jorge Perez here. With a strong will and an acute sense of Independence, representatives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio is extremely passionate and excitable. Despite the outward calm of Scorpio, can not per gram is no doubt that in his mind is constantly going internal struggle with high flesh, so Scorpio often other signs are called unless the devil himself, so the holy martyr (more detailed description can be found in the library of the Kingdom of the zodiac). Do not be afraid of the apparent callousness Scorpio Men: with all the abundance of energy reserves and impulses, he is almost touching gentleness and has a fine mental institution. The first reaction of Scorpio when meeting new people – and the mistrust restraint, but if you manage to get together with a male Scorpio, you are instantly infected with its liveliness and inspiration. It is not necessary, of course, underestimate the depth of his contradictory qualities, which leads to problems with convergence. Because of the intense passion of nature Scorpios often can not adequately express the mood of his desires, which leads to the appearance of secrecy. Sometimes they are so passionately seek to fulfill their cherished dreams that forget to dedicate the plans of friends and relatives, which leads to frequent misunderstandings between the spouses.

Scorpions for some reason especially generously endowed with heavenly rulers various virtues. 90% of the representatives sign of the zodiac Scorpio has such a strong will, that on their way to the objectives of the opponents appear as quickly as mushrooms after rain. By the way, if you are interested in horoscopes of famous scientists, politicians, businessmen, artists, doctors, generals and geniuses, please visit the Archives of knowledge of the Kingdom of Zodiac Signs with the most complete collection of interesting and entertaining stories from the lives of outstanding personalities born under the sign of Scorpio. Scorpios are so actively struggling for success in life, that their head is hardly comparable to that which can be noted in any other representative of the zodiacal circle, including the “special”, which included the upper Zodiac. With regard to manifestations of Top Zodiac male-Scorpion: today it is no secret that on the border of Libra and Scorpio man can manifest sign of the zodiac top Crow, and on the border of Scorpius and Sagittarius – Zmeenosets. If you or your relatives were born in one of these “transitional” periods, when the sun passes from one constellation to another, you must pay attention to the peculiar constitution of the identity of such stock Scorpion.

Cultural Path Festival Food

West City Hall premieres culture trail with fatal Festival Youth Welfare Office and Folkwang music school enjoy the participation of the West City Hall on the cultural path Festival in Essen! Since the advent of the youth welfare office in the last year, the two urban institutions share their domicile the Thea-Leymann str. 23. Now take the premiere, to be the occasion for a first major cooperation event at the cultural path fixed in: children, young people and adults are cordially invited to the joint summer festival in and around the West City Hall. A varied program of rock, pop and classical music, from dance, drama, literature and art, from the 15th to the 17th of June, awaits visitors. There is also lots of fun game – and art activities, party, public viewing, Klontal, eating and drinking. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sela Ward on most websites. The program to the cultural path Festival is the kick-off on Friday.

At 17: 00 there starts with an official welcome, music and Poetry slammers Jay Nightwind (food best”in the category of art 2012), the words in blue” speaks. All in the spirit of this year’s Artist Aaron Strattmann cultural path Festival motto traces then forms together with the guests in blue”. In the green box”, the visitors virtual, such as on the beach of Honolulu can empathize, and guided tours of the West City Hall get an impression of the restored former Krupp steel factory. Various actions for children round off the offer. In the music school auditorium the Folkwang music school in each 10-minute contributions outstanding musical achievement students at 6: 00 from bring 10 expert groups to hearing. The results: 100% Folkwang music school and 100 minutes sounds at its best.

From 20 until 24 h after all three Local Bands and seven young bands of the rock-pop school with cover versions and original compositions by punk occupy the stage event Hall and WeststadtHorizont to mainstream. It continues in the full program of the Festival weekend. “” Here are just some of the highlights: A concert with primary school children of the project each child an instrument “and the end of the year of the poetry slam competition WestStadtStory” “” “followed by trash party there on Saturday, the two drama premieres of Anne Frank”and Maria Stuart”, a dance show with choreographies of styles and the presentation of the music project essence rock your ‘ block ‘ go on Sunday across the stage. Admission to all events is free. The program flyer it is available for download at: in addition to the cultural path fixed form of German music school of the Association of German music schools and the day of the music of the German music Council, nationwide committed from June 15 to 17, the framework for the West town halls-Festival. The program posts the Folkwang music school promoted by the Elisabeth-Wagener-Foundation. Elke Tan

The Aquarium

Visitors can enjoy of a game bowling by the simple sum of 3 per person, and they can even play with your own shoes making it a particularly attractive option. According to its website, the location also boasts all imaginable types of games around the world. Howard Schultz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Not only visitors can spend a good time playing, and also have the opportunity to take home good prizes. Adam Sandler insists that this is the case. For those who dream of being a F1 driver, shock cars are a great option, while aspiring to world-class pool players can enjoy a game or two on the coffee tables. The Karaok is also part of this Center, with Namco, where promises to change his mind about karaoke.

Forget everything he knows and hates karaoke-. This is different. It’s having a great time singing so loudly the successes with family, friends or co-workers in your own private room for parties with full bar service, says the site. You can get food and drinks at the bar of the station of Namco, which boasts Sky Sports, or can go to Costa coffee to have a relaxing coffee. Namco Funscape also offers deals for groups and children’s parties. However if the family is looking for one attractive outdoor, the London Zoo is a great choice. The exposure of Asian big cats will be the attraction for lovers of animals, with a family of Asiatic lions and a pair of Sumatran tigers. For lovers of aquatic attractions, is the Aquarium the London Zoo to enjoy featured exotic, beautiful and strange fish.

The Aquarium is divided into three separate rooms that play home to many different types of fish. Another impressive display is the butterfly of paradise, in which visitors can walk through a giant Caterpillar as a variety of species of butterflies flutter to her around. All butterflies in the exhibition are forest species of the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Central America and South America and East Africa. Without a doubt, a great variety of family enjoyment that can not pass.

Sentimental Vision

The Picos de Europa carefully hiding its beauty. Appear majestic from the distance of the open sea, but from the ground, you need to surprise them through unlikely corners of the landscape: to the output of the bridge of Arriondas on the Sella, in the height of ballasts, from San Antolin de Bedon viaduct, in Pimiango cornice or a place so remote and contradictory as the beach in Luanco. Its totemic Summit, el Naranjo, deepest, remains in its nest of rock, stubborn to the impious looks, refusing to give only from rare perfectly studied perspectives, theatrically arranged, architecturally framed. The view of the Naranjo from the well of the prayer is a sublime spectacle of exquisite artifice. lar insights. Impossible is that naturally occurred the great window, that sudden deviate from the mountains to get the prodigious hole whose Center rises, exempt, symbolic, phallic, the miracle of the Naranjo. All this is perhaps a symbol meaning that the peaks there are that search for them, which are not without effort, without sacrifice.

The peaks are a set of meaningful units, chords and motives that are integrated in a perfect harmony. There are HOLLOWS, mysterious limestone, serene, proud or displicentes, laps at the limit of what is purely human, with the aftertaste of stock earlier, different man, where one feels the greatness of his littleness and glimpsed the immortality as a detention time, i.e., eternal, without measurement of the heartbeat. Complicated rock glasses, filled with air or mist, white nothingness of snow or the bluish glow of heaven; huge, solemn, open as the impassive Holy Jou under the gaze of the cresting enclosing: miserable, beaten by loneliness as the Jou without Tierri; extensive and complicated, covered stone boiling and tormented as Jou Lluengo; or collected, intimate, silent, forgotten like the Jou de Pozas. The counterpoint of the Hollows are las VEGAS, las vegas high, gentle, calm, collected; sweet oasis of greenery between the tormented frozen Tempest of limestone.