Max Martins

Inside of the same book, Max elaborates others ways of if expressing poeticalally. One of these is what we will call &#039 here; ' poems descritivos' ' , that is, those poems in which the author if worries in constructing to the poetry showing beautiful images of an object or any another thing, as if made a painting with the words or took off a photograph of an angle that cannot be seen if not by means of the poem. Inside of this category we place poems as: ' ' Home' ' , ' ' 1958' ' , ' ' Lgrima' ' ' ' New flor' ' , but, valley to remember that the attempt to classify poems in this way alone is validates of the point of view of the study of the same ones, a time that some ways, or techniques, used for the poet costumam if to mix in poems, then, hardly will have some that is representative only of an aesthetic-estilstico resource. These verses ' ' Areatarde was shipwrecked in lead and rubra tip of leves if it left: /The independent autumn if despregava' ' of ' ' 1958' ' , they portray everything well what we try to say in the previous paragraph. In them it is possible to notice as Max Martins obtains to use the image of one afternoon of autumn to construct an artistic beautiful text. In ' ' 1958' ' the words of the poet seem to assume the role of the lenses of a very necessary photographer, the point to obtain to portray the moment accurate where a leaf is gotten loose of the tree, and make this without if forgetting to portray, as in a plan of deep, clouds lead color, typical of an autumn landscape. Interesting to observe as the author it obtains to create a great metaphor, therefore the poem all seems to be one ' ' alegoria' ' on the impossibility of the man to go against the forces of the nature, or a demonstration of as this is part of this, exactly without ' ' filosofar' ' or ' ' idealizar' ' much on such things, it only shows what it happens, as makes a director of cinema when counting a history, some times, only for the images that it captures with the camera.