Dry Saloon Car – How To Exercise

It is unlikely that someone will argue that it is pleasant to be in a clean and neat inside the car. The new vehicle will be no difficulty to show off his entourage. But what will happen with the new car a year or two? With regular use, vehicles in need of proper care, a different attitude to the consequences of misuse their cars will be clearly manifested. Ugly image of the cara consequence of neglect. None However, the outer part are not going to touch it, and focus on the auto showroom.

It’s no secret that over time in the cabin of a new vehicle there are: spots and abrasions. Thus, the spots may appear on the headliner, door mats. Dry cleaning shop in such a case is inevitable. Dry cabin could well return the interior of the vehicle as to the accuracy, decent and pure mind. However, as execute it? In fact, a similar question now is not a problem with the answer. In our time, the car owner to help in a hurry to reach a large number of carcare services that offer dry cleaning services salon car on a professional basis.

Without a doubt, this procedure requires a certain amount of money. Yet somehow it seems that money is not the main reason why some car owners from using specialized services for dry cleaning the cabin. It is not excluded that in this case, the car owner just wants to trust no one drycleaning interior of your car. Problems in this situation either. Indeed, in our time offers huge selection of cosmetics and automotive cleaning products specifically for dry cleaning. This article will not be called the names of individual drugs or brands. But if you’re interested, you can see some practical advice in the article “Dry Cleaning vehicle interior with their own hands.” It should be noted that the means of cosmetics for dry cleaning the car interior are sorted by species. Some funds are used for cleaning products The interior is made of plastic, othersfor dry cleaning of fabrics, carpets, and othersto kozhzama and skin. Also, not to spoil the interior of his ‘iron horse’ to precisely follow the instructions on use of funds for dry cleaning. For example, do not tell you how using cleaning plastic parts can easily erase the paint. What is not quite right. So you should always read the instructions Uses a variety of means for dry cleaning the car, and then execute them properly. And it never hurts to pick up and test the experimental stuff on it first selection means for Dry the car.

Motor Oil Castrol

Recommended by the readily available Motor Oil Castrol 5W30 and Mobil 5W30, as well as spare parts for Korean cars are relatively inexpensive, so that in this position, "Daewoo Nexia" in second place. 5.I finally kuzov.Zdest considered production quality, convenience landing, the landing, the functionality of the boot and the other I – 'Peugeot 106' II – 'Skoda Felicia' III – 'Daewoo Tico' IV – 'Daewoo Nexia' V – 'VAZ 21 093 Baltic' VI – 'Fiat Uno,' VII – 'VAZ 2110 'Thanks netransformiruemu trunk' Daewoo Neksiya'okazalas as much as it perhaps the fourth meste.No the only inconvenience for a car of this class. Overall, the findings are as follows: At the end of the expert evaluation sites as follows: I – 'Daewoo Nexia' II – 'Skoda Felicia' III – 'Peugeot 106' IV – 'VAZ 21 093 Baltic' V – 'Daewoo Tico' VI – 'FIAT- Uno 'VII -' VAZ 2110 ' Few people remain indifferent huge trunk and a powerful motor "Nexia". Discarding all vysokomudrye, glubokonauchnye category and evaluation, I chose the biggest and possibly secure a car from the above- "Daewoo Nexia." And some of it not zhaleyu.Chtozh, for the money machine itself completely opravdyvaet.Nebolshoy fuel consumption, good ground clearance dinamika.Nizky compensated by placing reinforced rubber spacers under rear pruzhiny.Hotya experts say you can put the rear springs from "Daewoo Espero", they always wind up completely podhodyat.Avtomobil in any weather, on the road itself is predictable and easily without the undesirable syurprizov.Seychas 30 000 range and so far no problems, just invest in an upgrade: music, Shumkov doors, Xenon, etc. But its shortcomings easy perekryvayutsya its advantages: not whimsicality, price, practicality. In general in Overall dovolen.Rekomenduyu all. And finally, a small and very important piece of advice, taken from my repair manual "Daewoo Nexia". Virtually all the instructions to the vehicle recommended by the engine is started stseplenie.Eto squeeze is justified only when a hard frost, so do not waste energy accumulator, or to the car did not move, if forgetfulness is included peredacha.Etot reception is bad for the engine, since the depressed adhesion through a thrust bearing on the crankshaft is transmitted considerable effort, and start-up (especially cold) lubricant to him not long postupaet.Podshipnik quickly wears out, gets the crankshaft centerline backlash begins to drive off accompanied by a strong vibration with all the posledstviyami.Chtoby not damage the engine, take the habit of checking before the start of the shift lever position and let engine when parking brake is tightened, squeezing the clutch is not without extreme necessity.

Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicle – is one of the most important elements of the car, with the exception of the body. Remember the following when buying a motor vehicle for: Diesel engines are durable and economical than gasoline, but more and more demanding of the fuel. Especially for the content of water in it, which can lead to fatal consequences for the motor, as the water, connecting with the information contained in diesel fuel sulfur forms compounds with sulfuric acid. To prevent this should be regularly added to the fuel additives that bind the water and regularly change the fuel filter. Diesel engines have to pass only high-quality repair Carburettor Engines are easy to maintain, but it should be borne in mind that some models of carbs found in some brands of cars are very complex and require extensive expertise in the repair Injection much more reliable engines carburetor, less toxic and less capricious in operation, but they are sensitive to fuel quality. Engines equipped with a catalytic converter is very demanding a lack of fuel ethyl inclusions Turbocharged engine is a separate category of automobile engines. Recommendations for the maintenance of such engines are reduced to the strict control over the level and quality of motor oil. These engines are more powerful than its atmospheric counterparts, but they have large fuel appetite and require regular maintenance Causes of premature engine wear internal combustion engine main external factors that cause wear in cylinders, pistons and piston rings are dust, unsteady regimes.

Diffusion Gas

Installing LPG equipment for cars and trucks today remains the best alternative for those who prefer to ride a cheaper fuel – gas. In addition to more affordable Gas, HBO has other important advantages. Here are just some of them: – in general the use of LPG equipment greatly reduces engine wear. – Installation of LPG equipment is not means that now the car will ride only on gas. If necessary, you can toggle away from gas to petrol and vice versa. – Almost all the elements of gas-cylinder equipment can easily be reinstalled on another car, and they shall serve for a long time. – How to install the LPG equipment takes only a few hours.

– On one filling of gas-cylinder equipment you drive twice the distance than the corresponding gasoline. In general, gas fuel is a bit cheaper, more practical and more environmentally friendly fuel! "Very often people ask, 'Why put gas in the car?". Two main reasons. The first reason – that is, of course, the savings (Gas is much cheaper than gasoline), and the second reason – it's the purity of the fuel itself, not only in terms of exhaust, but also for the car. Also, the gas is much higher octane number, the order of 110-115, which is especially important for vehicles that use high-octane gasoline. When the engine runs smoother, softer ignition is less load on the piston group, which, respectively, increases engine life. " KEY BENEFITS OF OIL GAS TO FUEL Savings. Anti-knock resistance.

The octane number of gas – 103-105, which virtually eliminates detonation engine parts. This advantage of the gas may be especially true for engines with high compression, high-octane-consuming (and expensive) gasoline. The absence of catalysts, metal fracture. Gas does not contain harmful substances (lead, sulfur) that are destroying the chemical level details of the combustion chamber catalytic converter and Lambda probe (to be run much longer, and they – not cheap) Diffusion. Gas is easily mixed with air and a uniform homogeneous mixture fills the cylinders, so the engine runs smoother and quieter. The gas mixture is burned almost completely, and therefore does not form carbon deposits on pistons, valves and spark plugs. The stability of the aggregate state. The gas enters the engine in the vapor phase, so it does not wash off the oil film with the cylinder wall and not dilute the oil in the crankcase. The rate of combustion of the mixture. Gas burns a little slower than gasoline, which reduces the load on the piston group and the crankshaft, the engine runs 'softer'. Environmentally friendly. The content of harmful substances in the exhaust is reduced by several times.