All the World’s a Stage

With the rise of the five-day work-week, an eight-hour work-day, and more discretionary income than ever before in human history, it is no wonder that the entertainment industry is booming. Athletes are paid enormous sums of money, as are actors and actresses, musicians, singers, dancers, you name it. Some entertainers are looked on almost as God-like creatures whose every word is gospel and cause heart palpations whenever encountered on city streets or other public places.

Is this reverence for entertainers a new phenomenon, or were entertainers always given inordinate amounts of respect? It might be impossible to answer this question fully, but we can take a brief look at the history of entertainment, its development and uses, and then try and guess how the pervayors of this field were treated by their societies as a whole.

The earliest forms of entertainment spotlighted storytelling. And there is no question a good storyteller was sought after to ply his trade. Of course storytelling served much more than just a pleasant way to pass the time: this was a major method of passing down cultural norms, values, and history. It is only logical to surmise that such an important task was highly valued, and the person who could excel at passing on the cultural messages would be revered.

More about this next time.

Michael King

But in the end, as says did not happen. Does not it sound familiar? Prose of modern life is that almost one in three marriages ends in divorce. It is not surprising that in 35-40 years a woman is not married. Growth of selfish desire and the example of others lead a woman to the decision to live as one. Restaurants, clubs, parties. People such as Vanessa Marcil would likely agree. Do you need something else? The fact that such a rotation does not bring happiness, showed director Michael King in the popular American film 'Sex and the City'. The film shows the life of the modern woman who is trying to find themselves without a man, but ultimately feels loneliness and disappointment. On the other hand, we see a man who before the actual wedding unfolds car and decides to cancel the wedding.

Why is this happening? So what does a woman want? And that does not get a man to be happy? The greatest desire for sex – is the most powerful driving force in the world. And spiritual the root of sex – is a spiritual force, which in its disclosure of a person fills partners, bringing them to the spiritual pleasure. This is a manifestation of human nature lies at the heart of our lives. And because of Kabbalah gives this phenomenon of great importance, because sex gives us life, movement, distribution, development. Male and female forces combined, lead to the unity of nature, to unite, to a system of relationship in general. With the development of our civilization, we lost sense of this relationship.

Concerts and Galas

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International Tourism Lodges

The month of October 2011 has registered an increase of 3.2% of overnight stays past October 24, 7 million overnight stays were registered in hotels, representing a 3.2% increase in hotel occupancy. Who might think that this increase is due to domestic tourism, is wrong, since the Spaniards moment 9.3% less in Spanish hotels, while international tourism increased by 11% more stays. The figures indicate that foreigners prefer to spend their 3.2 nights of holiday mean in Spanish hotels. Prices encourage it: not in vain, the average price is 146,4 euros for the five stars, 73.7 euros for the four-star and 52.3 euros for the three stars. More information is housed here: Jorge Perez., a website to book the best hotels at the price more low reserve online also facilitates the agility of the hotel occupancy, and there are several websites that are made for this purpose, as, with an extensive list of accommodations in the place where you want to spend your days of rest. has 10,000 hotels in Spain, a number nothing despicable for those seeking to do tourism for our country. Although these lodges are scattered throughout the national territory, can find ten cities in which multiply the places where to spend your stay: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Benidorm, Valencia, Playa de English (Canary Islands), Salou (Tarragona), Puerto del Carmen (Lanzarote) and Lloret de Mar (Gerona). The web has with various filters that include cities, type of accommodation (from hostel to hotel, passing through motels, villas and resorts), stars (between 0 and 5), hotel chain or by category (accommodation for watersports, with children, for honeymoon, for the disabled, with bicycles, spa and relaxation, gay friendy, etc.) also offers a ranking of hotels according to their evaluation by those who have visited them, plus a highlights of the week section and a section of images that will be useful when choosing accommodation. A varied offering that helps keep the occupancy rates on the rise, despite the drop produced by the domestic industry. is, therefore, a good choice when planning vacations.

Brasserie Restaurant

Increasingly, urban open new restaurants of various kinds. Brasserie restaurant – one of the most common types of restaurants at the moment. It is created by specific parameters and has its own characteristics. There several kinds of beer restaurants: completely stylized and partially stylized. Fully styled brasserie has its roots in Europe. This restaurant is fully consistent with stylistic features of a country. Pastiche is largely under Prague. Frequently Pop star has said that publicly. Germany or the old Alpine expanses.

In a fully styled restaurant menus, kitchen, interior, atmosphere – all consistent with this tradition. Here, emphasis is placed the diversity of the menu. In the menu you'll find light snacks and hot dishes, meet the requirements of the kitchen. Even the most refined gourmets will be amazed by the splendor of skill cooks. In addition to food, completely stylized beer garden has a large selection of drinks. It is mostly presented as a branded beer and live, cooked just before your arrival. This brasserie has its own mini-brewery, which happens manufacture of beer. Typically, these types of restaurants designed to attract and retain loyal customers.

These customers already have a preference in the menu and drinks. In addition to the fully styled pubs restaurants have partially stylized. This beer garden tradition is made under any style. Unlike those of fully stylized restaurants is that the styling is not complete. In the style created by either the interior or the menu. in main menu of the restaurant was full of great diversity. Here you will find mostly cold dishes, which are suitable for drinks. Great emphasis is placed on the beer. Beer in the beer garden is presented in large selection. The main visitors of this restaurant – sports fans who visit it during sports.

Aesthetic Of The Woman

Years 50 marked a point of flexion in the aesthetic one of the fashion. For the first time in history, the feminine image was divided. It stopped being unitary since it had been until before the war. Suddenly, they appeared two types of woman that followed the fashion, although with clearly different appearances. They were worldly and sophisticated, with clothes of adult, very elegant, with care suits cuts of Balenciaga, Dior, Fath or Balmain. In the press, the models for this type of woman arrogant, very thin and were very made up, that went up to around the twenty-five years.

Aesthetic of the woman " sofisticada" promoted by the High Seam.The other group however, trained young women, almost adolescent, of round face and healthy aspect, with melenas loose until shoulders, or combed with one coleta, that could have diffuse ages between fifteen and thirty years, that got dressed in informal comfortable clothes and; wide cattle tenders, Capri trousers, jerseys, ample, low shoes and dancing bermuda shorts, skirts capezio. As I said some times, I am a lover of many things of the years ' 40s and ' 50s. Of course, I talk about more than nothing to aesthetic questions and a type of femineidad, that also can have its questionings seen with the eyes of today with respect to the paper of the woman in the society. Even so, I like to rescue many aspects of that one image of the woman that have been lost or blurring Pareceres and differences of opinion to the margin, gave desire me to bring some examples of the sensuality, " glamour" (as were called it in those years) and the elegance that the great stars of the cinema of those times transmitted. Of that one aesthetic one of the woman it is appearing much for a time in the present designers. They see these wonderful women with those fascinating dresses and will find many similarities with good part of the dresses that appear like of High Seam.

As for me, Welcome is! week is called on to leave with a more accidental style, than from time to time also it desires. So here I give some ideas you to go relaxed but sexy and feminine: your bottom of basic closet to be handsome without effort! He is perfect if you are going to leave with your pair or friendly and you are going away to have dinner to an informal restaurant after happening through the clinic of aesthetic. When they lower the temperatures I like to change the t-shirt by a feminine blouse: something in soothes, in a color tuna, with some golden button Is an ideal piece to combine with jeans. The decollete in V to be handsome is most enhancing, elegant if you want to go to have dinner and soon to dance.

Mysterious Stones Urals

Puzzling rocks of the Urals is very mysterious stones are found in the Urals. And what are the origin, no one can say. The stones of natural origin, they do not like, so what is this mysterious stones? Such stones are mostly found on the banks of the Sinar. It was also a small and large, even huge strange stones. Typically, these findings begin to deify people. So in our time in a Tatar village lies a stone which is to local population miraculous. On this rock legends and worship him. One place that is famous for its mysterious stone, a place which is located on the shores of Lake Big Allakov.

There are, in particular order, blocks of stone. And in one of the blocks are clearly distinguished eyes, lips and nose. Do people do it, or nature, is difficult to say, but her face resembles a sphinx. On a block, as one can see traces of the rock paintings, very similar to dancing figures with bizarre heads. Filled the entire Ural very interesting mounds.

If you look down on a mound, then we see that the stones on the mound piled up in a certain sequence, and outline the strange patterns. And in the central part of each mound is present mound of stones, which depart two bands smaller stones. But it's not like the old graves. This is more recalls some signs. Why are these facilities with the mysterious mounds, it is not clear. According to one version, such hills could be sanctuaries for the ancient tribes. And laid her in a certain order, stones – is information that we should prochest.Megalitnye structures or rocks most exciting to date. Scientists plan to soon make a map of their location. Scientists hope to identify and reveal the secret of megaliths, and mysterious buildings with no less mysterious inscriptions

North Africa

Flamenco can dance group or solo. The term Flemish covers a wide variety of songs, dances and guitar styles. The music is based on a harmonic system closely related to Arabic music and cross rhythms of North Africa. The guitar is used in both single flamenco to accompany the voice or dancing with lighted melodies, strumming and percussion. In the nascent romantic spectacle, voice occupied the site of honor in a gradual way, doing the flamenco a story Sung and narrated in the first person.

It was common then that the singer himself or the singer accompanied with the guitar music. The curfew also grew and, at maturity, guitarist claimed a place provided for their individual achievements. Dancing, singing and guitar joined again, with each element, more polished and perfected. But the dancing, singing and guitar are not the only thing that matters in the world of flamenco: there is also the flamenco fashion. The origin of flamenco fashion and flamenco costume goes back to the clothing with which women flocked to primitive cattle fairs. Much of the traffickers of these rustic events were Gypsies and peasants, and their clothes were simple robes while surmounted with two or three flyers.

Little by little these humble garments for enhancement that made of the female figure, were putting fashion, so that the upper classes began to imitate by attending the cattle fairs, the clothing of the most humble. The suit of flamenco has evolved with the years. Thus the roughness of the first fabrics was defeated with the profusion of ruffles, which printed by walking a more jacarandoso air. Features clearly opted with the passage of time: peak, round or square neckline, hair collected in mono, belted waist that opens in hips by way of flower and the all-important Accessories: flowers in the hair, necklaces, earrings, Manila shawls. The exhibition of Seville of 1929 served as a consecration of the suit of flamenco and the acceptance by the affluent classes as essential to go to the fair outfit. Original author and source of the article.

Mexican Beaches

In the previous post we talked about the holidays in the Mexican beaches and delve a little on the beaches most known and visited of Mexico: Acapulco, Huatulco and Cancun. In this post we will talk about Veracruz, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. The State of Jalisco is home to the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, in the coastal region of Northern Mexico Puerto Vallarta account with zones arqulogicas, mountains, ecotourism and jungle that they have hosted films as the night of the iguana and Predator. Puerto Vallarta boasts several beaches of great beauty and concurrency, suitable to the tastes of each person because some are so quiet that you can relax from all the stress of work and the city. The Puerto Vallarta beach hotels feature the comforts so that you and your family are an unforgettable experience. Puerto Vallarta has been considered the friendliest city in Mexico so that his visit is almost required if you have never visited our country.

Pearl of the Pacific is the name that is known Mazatlan Sinaloa, is the coastal area of the Mexican North which boasts the longest Boardwalk: about 21 km in length in which you can see cliffs, ancient buildings, gazebos, monuments, hotels, handicrafts, etc. Credit: Anna Belknap-2011. Although it is a tourist spot that you can visit all year round, the high season is during the Carnival that it carried out forty days before Easter in where you can find cultural, sporting events, Fireworks and lots of fun. The State of Veracruz is the first tourist excellence in Mexico, with the most important maritime port, the beaches closest to the city of Mexico. Veracruz beaches, historical buildings, monuments historicoslos abound on beach hotels and archaeological sites. The gastronomy of Veracruz is unmatched, with maritime and tropical dishes result of the hunting of the great variety of sea species of this beautiful port. Veracruz abound also music and dancing that accompanied by handicrafts and by the joy of the jarochos.

One of the most exclusive destinations in Mexico is located in Baja California Sur, Los Cabos is one of the most beautiful places of the country where you and your family find countless cultural, sports and tourist attractions as well as a gourmet experience. In Magdalena Bay, for example, in winter season you can see the ritual of courtship and procreation of animal gray whale that concludes his journey from Alaska in this place. San Jose de el Cabo up to Cabo San Lucas is located the tourist corridor featuring 33 km in length, where you’ll find the tourist area, exclusive hotels of world famous celebrities of art and music, where staying restaurants specialized in international gourmet, where you can enjoy romantic or fun evenings in nightclubs. The monumental arch is a rocky formation of Magdalena Bay that collects the water of the Pacific Ocean and the sea of Cortez, this place is home to a family of sea lions to the that you can visit on boat, hike or boat. Hotels in Los Cabos Beach will offer you unparalleled service, pamper you and your family and will give you the best experience of his life.

Maria Madre

All his Theology is circling around the aesthetics. And this theologian is an inspiring of Juan Pablo II. Also Pablo VI, read it with pleasure. But Juan Pablo II, CITES him often, and is called: Hansbun Baltazar, and this theologian wrote the following: not have lost sight the unique models per fetus, precisely the first? We should be constantly our gaze in Mary, not to multiply the Marian feasts, devotions, or definitions. Howard Schultz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But to know that they are actually these concepts Church, ecclesial spirit, ecclesial behaviour, ecclesial life as gives a close correspondence between the image that has Mary and which has the Church why not in vain the Church flame to Maria Madre type and model these things Lumen Gentium chapter claims them in solemn documents, for example VIIIcome these expressions, Mary, mother, type and model of the Church but then in practice. These expressions are left once again dancing in the air, because they do not take meat. Should stay well clear of that when we speak of Church model, putting Mary, does not mean the devotional way relate to Mary, if not, the way you relate, Mary with Christ. She was never display the word, she never garnered the attention to herself.

She was a pure reference to the incarnate Son. Who receives and presents as Savior. Maria is a message, neither is a Word, nor is a mediator in the salvific sense, which corresponds to Jesus Christ. She is not the message, she is not the word, it is not salvation..

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