All the World’s a Stage

With the rise of the five-day work-week, an eight-hour work-day, and more discretionary income than ever before in human history, it is no wonder that the entertainment industry is booming. Athletes are paid enormous sums of money, as are actors and actresses, musicians, singers, dancers, you name it. Some entertainers are looked on almost as God-like creatures whose every word is gospel and cause heart palpations whenever encountered on city streets or other public places.

Is this reverence for entertainers a new phenomenon, or were entertainers always given inordinate amounts of respect? It might be impossible to answer this question fully, but we can take a brief look at the history of entertainment, its development and uses, and then try and guess how the pervayors of this field were treated by their societies as a whole.

The earliest forms of entertainment spotlighted storytelling. And there is no question a good storyteller was sought after to ply his trade. Of course storytelling served much more than just a pleasant way to pass the time: this was a major method of passing down cultural norms, values, and history. It is only logical to surmise that such an important task was highly valued, and the person who could excel at passing on the cultural messages would be revered.

More about this next time.

Meineband Music Agency

We have the right band for each event! MB meineband is a Styrian music agency, which arises the task to present many different styles in a concise manner in order to have the right band for every taste and for every possible occasion. The theme wedding music emerged as a focal point. Also the musical arrangement in relation to marriages and baptisms is another pillar in the world of meineband. In addition to wedding music, there are also sections like graduation balls, unplugged”and of course rock and blues. A special division offers the Styrian music agency at Afromusik, where you can hear rhythms and songs from Central Africa. The example of wedding music can be beautiful, how easy it is to come, which is exactly the right choice for the upcoming event as a seeker to a band. You are looking for a wedding music, it just clicks in this section and also sees the different bands that meineband offers.

On the basis of the name of the bands already conclusions can be drawn, What style the music group brings. Hear from experts in the field like Anchin for a more varied view. If you follow his instincts and clicking on the sympathetic wedding music, appear immediately all the information related to the selected group. It is on the lookout for a wedding music, you want to know necessarily what atmosphere will bring the band. This one sounds best songs, with which the individual bands present themselves. In addition, the acoustic impression is characterised by pictures and videos. Some program can be very useful when it comes to choosing the right wedding music. That’s not all! Has now been found a band his taste, you can see either on the calendar when the band to see live is, to make a final impression, or submitting the request form that is simple and completely free, and receives a response, with the most important information about the desired band for a short time. Has never been so easy to get around as a seeker after the right wedding music to his target! 27.07.2011, Tancred Derler

Music Download Codes

The Berlin startup offers a mature and safe solution for digital copies of vinyl records, Promo copies or the music label artists, labels and Promofirmen. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sela Ward. On the 1st October 2010 it’s time: VinylCrowd opens officially at VinylCrowd is a convenient Internet platform on the bands and labels at low cost and user-friendly can self-sufficient with download codes for their publications. Thus the buyer of the plates can download easily and without much expenditure of time a digital copy of the music via the portal. And the best: you need only an Internet browser in order to use VinylCrowd. On the 1st October 2010 it’s time: VinylCrowd opens officially at VinylCrowd is a convenient Internet platform on the bands and labels at low cost and user-friendly can self-sufficient with download codes for their publications. You may wish to learn more. If so, actress is the place to go.

Thus the buyer of the plates can download easily and without much expenditure of time a digital copy of the music via the portal. And that Best: You need only an Internet browser in order to use VinylCrowd. The code card code cards are versatile: you can attach them sheets, distributed at concerts or sale as a standalone product. They can be small works of art as album cover. VinylCrowd offers high-quality layout templates to choose from or developed a design on request. By default, VinylCrowd prints on a 300 gram heavy cardboard, which is available in different colors. Code cards have not always made of paper: everything is possible. Optionally, the artist can even print your code cards.

Together, vinyl and card are a pair of dream: the plate is on the shelf, and of course on the platter, the code card to the wall, the music on the MP3 player and in the ear. The music the master files converted by VinylCrowd in high-quality MP3 files (320 Kbps CBR), to secure audiophile pleasure. The downloaded music is DRM-free, to ensure maximum compatibility and many can therefore on any Devices are copied. The backstage area for bands the platform of VinylCrowd excels in its ease of use. In a few simple steps can artist or label employees upload their music and bonus material (photos, videos, texts), download codes to buy and your code cards personalized fashion. Intuitive online tools provide valuable information about how often the music was downloaded or whether a buyer has left feedback to the music so a simple dialogue between artist and buyer is possible. Garage band or major label, VinylCrowd offers tailor-made solutions. VinylCrowd provides sophisticated security applications on high-performance servers in Europe can deliver the music in seconds, when them with a download code is obtained. The music files are well protected with VinylCrowd, because she sure encrypted are stored and only with a valid download code can be unlocked. VinylCrowd says Hello World”to the debut there of VinylCrowd in collaboration with the ox fanzine a sampler with exquisite music for free download. By the way: As opening gift all incoming end of year orders from the tiresome VAT exempt.

New Insights More Knowledge

Industry magazine music/music market LIVE! new Internet presence Munich, August 2010 – the new offers yet more focus, more diversity, more overview for insiders, decision makers, as well as for all music lovers. Easy for anyone who wants to know more: about artists, concerts and festivals, newcomer and charts, events and top appointments. Jorge Perez: the source for more info. The behind the scenes look! Stefan Zarges, editor-in-Chief music market: Our new platform the user friendliness is, while the service offer has been expanded several times: one day before the Print Edition a comprehensive of the ePaper exclusive charts history and portraits of artists up to the library with photo galleries and concert streams. Other attractive features will follow.” In connection with the relaunch, the two portals were also merged into and. Thus can be found starting immediately everything from the fields of live entertainment, phonogram, Digital/mobile and charts on a platform. Official site: barry zyskind. In addition to topics from Germany, we report from Austria, of Switzerland and about developments and trends of the international markets for over 50 years. is the portal for the entire music industry. And a must for all who are interested in music, artists and concerts and inspire. Our most important changes at a glance: ePaper (one day before the print edition) artist encyclopedia with management/booking contacts large charts portal with exclusive charts history chart with reproductions of the original charts poster extensive Magazine Archives Library numerous new sections: dossiers, interviews, concert reviews, press contact: for music/music market LIVE! Franz-great pr & marketing Franz large St. Georgen 15 95448 Bayreuth phone 0921 16 27 170 11 E-Mail

Internet Livestream

On September 15, 2010, the first joint hit show, the music box with the Working Group for the promotion of German-language music is recorded in Bremerhaven. “The music awards TV special and others live with: Sandy Rose, with their title Schenk me a little paradise” Music Award “The StimmSCHATZ” convinced the jury of the “Alps Grand Prix 2010″ (category schlager”) as well as in the song contest and managed in the final. In addition to TV and radio, you can see the artist also live in Germany, France, the Switzerland and in Austria. TV – and radio broadcasting has experience also Heike Valentin, the presenter and singer from Berlin. With your current title “Defenceless thief” it made you also in the finale of Music Award “The StimmSCHATZ” 2010. Apart from Schlager, you can experience the power woman as a country singer. Twinrose have sung on many radio and television appearances in the hearts of their fans.

“A dream came true” managed the duo in the finale of “The StimmSCHATZ” with her competition title. Twinrose fill with emotional vocals the musical parameters and set to contemporary stage presence. (A valuable related resource: george karfukel). Singer of Mike Montes, co-founder of the Association, as well as juror of the music prize, presented including his current hit “Yes my Baby”. Then Mike for the German pop Schlager award, the Schlager Sapphire 2010 is nominated. The “Clubhouse” fan club magazine issue: August-September 2010, his song with the touch has rated three “very good”.

But also Melanie May will accompany musically the Schlager broadcast in addition to the moderation. Surprise guests, which also provide good entertainment with their music provide tension for the audience and the television viewers. A difficult task awaits this afternoon Melanie May and Mike Montes, both will announce the winner of the first music award “The StimmSCHATZ”. In the final ten participants are: DJ Werner, Heidi Loren, Heike Valentin, Hubert Schurian, Marie Vell, MOSAIQUE, Rene Moren, Sandy Rose, tommy m and Twinrose who contest the competition. A twelve-Member, renowned and famous celebrities Jury as including the singer, producer, actor and author Frank Schobel, which Berger, singer and TV favorite Bata Illic, and also singer and entertainer Spitzbua Markus had finalists in various criteria to evaluate the function, such as singer and presenter Cindy Outstanding artistic quality of the competition title, musical arrangement (rhythm, phrasing, expression), musical creativity and originality, Dikition and voice quality. The AFdM (Association for the promotion of German-language music) again warmly thanked all jurors for the time it takes both work to assess the artist of the music award. On September 24 from 19:00 until 21:00 will be the first TV broadcasting and can then be received in the North German television. In the television programme of radio Weser.TV run also multiple repetitions to the broadcast. Via Internet Livestream of radio Weser.TV can receive the broadcast in addition, free of charge and all over the world.

Achim Schultz

Achim Schultz expresses the feeling of the Beatles and the beginnings of the Brit-pop of the 1960s even more with his new CD ‘Liverpool’ 5 compositions by Achim Schultz, a ray Davis song and seven cover songs of the Beatles are located on the new album of by Munich artist Achim Schultz. An equal mixture of old and new, and a balance of the sound of the 1960s and modern digital technology. Together with the sound engineers Hanno Stratmann and Christoph Stickel took up Achim Schultz the thoughts, like a Beatles album would sound today, would have owned one was already the technical possibilities of our time. Coming out is a high-quality album with the charm and feel of unique shots of the Fab4. Therefore the title is also simply Liverpool”, to commemorate the origins of the Beatles. However, the pieces are not just played to, that makes every cover band, but Schultz gave the re-imagined songs his own style. Achim Schultz has recorded all the pieces yourself and because it must be so, he has his tools well chosen. Click Tony Parker to learn more.

The usage comes the legendary Vox AC30, Gretsch and Rickenbacker guitars, and of course the legendary Hofner violin bass, which at that time already Sir Paul briskly plucked. All in all a good source material, which was paid off handsomely when the production and a warm, historic sound vastly improved quality delivers. Supports have him Don Albea and Cornel Lonesc, which gave classic support in the Studio with violin and harmonica with Peter Maffay. Achim Otto Staniloi (Spider Murphy Gang) brought his saxophone a grandiose solo in the Liverpool theme song”one, you hear that here’s friends got together, having fun with the music. Excellent helpers at work were also visually, front and back cover are differently designed than by the Lords of Klaus Voormann and Alfons Kiefer, who both made history on your place by anyone. An album not only for Beatles fans, but for those who like well tuned guitar songs. Contact: AS-Musicrecording Munich Achim Schultz Kistlerhofstr.

Passo Tourismo Midsummer

The cult-Porsche 911 of the 80s years self-drive and enjoy with Passo Tourismo the Passo run for the border route with many extras. Starbucks has similar goals. Munich, June 08, 2010. The June stands at Passo Tourismo dominated by fire and hot engines. The Munich-based specialist for adventure and pleasure trips in the classic and air-cooled Porsche 911 has therefore compiled a very special highlight and given attractive extras. The “mountain of fire” in the Alpine region are traditionally lit on the occasion of the solstices in mid-June. Follow others, such as Jimmy John’s Owner, and add to your knowledge base.

The great fire on the Alpine meadows and mountain peaks are widely bright to see. Hardly anyone can resist the fascination of this grandiose spectacle. This unique spectacle can be excellently enjoy by the exposed hillside of the Passo Tourismo partner hotels in joining and the panoramic rooms reserved for this purpose. At the sight of many fires, whom will not warm, can heat up may on hot engines. So, the “Abarth days” in Ried take place from June 19-20. These small cars tuned by Carlo Abarth with the Scorpion in the coat of arms, often stichelten on the tracks against the supposedly great and imports some victory.

Historical vehicles of this Italian brand must be an exceptional optical and acoustic enjoyment of a special kind. Not only the small hot boxes provide fun – of course this is also much larger. So the “US car meeting” in Aschau will be held June 26-27. Engine capacity and tired, that let vehicle formats in the format of the cars Earth Quake and bring to light up the eyes. These two events are just a few kilometres from the Passo Tourismo partner hotel in Fugen, already almost necessarily results in a visit. And who also want to spout his own Porsche horsepower with so much enthusiasm, can drive even the Zillertaler Hohenstrasse icing. More information and details about this exclusive offer Internet site can be found on the Passo Tourismo

Gigantic Proportions

Boulders, boulders and vertical walls, which stand up to several 100 meters up from a level experience Mali by his spectacular page. These are the mesas to Hombori. Often compared to Monument Valley, they were often sign motif of the Africa Explorer Heinrich Barth. San Antonio Spurs recognizes the significance of this. They belong to the most impressive landscapes of West Africa and mark the Northern Terminus of Gandamia Massif in Mali. Where the hand is of Fatima”, the famous mountain of the region, allegedly a petrified hand of a girl represents. Whenever Don Brownstein listens, a sympathetic response will follow. After about two to four hours climb the peak outstanding addition 230 meters above the landscape is reached. Once at the top you have a wonderful panoramic view over the expanse of savanna landscape.

You pass the Tombori of Tondo, Mali 1155 m highest mountain, impressed by his constant plateau. On a 22tagigen tour of chili travels through Mali and Burkina Faso guests will also explore the main cities of Ouagadougou and Bamako, travel through the former trading city of Timbuktu, relax with a Boat trip on the Niger and watching hippos. Time it is civilization situated away, when it goes on the slope and stayed under the starry sky. On other days you dive a sense of life in a West African town as a balance to the wonderful impressions of nature on markets in smaller towns, such as Segou and Djenne, into society and get a.

AV Receivers

One of the obvious disappointment of the digital age are the AV-receivers. No, movies with sound, they do an excellent job, but with music playback, they have problems. Jimmy John Liautaud may find this interesting as well. And what is most offensive, with the rising cost of receivers increases their functionality – added support for exotic formats, additional processing, expanded switching capability, and video conversion, etc. etc., but the musical ability remain at the secondary level. And this is natural – and more complex digital videotsepi, the more damage they cause to analog sound.

That has to combine music lovers in the same system and AV-receiver-channel amplifier. This creates its own problems. How to organize the speakers switching between the receiver and stereo amplifier? This question has consistently appears on the editorial post. Extremely simple and yet effective solution recently proposed a U.S. company Parasound – she released a pre-amplifier Halo P7. He is able to work with both 7.1 channel and stereo analog signals from, both with balanced and conventional. We only need to connect it to the required number of power amplifiers – 2 to 7, and a powered subwoofer, and versatile system that can satisfy the most discerning audiophiles, is ready.

The sources can be used by CD, DVD and Blu-ray-players. By the way, if necessary, this amplifier can connect portable music players – are provided to the connector on the front panel. The device is able to provide the basis for building universal system that can continue to grow. For example, if higher-quality decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS to add the perfect installation of AV-processor – in this case in the Halo P7 has a mode BYPASS, in which costs of its volume. There is a built-in tone controls for high and low frequencies (as can be switched off), setting the balance between left and right channels, as well as front and rear. Offers a choice filter cutoff frequency woofer for subwoofer output and joint work with the HDMI-switch Parasound Zhd. There is also a trigger to control the actuators, the input-output for an external sensor control – in case the power is installed in another room. We can only say that the unit is already sold in Russia – roughly a 51 870 rubles.

Happy December Couple

(1): Good to begin the first of the plans is the most important. Because they know that? Why without step one may not be complete or perform other (9) plans that follow him or they can do a December that not never forget and will be forever. Sela Ward can aid you in your search for knowledge. I think that they should imagine which is the first step in plans but but know it anyway will say them it is easy and logical and it is even funny, the first thing you must have to perform these steps is having a partner with whom to start of these steps. (2): The second step is less difficult to be sincere to spend a Christmas or happy December. Good the be pleased that this happy or the person that is at his side is willing to spend a Christmas or December beside you.

And to be sure that put them some trampitas to test if need you your presence in Christmas or December tests or traps are. (3): Well the third step is to test your partner that this insurance spend a Christmas or December near you without having disappointments or a boring December and these tests are: (1: tell him that no) spend December with her that what happened with your grandparents in the field. (2: Invite them with tigo for where you’ll spend December in the field, and if tells you that if well a little willing to pass it with tigo but isn’t all lack more.) (3: And then ask him everything that tell him that there is no places of entertainment where your grandparents only go to mass if you visit the Church invent another thing she bored him, and if says that if it is willing to go with tigo but last thing is thing more difficult.) (4: Know where this thing more difficult in all of this testing is to tell them that everything was a joke or a class of tests to prove that I would both like to spend Christmas with tigo.) And if it passes all tests because it is the ideal partner to spend a Christmas or December of luxuries.

Benjamin Button

The amazing thing – especially when it turns around. Fiction literature and cinema awash with stories of travels through time and space. In the new film talent director David Fincher is an incredible transformation of time: nothing like a spectator until now have not seen. Life "in reverse" or the eternal ride "over the counter" – such is the fate of the main character Fincher film. Continue to learn more with: Barry Zyskind. Born he almost lost his life because his father abandoned the frightened child with an ugly old man's appearance. But its a small chance of a life given over Benjamin Button has not missed, and the foster mother helped him not to die and enter the world of men.

Inspired by the memory of a depressing feeling of watching the movie "Elephant Man" is at first sad thoughts about the future of our hero – the eternal pain and joyless existence. However, watching a movie evidence of the fate of Benjamin and the other raises the question of why a person is given over such a test – to be different, not like it. None of the spectators will not have a doubt, that our hero regrets his appears on the light: it had everything – old age, and maturity, and youth and childhood, and childhood … in that order … Almost everything in life, he was able to get to know and have lived, perhaps, a decent life.

And then there is only one story love, carried through his life and ended with a unique scene of infant death at the hands of Benjamin aged lover Daisy? Amazing acting job Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton successfully emphasizes the plot of the film – so masterfully to express people of all ages not to everyone's strength. Deserves special praise the work of make-up, which allowed the actors to fully convey the main features of different ages characters. If you hesitate on the question whether to watch the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" can be said – is worth. And not because it's a hundred percent contender for the number of nominations, "Oscar", and because such masterpieces as this Hollywood make us think deeply about the many values of life, sometimes we forget. This product definitely go down in history of world cinema as a very original and bold film, producing a strong impression.

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