Michael King

But in the end, as says did not happen. Does not it sound familiar? Prose of modern life is that almost one in three marriages ends in divorce. It is not surprising that in 35-40 years a woman is not married. Growth of selfish desire and the example of others lead a woman to the decision to live as one. Restaurants, clubs, parties. People such as Vanessa Marcil would likely agree. Do you need something else? The fact that such a rotation does not bring happiness, showed director Michael King in the popular American film 'Sex and the City'. The film shows the life of the modern woman who is trying to find themselves without a man, but ultimately feels loneliness and disappointment. On the other hand, we see a man who before the actual wedding unfolds car and decides to cancel the wedding.

Why is this happening? So what does a woman want? And that does not get a man to be happy? The greatest desire for sex – is the most powerful driving force in the world. And spiritual the root of sex – is a spiritual force, which in its disclosure of a person fills partners, bringing them to the spiritual pleasure. This is a manifestation of human nature lies at the heart of our lives. And because of Kabbalah gives this phenomenon of great importance, because sex gives us life, movement, distribution, development. Male and female forces combined, lead to the unity of nature, to unite, to a system of relationship in general. With the development of our civilization, we lost sense of this relationship.

Concerts and Galas

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