Mainland Cruise

In the summer, get no vacation? This article deals with the question of how good the idea is to join a cruise ship in the fall. During the hot summer months is about all sorts of thoughts, where you want to spend your next holiday. The one or other has however no longer get his vacation because the work was much to do or because he is freelancing. Who can occur only on his annual vacation in the autumn the question whether a cruise even worth the fall naturally arises? Of course you will recognize no advantage at first glance, were to spend the holiday in the autumn on the high seas. It is cold, wet, windy, and when one is still on the deck of a large cruise ship, you can feel the tide even somewhat more clearly than on the Mainland. adislav Doronin. But this is really only the worst-case scenario”because when you look back on the past few years, you had still beautiful and sunny days in September and October, so you spend a holiday on the sea in this autumnal time could. But, apart from the disadvantage of weather-related, there are a lot of benefits.

For one, prices at the major cruise providers are towards nosedive. As the peak season is over can you be sure is that you get a proper discount. Of course, you should also take the time and compare the offer, because the discounts and offers may vary greatly among providers. If you invested a little time in the search you can be sure, to find an interesting bargain. Also, not only offering the cruise is in itself cheaper, but you can also expect that you can save money in all activities offered on board. Another reason which speaks for a cruise in the fall is it going relatively quiet this time of year. The summer holidays are over and you hardly meet the families with children.

If you want to push a quiet ball and wants to enjoy his honeymoon or just want to spend a romantic vacation on the sea, then you should opt for the autumn. It of course also greatly depends on where you want to spend his time on the deck of a cruise ship. A cruise through the waters of Norway could pleasure rather less in the autumn, but who decides, for example, for a trip to the Caribbean, which is not much get the autumn weather. There are even more and more providers where you can get a Caribbean cruise flight at favourable conditions.

American Wedding

For example, I do not like shooting at mountains, and if the couple want to have a picture taken at the highest point of the city with the view behind, a perfect method for this – an observation deck Christ the Savior Cathedral, located at a height of 40 meters (very small and interesting excursions can easily be ordered on the spot). In the end, always fit Any other memorable places in Moscow where there is a recognizable architectural symbols of the city – Red Square, Christ the Savior Cathedral, a beautiful bridge overlooking the Kremlin, the city parks, etc. In the warm season, when there is a green, you can do winning a lot of shots on any nice lawn, including a full-length and mid-thigh, and a portrait of a close-up. On a bright sunny day, do not forget the lights flash shadows. In any case, to save the film in While driving through the city is clearly not worth it. Arriving at the restaurant, first of all we should remove the beautifully decorated table – at first without guests, and then with them, before they begin the process (here, need the widest angle and may not prevent the second flash). As for the meal, it is unlikely that these frames can be considered necessary or desired (except, perhaps, the moment of 'bitter'). Of mandatory training may be noted here dance Young and cake.

Nor can we forget about the change of plans – one can often see some kind of event is captured, shot, for example, only an average plan, which will agree, is wrong. In a wedding album must be the pictures and close-ups, and full-length and group portraits. Equally well look like a half-length portrait, and footage on American manners – 'mid-thigh. " A few words about the wedding ceremony. As a rule, the wedding takes place not on the wedding day and the next (although there may, of course, different versions). The procedure itself is quite large for a single film. However, a lot of nice shots can be done around the church, both before and after the ceremony. Key moments during the wedding ceremony will be putting on the rings newlyweds priest procedure 'coronation' general view of the church during the ceremony, three laps around the podium, and some other points.

The solemnity of the ceremony can be emphasize the close-up of persons married. In addition, the photographer is important to get into the church before the ceremony to place on hold 'reconnaissance' and identify points. Must be borne in mind that 'the central track', leading from newlyweds to the altar can not cross, so moving the photographer will be possible only on one side of the newlyweds, and behind them. Finally, giving the customer photographs and negatives, we can recommend what use a wedding album. Least successful, in my view, are the usual 10×15 albums for pictures with plastic pockets. Much more suited album with clean cardboard sheets, arranged by a thin transparent paper. These albums provide scope of creativity and allow you to use different formats of prints in an album. And you can attach them transparent corners or special glue.