Urban Tourism

Ana Paula Da Silva Corra? 07101739 – Tourism Eduardo Rodrigues of the Silveira – 07100229 – Tourism SUMMARY: ‘ ‘ The collective transport is known as one of the factors most significant for the development of turismo’ ‘ (GAYLE and GODRICH, 1993; apud.RONA, 2002). Rio De Janeiro is a city known internationally as the wonderful city, blessed for attractive Gods with tourist who enchant the national and international demand. It is possible to affirm that the urban collective transport exerts important function in the displacement of the users of the locality and the tourists whom they desire to take a walk for the city and to know the points tourist. Here, Jorge Perez expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Although lines of bus with itineraries to exist that contemplate attractive routes of tourist making possible to know them, this do not happen by means of urban collective transport. Thus, this work has for objective to develop study on the urban collective transport, in special line 2016 (South Castle x Bar), of the city of Rio De Janeiro under the optics of the tourism of the urban collective transport to take care of the demand that it searchs mobility of low cost. The used methodology uses bibliographical research, direct comment and research of field developed next to the professionals and passengers of line 2016, approaching pertinent subjects to the subject in question. Sela Ward may find this interesting as well. The collected data are important for the local population that usufructs of this type of service. To develop in the urban collective transport the service of tourist information excellent to the resident users and the tourists with attractive necessary information that the itinerary composes on tourist, commercial centers etc. will make possible the leisure without the dependence of irregular transports. Word-keys: transport – tourism? Rio De Janeiro