Everyday Show

Man is born for the purpose, it is not known. With the birth place for him prepare, put brand standards, and further along the line his life, he comes with full confidence that he is alive – as it should be … asked the man who He – he would call his profession, that for him, freedom – would call a political way of life of their country, that life – a period of time. Suppose that for him it will be a segment of infinity, but it does not look like it takes place – both on the riverbed, quickly and without stopping, and all of herself that he is – a slave of everyday life. Talking about the everyday, I mean sketchy most people's lives in any of its period – whether young people or a weekday. One has only to think about what it means for meaning of the word person, and can be frustrating – the flesh and blood, soul sold, instead of pupils icons currencies. Should not stand in this death trap! It's time to start learning yourself, and show that you – not the morally decaying society under the pressure of the body and personality, which makes extensive use of the gift of thinking and feeling! For that you would not have come from – for a brush, pencil, camera – in fact anywhere there is a piece of you, from which we can do, by which you can involve yourself. That is, if you took up the violin, has achieved something, and have heard of others playing violin, can you say that you also put something of themselves, their sparkle, part of the soul … If you decided to show itself in the light of your own art, creativity, write and send me the fruits of their labors to come in or look at the harvesting site, which will include your work. Good luck!

Active Listening

For example, after we raised a serious problem is not advisable to use expressions like you preocupesu Eno, the world we problemasu ethod …- Using expressions of empathy, such as: eme I situacionu your account, epuedo asiu understand that you feel … It should be clarified to show empathy toward the partner does not mean agreeing with him. It is simply to acknowledge that he has grounds to act as act or feel how it feels. For example, one can understand that in a situation of extreme tension, a co-worker slapped pull an object from his table, but understand the fact that reaction does not mean you have our approval and therefore together with a commentary on the stating that it understood their reaction would be one that disapproves express its action .- Active Listening: The ability to listen with understanding and care, that is, being attentive to what we are communicating. Active listening is an effort to understand, as subtly as possible, what people are saying, and that this will be evident to them. There are different ways to perform this active listening – Clarifying Show interest .- .- .- Parafrasear.yPor Summarize what and for what?: – Because the person who feels heard feel accepted and comfortable .- Because you are giving information that you are listening and encourages you to continue to communicate .- Because you can afford to get to the bottom of the problems .- Because if you listen is more likely you hear .- Because you are minor conflicts and improve the social climate .- For model shows a communication skill that will be observed and possibly imitado.yCuando?: – When they show desire to want to tell us something .- When We wish to encourage the other person talks .- When we want to meet someone or know what the problem .- When we report what they see as very important .- When faced aggressive feelings and words and we want to decrease .- When we want to calm you and create a positive relationship .- When we are communicating or reporting something and stops or shows signs of wanting hablar.yComo: 1.

Cable TV

Application: power transmission and distribution in statsionarnyx ustanovkax at rated voltage of 0.66 kV and 1 kV, 50 Hz, single-core cables are used in setyax DC. For laying in the ground (transheyax) pomescheniyax, tunnelyax, kanalax, shaxtax (except for installation in blokax), as well as open vozduxe if the cable is not exposed to considerable tensile forces, but there is a danger mexanicheskix damage during operation. Cables AVBbShv brands are self-extinguishing when a single gasket. Cables mark AVBbShng, AVBbShzng are self-extinguishing when laying in puchkax. Cables are used to mark AVBbShzng electrical power supply, cables trebuyuschix seals during commissioning electrical equipment.

Specifications: – Type of climatic performance of cables and UXL T, allocation category 1 and 5 according to GOST 15150-69 – Operating temperature range from -50 C to +50 C – Relative humidity at vozduxa temperatures up to +35 C up to 98% – Laying and installation of cables without preheating is performed at temperatures below -15 C – Minimum bend radius for cabling odnozhilnyx – 15 naruzhnyx diameters of cables mnogozhilnyx – 7.5 naruzhnyx diameters. – Rated frequency – 50 Hz – Test AC 50 Hz (test duration 10 min.): The voltage of 0.66 kV – 3 kV to 1 kV – 3.5 kV Long-term allowable temperature heating cables lived in operation: +70 C maximum permissible temperature of the heating wires in the short-circuit tokax: +160 C short-circuit should not exceed 4 with valid heating cables lived in an emergency mode, no more than +80 C. The duration of the cables in an emergency should not be more than 8 hours a day, but no more than 1,000 hours of life. – Build the cables to cross osnovnyx lived: 2.5 -16 mm2 – 450 m 25 -70 mm2 – 95 mm2 300 m and above – 200 m – The service life of 30 years – Warranty period – 5 years from the date of the cable entry into service codes OKP 35 2222 41 – Cable AVBbShv 0.66 kV 35 3771 57 – Cable AVBbShv at 1 kV 35 3771 09 – Cable AVBbShng, AVBbShzng 1 kV

Caring For Your Car Tires

Caring for your car tires Car tires – are the most important link between the vehicle and the road. It is therefore very important to keep tires in good condition and replace them using special equipment. Tire size at their first assembly on the car is determined by the designers themselves tire manufacturers of cars and taking into account all the nuances of operation. When replacing the tires should not change their size, type, load index and speed without the help of professionals. 1. Tyre pressures should be noted in the instruction manual for your car, and marked on your car. The pressure value refers to the cold tires, it should not fall below.

Bus in a heated state, for example, as a result of driving have high blood pressure. Do not let hot air out of tires, or the pressure falls below normal. Necessary to check the tire pressure in their cold state every 14 days. If the pressure is too low, the bus can get warm and internal injuries. High-speed tread can peel off and the tire may burst. Hidden tire damage is not corrected, bringing the pressure falls to the desired level 2.

Runs over the curb slowly and carefully and if possible, at right angles. Do not run into high and sharp-angled curb or other object as it is can lead to visible damage to the bus, which will cause problems later on – the bus may break at higher speeds. 3. Regularly check the tires for the presence of such lesions, which can penetrate into the depth of the tire, and well as for cuts, tears or hernias. Foreign objects can damage the tire from the inside. Have your tire dealer or other specialist will check whether the tire repaired. If the tire repair is not possible, replace the tire. Damaged tires may burst. 4. Never install in your car used tires, whose previous operating conditions are unknown to you. And remember that tires age, even when not in use, or use a little. If Your reserve is not used for several years, you should use it only when needed and drive with extreme caution. 5. Regularly check tire tread depth of your car. Make sure that the bus comply with the depth of the tread. The optimal variant sodezhat tires of your car in perfect condition – regularly stop off at the tire and diagnose all-wheel drive