The Green Meditation

Humans act on the culture in which we were brought up. because I realized that when I am healthy in my body I do not meditate, but I get sick soon becomes the most important moment of my existence. Holistic education led me to find a new threshold in my served as a bridge between what we thought was and my true reality, all spiritual teachings have helped change my life and learn to enjoy it all fullness. Every individual on this planet is special and unique, no two people alike and that is demonstrated through our fingerprints, something that science has not proven yet but that the philosophy of antiquity has taught for thousands of years is that our energy passes through the center of the heart to the world in a way that involves our personal pattern enjoy life more fully, one hundred and I live every moment, and I do not expect to take some commitment and workload to enjoy life, live every day. Every day I break more with meditation that leaves inside me amazing results, and has become a great need in my existence. As far as possible continued with my walk in the morning or afternoon, in the green countryside, enjoying every one of the things that nature gives us, enjoying it and feeling a part of myself. There are several changes I’ve noticed to date, I am now more organized, more organized in my work, at home, at school etc. I always have been but what I am doing now strikes me that makes me feel happy, in order, quiet, but mostly very peaceful.


It would seem difficult to imagine a subject that would be easier than the door. Sash, door hinges, handle and lock – that there can be complex? But when it comes to installing the door in your own home or office, it appears that things are not so simple. Firstly, there are many types of doors, and to understand them – not an elementary task for the layman. There are doors and interior doors of buildings, entrances, offices, apartments, offices, front doors and back door, special doors – automatic, fire-proof, hermetically sealed (eg, laboratories, especially clean production and operating in a hospital) and so on and so forth. And every kind of door its functions and its own specifics.

Doors are made from different materials and vary in design. And it is very important to make the right choice to ensure reliable protection of the premises and at the same time not to harm their architectural and aesthetic qualities. In today's market is huge selection of doors, and navigate in this sea of proposals is very difficult. Domestic and foreign manufacturers of doors compete with each other and actively promote their products, but usually silent about its shortcomings. And most importantly for the consumer – it is objective information. The question arises – where to get? And here comes to the aid Internet. In addition to the sites belonging to manufacturers and suppliers of doors, in the network, there are Web resources on all aspects of the acquisition, installation and maintenance of doors. These resources do not prefer any particular firm, and offer accurate and objective information.

One such resource – an online forum designed specifically to discuss issues such as selection, acquisition and installation of doors, repairs and maintenance, door fittings, castles and much more, which is associated with a door theme. This web resource is called – DveriForum. He has a backbone of participants who are familiar with the subject, and anyone can ask in this forum his concerns pertaining to door, and quickly get the answer. In different sections DveriForum communicate as novices in the door theme, as well as specialists, as well as people who had to deal with problems and issues that are associated with the selection, installation and door service. They managed to successfully solve these problems and issues, and now they are ready to share experiences with others. Is on the site and message board on the door, where you can meet for sale of doors and services to their installation and maintenance, as well as submit your ad as a proposal of services and to find the best deals. Without exaggeration we can say that DveriForum can learn almost everything about the doors – at least, more than at other specialized sites. Amount of useful information is constantly growing. And your participation in the forum will be very valuable, regardless of whether you want to ask a question or answer.