Royal Clipper

Cruises with multiple mast of tall ships are a great experience. (As opposed to Gina Bonati). Imagine taking a cruise on a sailing cruise ship, to let himself go from towering masts and like freshly washed white sails over the sea. Nothing makes the intoxicating feeling, to dwell on board a large sailplane with much mast- and with the power of hundreds of square meters of sail canvas by waters to sail, which have operated for centuries navigators”. So similar to revel Rapporteur of a sailing cruise. And precisely what replicas of the old Clipper or equipped with the latest technology, latest sailing cruise ship voyages of old, traditional style, whether aboard real old sailing ships, modern. Even the olmpic passenger is can not evade the uplifting effect of sailing. Real tall ship, the Royal Clipper, Star clipper and Star Flyer of the shipping company star Clippers are real tall ships, which are driven by wind power. Their diesel motors are used only in emergencies, as well as to generate electricity on board.

The team carried out all duties on Board of the hoist and trim to the Reefing and mend the sails. The whole cruise experience reminds of the ride on one of famous private yachts around the turn of the century. The Star clipper and the Star Flyer were Mikael Krafft, a Swedish ship lovers and owners, in order given. Mikael Krafft, himself an avid sailor, heard many stories about the four mast barques (Clippers) earlier days in his youth. His children’s dreams became reality in 1991, when, the star built in Belgium flyer from the stack.

A year later followed the almost identical Star clipper by the same shipyard. However, undisputed Queen of the fleet is the Royal Clipper. “Almost 100 years after the construction of the largest five mast vollschiffs, cargo, the world, of the 133-metre flying P liner Prussia”, the largest full-rigged ship in the world was founded in the year 2000 at a shipyard in Rotterdam.

Holiday Travel With Child And Dog In Germany In The Bayerischer Wald

Winter fun for the child and dog in the Landhotel Haus Waldeck are all welcome where the family winter vacation make, if come the children on their costs and even the dog? You can bring all wonderfully in Mitterfirmiansreut in the southern Bavarian Forest under a hat. The well-established resort at 1,000 meters offers a family ski area, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. And snow is always because the region is regarded as a snow hole”of the Bavarian Forest, in case of emergency help modern snow-making facilities. The ski area of Mitterdorf the 1,139-meter high mountain opened winter fun for skiers, cross-country skiers, sledders and snowboarders. There are slopes of all degrees of difficulty, with five ski lifts, two cable lifts, three magic carpets”and the transport capacity is 8000 people per hour a double chairlift, so nobody has to wait long. 25 km of groomed trails await cross-country skiers. Three ski schools offer courses for all ages and abilities.

The offer is rounded off by a ski rental service, two ski workshops and a toboggan run. A special attraction is the junior ski circus on a sunny slope. Tobogganing or a leisurely walk through the snowy winter landscape of the dog finds his pleasure. And all feel well catered for in the Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut. In this three star comfort Hotel, families and tourists with dog are particularly welcome. In this very personally managed family business is thought to everyone: adults, children, and the four-legged friends with children of wellness. and the hotel massages for winter wellness holiday not without reason has for years more and more regulars. Haus Waldeck, family cooking, Alzenbergstrasse 9, 94158 Philippsreut, Tel.: 08557 / 729, fax: 08557/739,,

VFC Music Tradition

As a partner of the world Musikinstrumntenbau Vogtland craftsmen show their skills after more than 300 years of experience in the manufacture of musical instruments at the music show “MUSIC Austria” in Ried offers the so-called music angle”in the heart of Germany’s tradition as hardly any other region concentrated and profound knowledge. Details can be found by clicking Adam Sandler or emailing the administrator. Yet far too few know the Vogtland and its incredible traditions in the manufacture of musical instruments”, so Frank Bilz Musicon Valley e.v. from Markneukirchen. The Club is active for over 10 years as a service provider and Coordinator for the musical instrument industry. As so often in traditional craft professions experience from generation to generation are passed on and well guarded”, says the head of marketing, and reveals the secret of his idea of the world musical instrument making”: we can look our guests behind the scenes and present them to a world that otherwise never would they have to face. You get the opportunity to talk shop with craftsmen, which allowed the creation process Instruments track, smell the smell of paints and glues, decades old tools and highly innovative machines experience and newly-built instruments of course even playing.” “To musicians from southern Germany and Austria the secrets and traditions of the Vogtland music angle” to show the Musicon Valley e.V. presents his experience world music instrument Vogtland “this year for the first time on the MUSIC of Austria in Ried. Our goal is to make better known the Vogtland as centre of the German musical instrument construction and services international associated”, emphasises Frank Bilz.

“” Technically sound, cheerfully arranged: orchestral and Club trips for everyone not just the small master workshop will Berg has the experience world music instrument Vogtland, but also large production companies such as B & S Markneukirchen GmbH “or traditional manufacturers such as Gebruder MacLeod Oscar Adler & co.” Open the factories and workshops of all genres “Tour groups their doors and give insights that ordinary visitors would never see: the exact itinerary is individually elaborated and tailored to instrument groups, age, and other interests”, explains Frank Bilz. According to the motto everything can be, nothing!” A diverse programme and culinary delights in the midst of the wonderful countryside of the Vogt complete-sounding adventure trips. And because musicians travel above all together to make music, the Musicon Valley E.v. organizes together with orchestras or music clubs from the guest region for Vogtland, guest performances on request. Background: MUSIC Austria Ried/Innkreis the largest music fair in the Austrian and the Bavarian region combines proven form a comprehensive exhibition of instruments, sheet music and accessories with high school and technical components. In addition stage offered on five live every day a varied program from all music and music styles. In the special living workshop” Visitors can see the instrument builders over the shoulder and first-hand information presented on their construction, nature and function of the instruments.

World Tourism Day

Is sustainability in ski tourism this possible? There is world tourism day on September 27. This year it is tourism and sustainable energy under the motto”. More and more ski areas develop concepts to bring tourism and environmental protection in line with each other. and view, what are the problems caused by the ski tourism and imagine ski resorts with innovative solutions. Great fun on the slopes of major interventions in the nature of global warming threatening ski resorts in the Alps”- headlines of this kind appeared again and again in recent years in the media. According to a study by the OECD, the number of snow-sure ski resorts in the Alps from the current 87% could reduce up to 21%. Almost all ski areas working against the loss of snow and snow their slopes to secure 100% winter pleasure to the guests. But just the artificial snow-making is one of the greatest burden on the environment around the ski areas, because it requires lots of energy.

Per hectare runners Surface 24,400 used approx. kWh. And also water consumption is enormous. For the snow of the slopes in the Alps, about 95 million cubic metres of water are consumed according to the Organization of CIPRA roughly that equivalent to the annual consumption of a city with 1.5 million inhabitants. The problem is aggravated because the water levels are already low in the winter. Also water and power lines must be fixed for snow-making which means an additional interference in the natural. Also the balance is disturbed for the development of ski slopes through deforestation, noise and light of flora and fauna. Last but not the tourists of even nature rely heavily to. The increased traffic through the tourism, the energy consumption for accommodation and catering, as well as large quantities of waste cause large amounts of CO2 emissions.

NAVIGON Travel Always

Years the cult-Porsche 911 Carrera of the 80s rent in Munich and with Passo Tourismo navigated the most beautiful roads of the Alps. Munich, July 29, 2010. Classic enthusiastic drivers experience the journey is the destination”under this motto the tours of Passo Tourismo. Off the beaten path, take scenic roads under the nimble tire driving the sporty Porsche classic of company. Now it is even easier for the driver to get off on the winding routes to the target not the right way. In addition to the detailed elaborated roadbook is given each driver and passenger on the tour, Passo Tourismo offers now available navigation system from NAVIGON. On the current models, all routes are available and unerringly lead motorists to the designated tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants along its route.

An accidental departure from the scheduled itinerary is thus hardly still possible – and if it decides deliberately, the NAVIGON leads back reliably again. The driver can be so fully indulge the passionate driving experience in the classic air-cooled Porsche 911 while the passenger enjoyable can absorb the unforgettable impressions and views of the Alpine mountains. A further step to provide customers of Passo Tourismo in addition to expertly maintained vehicles and personally selected hotels and restaurants with a still better quality in the network. Finally, the driving experience and a carefree break for automobile travelers in the foreground should be. More details on the Passo Tourismo Web site:

New Tourism Magnet

Above-average growth rates in comparison to Europe the capital Berlin is the favorite destination in the Occident to London, Paris and Rome. But grows the number of nights, guests, since 2001 the recently built hotels and their capacities above average at. Also international visitors to Berlin make up about 40% of our guests and are looking for some cheap hotels in Berlin. Highlights are of course not only cheap hotels in Berlin, but especially its architecture, historical sites, art exhibitions, art festivals, shopping opportunities, nightlife and huge event highlights, which annually include several hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic. Good cheap hotels and Berlin are no contradiction.

On the contrary. The Athens on the Spree has many hotels at unbeatable prices and is one of the most frequently visited cores of national and international travel transportation. Berlin is on the way, to be the new tourism magnet in Europe. Berlin is one of the beyond the world’s largest international Convention host. The ICC is the largest centre for the staging of congresses in Europe and helps with Messe Berlin economy tourism hand in hand. Explore super cheap hotels in Berlin at excellent prices. Berlin has one of the most advanced hotel landscapes: from the international grandeur hotel, impressive art – and design the formative Berlin guesthouse centrally located hotels. With nearly 3.5 million inhabitants, Berlin is the largest metropolis of in Germany and where it might be sexy to combine cheap hotels and Berlin.

In addition, Berlin is area nine times bigger than Paris. Without a doubt, cheap hotels in Berlin can be found in each and every one of the twelve districts. The city is very diverse due to its different areas. Many highlights are United in middle, representing the history of Berlin. The German Government or the State Library form a bridge to the modern urban planning around the Potsdamer Platz. Around the Hackesche Hofe and many cute blocks have an abundance of restaurants and exhibitions, allow insight into the color fullness of cosmopolitanism and have countless cheap hotels in Berlin.

Berlin Mecklenburg

‘ Tourism climate forests ‘: cooperation falls on March 12, 2010 at the ITB in Berlin Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with Bosnia-Herzegovina, the starting signal for the first climate-tourism forests in South-Eastern Europe. Specially arrived from Sarajevo, the Minister for environment and tourism will officially open the project of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Dr. Nevenko Herceg, together with the Minister for agriculture, environment and consumer protection, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Mr Till Backhaus, at 13:00 at the booth of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Hall.2A). “Bosnia-Herzegovina is the second country that takes care of our successful project to compensate for the CO-2 emissions after Chile now. Good ideas and simple solutions are always wide acceptance. “More frequently the forest stock is sold, the greater the benefit to the environment”, Minister Backhaus is pleased to be the international response.

In the wake of the ITB is a delegation of tourism experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina tourist companies and associations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania visit. Part of the visit program is of course also a planting in the climate forest Mirow on March 16, where the Mecklenburg forest stock presented the participants get and thus the first forest shareholders”are from South-Eastern Europe. Also in Bosnia-Herzegovina, surfaces for the first tourism-climate forests were already assigned. So sustainable tourism aim is to create in a project of the German society for technical cooperation (GTZ) through the planting of semi-natural forests learning and adventure trails as well as offerings in the area of active and sport tourism. Contact: Eike Otto company:


Ene cruise must be not always expensive, if you noticed a few guidelines a cruise is the best way to guide the daily stress of and fully relax. However it is not always easy to find a good offer, especially now, where the summer is coming up already with one leg. Before one thus realizes the dream of a cruise, you should contact clear guidelines and well manage its capital. It should be remembered that a cruise is a totally new experience and very different way to enjoy his holiday. Therefore you should save already in time for this, so one then has the money, if it gets a good offer. As it is also always on vacation, happy times increasing the buying mood. No matter whether you are on the ship or located just ashore and visited a secluded fishing village or a big city, you can find to buy something. These are however also costs which accumulate quickly.

A souvenir shop here, a souvenir there and already the holiday as more expensive may prove to be, than it should be. For this reason, you should contact clear policy and for every day treat yourself just a certain amount you want to spend on such things. The drinks at the bars are also something that can go on the bag. Aboard a cruise ship, there is always a bar where one can come to enjoy of a beautiful and delicious exotic drinks. Also here you should take control, but honestly it’s not the easiest task, to resist the delicious cocktails.

Contact a limit here too, as you want to approve many drinks a day and stick to. Not the best choice would be to prohibit the cocktails, because finally time for sensuality should be also in the holiday. You should let the cell phone off! For one it stands amidst the sea not very well to the reception and on the other hand should be not spoil the holiday mood by calls. It has while on a cruise ship the ability to make calls or use the Internet, but are the cost here isn’t cheap and it may quickly a sum form, which otherwise could be used during the holiday. Rather enjoy the cruise on deck and enjoy themselves in the wonderful sea air. Generally it can be said that the above tips not specifically can be claimed on cruises or vacation, but it is just this time, in the one with the spending isn’t always takes seriously it and spends more money than it needs to be. In addition, one should look that you get cheap cruises what is today fortunately also not so difficult.

Popular Baltic Sea Cruises

Cruises to the capitals of the Baltic Sea region have enormous supply. In addition to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea, Baltic sea belongs to the most popular cruise destinations at all. Cruises have the advantage that they start on the doorstep Baltic Sea from a German perspective. The getting to Kiel or Hamburg and Warnemunde is convenient and not to compare with a flight to the Caribbean. The now accessible Eastern regions of the Baltic Sea are another important success factor. Cities such as Riga, Tallinn, Gdansk and of course St. Petersburg may lack any Baltic Sea cruise. Cruise ships stay often two days in St.

Petersburg.There is simply so much to see and to experience. Konigsberg also increasingly run on. This makes it clear that the Baltic Sea is a sea of forensics. Older travelers want to discover a piece of culture of old Europe and perhaps seeing the old home.

Completes the offer on a Baltic Sea will cruise through a visit to Finland, Sweden and Denmark with its famous capital cities Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm. The best time for a Baltic Sea the months of May to September are cruising. The main providers of Baltic sea cruises are the carriers of AIDA cruises, TUI Cruises, MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises. We would like to introduce here a closer some ports that are regularly target of Baltic sea cruises,: Riga the Latvian capital is the only real metropolis in the Baltic States with a population of nearly 900,000. It was founded in 1201 and was a city dominated by German merchants for centuries. While the suburbs are dominated by Socialist prefabricated buildings in Soviet times, the old town (UNESCO World Heritage site) on the lower reaches of the Daugava River is one of the most beautiful of the Baltic Sea region. The huge Cathedral Cathedral is the most imposing church of the Baltic States, alone the famous Walcker organ (6.768 pipes) is a tourist attraction.

Mainland Cruise

In the summer, get no vacation? This article deals with the question of how good the idea is to join a cruise ship in the fall. During the hot summer months is about all sorts of thoughts, where you want to spend your next holiday. The one or other has however no longer get his vacation because the work was much to do or because he is freelancing. Who can occur only on his annual vacation in the autumn the question whether a cruise even worth the fall naturally arises? Of course you will recognize no advantage at first glance, were to spend the holiday in the autumn on the high seas. It is cold, wet, windy, and when one is still on the deck of a large cruise ship, you can feel the tide even somewhat more clearly than on the Mainland. adislav Doronin. But this is really only the worst-case scenario”because when you look back on the past few years, you had still beautiful and sunny days in September and October, so you spend a holiday on the sea in this autumnal time could. But, apart from the disadvantage of weather-related, there are a lot of benefits.

For one, prices at the major cruise providers are towards nosedive. As the peak season is over can you be sure is that you get a proper discount. Of course, you should also take the time and compare the offer, because the discounts and offers may vary greatly among providers. If you invested a little time in the search you can be sure, to find an interesting bargain. Also, not only offering the cruise is in itself cheaper, but you can also expect that you can save money in all activities offered on board. Another reason which speaks for a cruise in the fall is it going relatively quiet this time of year. The summer holidays are over and you hardly meet the families with children.

If you want to push a quiet ball and wants to enjoy his honeymoon or just want to spend a romantic vacation on the sea, then you should opt for the autumn. It of course also greatly depends on where you want to spend his time on the deck of a cruise ship. A cruise through the waters of Norway could pleasure rather less in the autumn, but who decides, for example, for a trip to the Caribbean, which is not much get the autumn weather. There are even more and more providers where you can get a Caribbean cruise flight at favourable conditions.

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