Tula Accordion

The new tool is a two-row harmonica with a full chromatic scale and not with the family, and with 12 sounds. A new chromatic harmonica has turned unusually melodious and beautifully decorated. Shop Musical Instruments chromatic harmonic invention and creation of the orchestra are interested in some representatives of foreign firms. Kalb – on behalf of the Austrian company urged ni Beloborodov sell the patent for his invention. But being a true Russian patriot, he flatly refused to do so, even despite the difficult financial situation. Subsequently, with the chromatic harmonica systems Petersburg musician A.F.Orleansky- named ‘accordion’. At the end of the Civil War begins in the collective farm co-operative artisans to produce different harmonics. The first such gang was organized hormones master ap in Tula in 1922.

In 1930, the construction of the harmony of the factory started becoming a new form of enterprise for the production of harmonics. As a result, it has cooperated about six thousand people. In early 1943 based on the collective farm ‘Tula harmony’ was organized by the trade school to prepare the workforce for music production. Their desks then boarded the first 250 boys and girls. Six months later, the number of students doubled. The kids had to learn the profession builders, naklepschikov, tuners musical instruments, to become the successor of the glory of Tula craftsmen-masters of folk arts and crafts. Tula bayans proven an excellent tool.

Much attention was paid to their external finish. Shell veneer, then paste in the form of a set of different wood, then covered as armor, a metal ornament. The folds of fur flowed from some that the dark blue, then purple, or raspberry satin. In the hands of musicians such instruments looked especially bright and expressive. However, up to 60, the output of accordion and harmony was of uncoordinated. At the same time in Tula is a factory for the manufacture of metal products for a variety of musical instruments. Quite naturally there was an association of these enterprises. In 1963, a musical instrument appeared brand name combining ‘Submit’. The company team has sought to satisfy the most discriminating tastes of not only fans but also musicians. For high quality musical instruments Exhibition Committee enema said his product silver and bronze medals. New economic relations in the country in the early 90’s impact on the activity of a unique enterprise.

By 1993, production of accordion and harmonics are virtually ceased. But the workers’ collective found strength to revive traditional craft. Having in 1998 through bankruptcy, restoring solvency and returning his historical name ‘Tula accordion’ the company started to restore livelihoods. To this end, had to re-create all communication. However, the most complex was re-assemble the masters and to attract young people to develop the rare occupations that are not ready virtually anywhere. Today ‘Tula Accordion’ is not only preserved the range of manufactured products, but extends it by implementing design and technological development. Continuity in preservation of folk traditions will create a unique musical instrument – an accordion-new ‘Russia’, which in 2001 received a patent. The full range of company products ‘Tula accordion’ is available on the Internet store musical instruments Baston.

Thickest Dogs

Yes, your dog will be very glad you come home, but a second later it can turn around and also happily run for kindness to a stranger. These dogs, as adults, retain puppy obedience and playfulness, while the other dogs of their peers are already self-confident adults psami. is completely devoid of immaturity, are interesting for their ability to make independent decisions. But you as the owner of a special joy will not deliver, they will treat you just condescending. Growing up, they may become too independent and even opasnymi.Kak always need a happy medium – not too infantile and not overly self-confident, independent dog. Here's one you should find when you go to choose a small puppy. This puppy is not always possible to find, as I have said port town dogs and even belong to a steep rock does not mean that you can with your eyes closed, take any puppy from a litter and you will grow a serious dog. Avoid the puppy with a pedigree, they need only breeders, and a piece of paper that you then set aside away on a shelf, will cost a pretty penny. Modern breeders focus too much on the appearance of dogs (such as scars, give rise to underestimate of dogs) and do not give values of the working dog qualities. Take your puppy from someone you parents, even better from .Esli you believe in the good qualities of their parents, take your puppy early, choose the thickest and brisk than before you take, the more he will be tied to you.

Quality Time with Children

Alexis Fernando Jimenez She clung to the agenda with their hands, as if it were a lifeline amid a turbulent surf. She wept copiously. Unstoppable. The tears ruined her make-up, whose remains were evident in the wet and reddened cheeks. a “My husband and I met” said, heartbroken. Harold, our son is living with a terrible situation in prison.

He is accused of theft. He did it with their friends, young people like el.a “breathed deeply, for brief moments. We can not explain why it works well. My husband and I are awake at work, even without rest, and you look at the situation in which we find ourselves. to silence, broken only by fits of inconsolable crying. When vented, talking a bit about the problem. Lorena is professional accountant.

Ramiro, her husband is a lawyer. They agreed to work to give your child all the amenities that they would have liked as a child. They left the boy under the care of an employee. When they reached the office, the child usually slept. For this reason the few Sundays they were free, the advantage going for a walk with Harold. a-It seems that our efforts proved futile “repeated Lorena with a hint of disappointment. a Where the problem arises? a If we find a solution to the crisis of households, whose parents do not know what to do, it is necessary to check two things: first, what kind of training we are providing, and secondly, that degree of approach to our children.

Continuous Market

Both indices of stock market of Madrid are 35 Ibex and the Continuous Market. Every day there are thousand of mediantes transactions these indices in the Palace of Stock-market of Madrid. Stock-market of the Continuous Market works like any market of values where the companies become public companies. You mean that they pass to be organizations deprived, controlled by a single proprietor or society to become an organization with thousands of real owners. The company sells small parts of its integrity to obtain capital to reinvert in the own business. Each action can be bought and be sold freely.

Stock-market of Madrid was inaugurated the 20 of October of 1831, with his first session in the Consulate of the Square of the Angel. It just by began 5 agents for change and with sessions of only 3 hours, noon until the 3 of afternoon. In the 1989 he is when the index of stock market of the Continuous Market was abri, mediantes a called system Computer Assisted Training System”. It happened of that initial system to the one best one in the 1992, facilitating liquidation and compensation of values and annotation in account. Finally this system happened to another call SIBE, at this moment multiplied the number of transactions. To today, with the massive expansion of Internet it is very easy to buy and to sell action.

The call Day Trading” it has exploded in recent years with the births of so many systems online to make pursuit, to buy and to sell in the market. Many banks also offer a service of brker” next to its other products, allowing the client to operate in stock market with extreme facility. Stock-market of the continuous market takes a variety of companies of extreme importance like Bank BBVA, ENDESA, Banco Santander, Antenna 3 and many others.