Chamber Lentz

Makes Detektei Lentz up for listening defense in terms of private and economic strong as transparent a man? This question is always present in the age of ubiquitous technology. It is however consciously perceived few. The private sector is to protect about possessions. “So, masses of people encourage, because Google through its street view” provides an insight into the privacy. Probably noticed this insight is only limited to the facade of the House. But what happens in the Interior of the premises, that outsider goes unnoticed from the eyes. Who would think already that they will be overheard? A statistics of the Detektei Lentz Group about listening defense recorded in the current year of 2010 already 188 listening defense orders throughout Europe. This is an increase of 25 percent compared with the previous year.

Two-thirds of these clients have tried even using equipment purchased from the Internet, to track down bugs or other bugs. These devices cost between 500 and 2,000 euros and have led in all cases to no result”stressed Mrs Christina Egerer, Managing Director of Lentz GmbH & co. KG. The detective agency Lentz monitoring experts could locate in 65 per cent of those cases bugs, video bugs or spy programs on mobile devices and confirm the customers in your guess. This high percentage shows clearly: listen defense is to realize a thing by professionals and do not use any pseudo products from the Internet. For a brief overview of what technically today, anything is possible on the special page of the Detektei Lentz group here. The statistics indicate that privacy protection is not an unimportant issue, Detektei Lentz.

The private clients, where a bugging operation proved, come from the middle and upscale private area. The clients of the commercial area, where a bugging operation was discovered, come from the middle class. Most were companies with 20-400 employees. Further to the issue of listen defense information under contact: Lentz GmbH & co. detectives KG Nurnberger Strasse 4 63450 Hanau Tel.: (0800) 88 333 11 (toll free) fax: (0800) 88 333 12 (toll free) website: lauschabwehr.lentz E-Mail: the private and economic investigation agency Lentz was founded in 1995 and specializes exclusively on the professional conduct of observations in the domestic and abroad, as well as on the high-quality listening defense. The services include investigations in the area of economic crime and private orders. All Detectives are permanently employed and tested ZAD. Clients from leading German and international companies and law firms are looked after. The detective agency is a member of the German-American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of international global private investigators e.V. The detective agency-Lentz is one of six TuV certified investigators in Germany and is subject to monitoring and control with regard to the quality of the performance in the detective Department therefore permanent. Company’s own offices are maintained in Barcelona, London, New York and Hong Kong.