Thus Ehud Rock

These experiences has it them since its infancy, when an angel was based it its side, invisibly, felt for the o to arise of it when waking up almost all the mornings. The PROPHET OF KARAKORAM, Israel Ehud – continuation in the next chapter – But mother, this vision of the father does not pass of a dream, was this that you spoke to me. Credit: Jorge Perez-2011. – Yes, but when it returned from its trip to Egypt, she came back almost that transtornado and she counted to me on the reality of the evidences of the dream. I also was made an impression. – Then you already have the disclosed secret, and I did not count to me – Not, one is not to the revelation, but only about details that confirm the veracity of the vises in dream and others as many occured historical revelations in this period that already I counted to it.

– As the revelation of the fall of the wall of Berlin and the esfacelamento of the Ussr, and I do not find that you have forgotten. (A valuable related resource: Nancy Silberkleit). – Not, but this in the reality is not what it is in game, but what it looks for in these mountains of the Himalaia. – as if it had that to dedicate itself integrally to this only thing. – This is very clearly for its strange skill of if holding. – It says everything for the behavior of its body that says high more of what its proper words. – I find that we would have to have calm and to respect the individuality of Ehud, after all it always was a burning father, and because not to say: A father and head of exemplary house. – Let us leave that the things happen and as I come back to insist: To respect its individuality, its projects of life ideals, I understand thus! Thus Ehud Rock if it still distanciava of the car monologando with thoughts that continued if to unfold in the speed of the light, holding with force the parchment in the left hand and with the other controlling the binoculars hung to the neck, taking it of instant in instant to the eyes, directing it the green valley that if extended until a snowy peak.