National Parks

But do not forget about that now Istria and Kvarner is one of the most famous and most visited resorts in the Adriatic, with beautifully developed tourist infrastructure. Istria has a very mild climate, even in August there is no traditional Mediterranean heat, so for families with children and the elderly, the region most favorable. Due to the abundance of pine parks Istria air is salubrious. The cases when, after a two week holiday the initial symptoms disappear completely asthma and complications from pneumonia. Special attention deserves a unique purity of the Istrian coast of the Adriatic area.

Every year the number of “blue flag” UNESCO, which is experiencing the clean beaches, increases. On the peninsula you can go to a one-day visa waiver ekukursiyu in Venice, in the presence of the Slovenian visa can take a trip to the Alps. From here you can visit two of the seven National Parks – Plitvice lakes and archipelago Brijuni. Special mention deserves cuisine of Istria, famous for its prosciutto (to explain the taste is very difficult, you just need to try), feta cheese, seafood and most tender lamb. Located exactly halfway between the North Pole and the Equator, Istria is a rare example of the golden section in nature, in all or almost all achieving harmony. There is no better climate than here. In July and August, when the entire Mediterranean region is melted by the heat, to Istria is easy to breathe consistently.

Conveyor Belts Stoll – New Logistics And Water Jet Centre

Water jet cutting Center successfully on the market placed the conveyor belts Stoll GmbH in the spring of 2008 started on a 7,000 m plot of land to build a 1,500 m large logistics and production hall. In the meantime, successfully two water jet cutting machines are operated. A third plane is already done and going to mid September 09 in operation. The total investment amounted to over EUR 2 million. Pfullendorf. The conveyor belts Stoll GmbH deals with all questions related to the conveyor, wear protection and drive technology for over 30 years. Through the consistent development of business policy, the company has become a leading niche player in this area. In the spring of 2008, the Executive Board decided for the construction of a production centre and other logistics.

The logistics processes including the corresponding material flows have been rescheduled fundamentally to efficiently operate the new water steel cutting machines. Compared to the old logistics and the process costs by more than 25% have improved production plant. The green-field planning, which was carried out by the logistics and organisation consulting LOGO TEAM made us logistical opportunities, reports Managing Director Michael Stoll. The two new machines work with a water pressure of 6,000 bar. Compared to the conventional waterjet cutting systems with 4,100 bar, this means an increase in the pressure to 45%.

The cutting beam is accelerated as a result almost on the four times speed of sound. Regardless of the material or the thickness of the material, this cutting beam solves each processing task in up to 50% increased cutting speed. The cutting tolerances of +/-0.04 mm are impressive and allow editing a variety of materials such as metal, stone, wood, glass, rubber, plastics, foams, composites u.v.m. Even with material thickness, no thermal stress on the material is up to 180 mm. Another advantage of the facilities is in the work table size of 7200 mm to 2,000 mm to see because so large and bulky components can be edited easily. We have won within a year of new customers from diverse industries and will strengthen the expansion of this business field with high-pressure Gerd Stoll knows how to report. The total costs can be reduced with a 6,000 cash investment by up to 30% per work piece against known 4,100 bar systems. Still, Michael Stoll stressed that the precession is amazing, because the machines with one or several DWJ cutting heads (dynamic waterjet) are equipped and not occur E.g. taper as well as. This offers the customer part accuracy even at the high cutting speeds. Thanks to the DWJ cutting heads are possible to 8 bevel cuts. The family business is run by the Managing Director GERD, Stefan and Michael Stoll in the second generation conveyor belts Stoll GmbH. The services provided by the company range from advice to implementation requirements a wide variety of wasteland in the area of materials handling and wear protection technology, conveyor belts made of rubber and PVC, conveyor spares, custom-made rubber products. Well-known companies like ALNO, Liebherr, GEBERIT, BASF, BOSCH, SHW, GF, STADLER, SCHENCK, MAG + MOHR, Merk AG, Holcim among the clientele for years. Company contact Michael or GERD Stoll conveyors Stoll GmbH to the Neidling 37/1 D-88630 Pfullendorf Zell A.a.. phone: + 49-7552/4004-0 fax: + 49-7552/4004-10 E-Mail: Internet: logistics / organization consulting Dipl.-Ing./Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Martin Stoll LOGO TEAM consultant for logistics and organization Rathausstrasse 12 D-20095 Hamburg phone: +49(0)40-46 00 48 55 fax: +49(0)40-46 00 48 48 E-Mail: Internet: