Need Crankcase

Only in the middle left untouched area. And, okay to put a warning that the pit and could not go, so they put a piece of cardboard on top and poured the sand. In short, nothing was visible. It ended up very sad. I flew into this pit, well, that the machine fell directly on the protection, or do not know what would.

And so, escaped with only splash guards and ripped wing flaps, which until then fasten himself for half an hour. So that the protection of our open spaces is a must. Crankcase protection for our roads – this is essential! To rid yourself of problems, Need to prepare for them beforehand because miser pays twice. Do not rely on the ‘maybe’ Put the crankcase! And here in front of you there is a problem of choice! Now there are many manufacturers who can buy protection crankcase. But how to make the right choice while saving time? There are two types of protective casing – metal and composite. Metal protection crankcase, in turn, are steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Manufacturers of metal protection and there were a great many such protection for a long time, about 10 years ago.

Composite crankcase manufactured in St. Petersburg and the relatively widespread recently. Detailed description of the steel protective casing can be found online at the manufacturers’ websites. The main advantage of steel protection – is the price. At their manufacturing uses ordinary sheet steel, so Steel Protection cheapest. They look like this: aluminum protection are significantly more expensive because the cost of aluminum is higher than that of ordinary steel sheet.

LCD Camera

At present, due to the large increase in the number of cars, the camera in the car is indispensable for the automobile owner in the city. But not for every car provides full-time rear-view camera with markings, and even more rare is a rear view camera, a part of the car and set it by the manufacturer. The main features of the universal car cameras Rear View markings are functionality and quality. Can be installed in any car is absolutely easy parking and reversing both novice and experienced drivers. Installing car camera rear-view allows you to get rid of the perennial problem of parking the car. Unlike other technologies, such as parking sensors, back-up camera shows everything space behind your car. Image quality from the rear view camera is displayed on the central monitor located on the front panel or on a special rear-view mirror, complete with LCD-monitors.

Car rear view camera designed for convenient parking while reversing. Quickly installed on cars of all models in the following locations in the cabin under the rear glass, a trunk lid or in the case rear bumper. Back-up camera automatically transmit the image when you turn on the back of the transfer. When choosing a rear view camera must be guided by the following criteria: the angle of the camera, the camera matrix, sensitivity to light and the setting. Universal rear-view camera are shockproof, dustproof and waterproof casing, designed for large operating temperature range. Use car rearview camera is an excellent addition to parking sensors. An important advantage of the rear view camera – is the lack of need for intervention in the on-board vehicle network and easy installation products. By installing a car reversing camera, you get an excellent overview and image quality in difficult road conditions, built-in automatic backlight improves visibility at night, and parking lines will safely maneuver in reverse.

House Kindergarten

There is quite a significant problem faced by parents – poor diet in kindergarten. In fact, it is bad can not be, it simply not the same as at home, and it is natural. We must ask the teacher to child is not forced to eat if he does not want the baby and most likely he has a 2-day 3 will have everything you put on a plate. Psychologists say that often lead to them children who have difficulty with the first days of school due to the fact that they are not accustomed to working in teams, consider the opinion of other children to give and share. And sometimes vice versa: baby breakfast.

There is another plus in attendance of a kindergarten child: there is not just learning to paint, sculpt, read, socialize, and learn to be independent. Of course, much better if the modern kindergarten may private and small, where each child is given maximum attention. When communicating with other children a child learns to argue and defend their opinions, he learns to find his true friends. Nursery provides a good school of life. sick with something. In spite of all the possible measures taken by the parents, the child goes for 2-3 days in kindergarten, then certainly ill.

Experts claim that this happens to those children who have a weak psychological preparation and are very hard to tolerate the absence of constant parental care. Most often these are children whose parents are constantly afraid for them, giving them their own. These children are usually very anxious, behavioral problems in kindergarten, with the inability to get used to it better to educate at home, not to undermine the psyche at an early age. Parents should understand that kindergarten, even the best, not a substitute family, and only complements it. This means that the main problem in the education of children continues to lie to their parents, and they are primarily responsible for the child for his proper development. Kindergarten serves as a good assistant, but no more. necessary pedagogical tact and a lot of patience. Understanding the need also to parents who seek to produce a baby in the nursery. The only thing you can not do – is to apply to a child no strict exposure. It is better to proceed slowly, gradually, to teach, to praise, to help, but do not punish. Let kindergarten is a kid more and more good emotions – he will walk into it like a holiday. If parents music lessons or to prepare for school. Necessarily need to help your child find a common language with their peers – it is a prerequisite for its future normal development. material provided the site of the private child Garden 'Bringing Down the House'

Garages On The Roof – Simple, Safe As Well As Comfortable

If you love to ride in his car, often go on business trips or move out of bizesu with his family to the cottage, then a problem that provides a small car trunks, you are not familiar hearsay. Sadly, almost all car manufacturers reduce the trunks, preferring to add space in the cabin, and many supporters have to travel radically solve the problem: Replace your means of transportation. However, there is a way easier and more affordable in price – to buy a separate rack, which fasten to the roof of the car. These durable, modern and, importantly, the rather large expansion cargo area, referred to as auto boxes, or short – car boxes. What is so practical garages? Excellence, which gives the traveler the additional trunk for a car lot.

For a start, it's additional space cargo bay. Installed on the roof car garages, you can significantly increase its volume of transported goods is considered twice. You, of course, interested in the extent to secure your cargo placed in the trunk as well as an additional extent is securely attached to the roof boxes? Because the data is auto racks are made from advanced materials using advanced technologies, the level of strength is such that you can not put fear in them, even the "naughty" in the transport of goods: machinery, glass, or music. Tools. Fasteners deserves particular praise: fixed roof racks just as well as very firmly. Only a few minutes you will need in order to reincarnate passenger city car in a well-equipped transportation for long trips.

Its streamlined shape, which have everything luggage boxes, does not worsen the aerodynamics of the car. Garages are not dangerous high speed, and even those nasty accident, like the beating of branches or stones strikes. And finally, you need to send their views on comfort transport and packing of luggage: like a suitcase, luggage car allow you to always have the necessary things at hand. What kind of garages to choose from all? For example, you finally decide to buy avtobagazhnik, but variety of models, shapes, and options such that make the final choice difficult? Let's try with you to understand this. In fact, the abundance of species – this is not an attempt to confuse the customer, and the desire give everyone the opportunity to find a suitable model of the trunk. For example, if you encounter a need for transportation of goods impressive, you need to boot with a capacity of more than five hundred liters. But for transportation of ski and snowboard equipment garages form is far more important than size: long, use the special boot to ski. For the most valuable goods are designed reinforced racks, boxes, made of particularly strong material and secured by special secure locks. In addition to travel by car you love to walk and bike? So you need a bike rack or special attachment, secure locking your bike on the roof of the car. However, if you are using velokreplenie, you will need to respect the speed: a few bikes open exacerbate the dynamics of the machine. And really the style and design, then for any model of car garages can be selected, which all fit in style to the car and perfectly complement the exterior.

Summer Color

Perfume as a gift: a riot of colors of summer Summer – the perfect time for a new perfume discoveries, especially since a variety of new products and a lot of summer limited editions of famous fragrances every now and then calls for open a new smells. Today, a look at some women’s releases, which have recently appeared at perfume stores. A variety of images and moods – that promise new 2007! Happy and carefree: Moschino Funny! (Moschino) Italian brand Moschino fragrance introduced Moschino Funny! (“Happy”). Fruity-floral fragrance formulated experts Givaudan. The light blue bottle with a traditional ribbon around the neck topped with a silver heart.

Summer passion: C est la Fete (Christian Lacroix) Christian Lacroix fragrance offers C’est la Fete in the ink bottle, which is shaped like a bottle C’est la Vie, established in 1990 and taken out of production. C’est la Fete – fragrance developed by perfumer Jean Jacques. Perfume is built around a music passion fruit, plums, Mirabelle, and the white rose orchids. Exotica: Island Hawaii (Michael Kors) Island Hawaii – third fragrance in the collection of Island Destination, which was launched in 2005. The idea of creating this line and new fragrance inspired by the passion in particular the author’s penchant for travel and carefree image life. Each fragrance represents a specific geographic location and “gives” back in the blink of an eye on who is trying on one of the perfumes themselves.

Michael Kors described as the latest addition to the collection, “When you step off the gangway aircraft, the first thing you feel in Hawaii is very gentle, sexy, wet floral scent the air. Her new perfume, I wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a Hawaiian in its purest form! Island Hawaii – it’s a mixture of citrus clementine, orange, neroli with accents of pineapple. This mixture is emphasized floral tones of jasmine sambac, orange blossom and ginger lilies Hawaii. Plume fragrance invites to relax, attracting amber, cream sandalwood and balsamic notes of shades that resemble the smell of tanned leather. Thousand and One Nights: Benghal (Lancome) Company Lancome fragrance released Benghal, the second in a collection Collection Voyage (the first was Tropiques, released in 2006). Soft, fruity and spicy floral fragrance was inspired by a thousand and one shade of Indian palace gardens. With notes of ginger, mandarin, jasmine, osmanthus, apricot, musk and sandalwood. Limited edition. Flower tenderness: Max Mara Silk Touch Italian fashion house Max Mara produced floral-fruity scent – a variation on the theme of the named Perfume Max Mara, was released in 2004. Perfume was named Max Mara Silk Touch. Fragrance notes begins barberry and cherry blossom. In the heart – Silk flower note, Jasmine. The database – cedar and musk.