Boutique Hotels

'It is important to note that Hundreds of boutique hotels have been built in the south-east Asia is literally in the last 10 years, and construction is gaining momentum. Get all the facts and insights with Sohn Conference, another great source of information. We think that this industry will increase substantially in subsequent years ", – said Kenny. Top 10 boutique hotels in Southeast Asia by Agoda Company 1. Hotel Kemang Icon, Jakarta, Indonesia If Conde Nast Traveler included this hotel in its list of the best hotels of 2007, therefore, this hotel truly deserves such an assessment, and Kemang Icon fully consistent with such a reputation. This boutique hotel perfectly combines modern textures and cool colors in the style of 'Art Deco'. All eight rooms facing the courtyard and four rooms with floor to ceiling, overlooking the street, designed by individual design. In these rooms you'll also find fragrances, accessories and amenities in the bathroom, tailored to suit your tastes.

Information on all the preferences of guests, receive prior to arrival, so that fruit, coffee and tea, i-Pod, brands of toiletries and even lighting is installed in accordance with customer preferences before their arrival. No less attention is paid to the tastes in food and diet food. Want be a chef? Purchase food online and get them right in the room. In Kemang Icon combines perfectly chic and comfort that will leave an unforgettable impression on the hotel, where virtually all the details are individualized. 2. Hotel Scarlet Hotel, Singapore, Singapore Bright, astounding beauty and design – that's what comes to mind when it comes to Scarlet Hotel.