Maria Madre

All his Theology is circling around the aesthetics. And this theologian is an inspiring of Juan Pablo II. Also Pablo VI, read it with pleasure. But Juan Pablo II, CITES him often, and is called: Hansbun Baltazar, and this theologian wrote the following: not have lost sight the unique models per fetus, precisely the first? We should be constantly our gaze in Mary, not to multiply the Marian feasts, devotions, or definitions. Howard Schultz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But to know that they are actually these concepts Church, ecclesial spirit, ecclesial behaviour, ecclesial life as gives a close correspondence between the image that has Mary and which has the Church why not in vain the Church flame to Maria Madre type and model these things Lumen Gentium chapter claims them in solemn documents, for example VIIIcome these expressions, Mary, mother, type and model of the Church but then in practice. These expressions are left once again dancing in the air, because they do not take meat. Should stay well clear of that when we speak of Church model, putting Mary, does not mean the devotional way relate to Mary, if not, the way you relate, Mary with Christ. She was never display the word, she never garnered the attention to herself.

She was a pure reference to the incarnate Son. Who receives and presents as Savior. Maria is a message, neither is a Word, nor is a mediator in the salvific sense, which corresponds to Jesus Christ. She is not the message, she is not the word, it is not salvation..