Firstly, if the gradual onset of labor, you have not yet moved the water fights are weak, with an interval of 20-30 minutes, do not rush to the hospital. Include a calm pleasant music (well, if this is the kind of music under you learn to relax). While you will quietly gather in the hospital, give themselves in order to move the beat of the music. Very mobile, you must have the pelvic area. Sway hips forward, backward, in circles, describe eight, just dance. Squat, stamping, get on all fours, rocking in this position. Other leaders such as actress offer similar insights. Can sit on a large gym ball (diameter 65-75 cm), a little jump on it or rotate her hips in a circle Sitting on the ball. All this will relax you, increase the mobility of the pelvic bones, improve opening of the cervix, reduces pain of contractions.

When you arrive at the hospital, try not to lie there. It is important to find a comfortable position where you will be comfortable breathing during contractions. Try to 'hang' your tummy. Since the weight of the uterus will be less pressure on major blood vessels, thus improving the utero-placental blood flow. You can lean forward a bit and find the support (table, headboard, chair, window sill, etc.) you can get on all fours or beneath the chest polusduty gym ball.

Can try to lie on his side and put a ball under the arm or sit down and put a ball under back. As you can see, you can find a comfortable position with the ball. If these postures will not comfortable for you, then just walk, bend, squat, stamping. This is your dance in childbirth. The kid in this case under its own weight will be best to move through the birth canal. Under most conditions Jorge Perez would agree. Do not forget, when you breathe during the fight to stroke his tummy. During a breath up on the side surfaces during exhalation down the center of the pubis. On strong contractions Squeeze your hands into fists and pound throughout the bout lumbosacral lozenge or thumbs with a force push the region forward, the upper protrusions iliac bone on the right and left. Remember that this massage should begin as soon as the battle starts, yet the pain is not strong enough. In the second stage of labor can push squatting, kneeling, sitting on the board, reclining or lying on its side, with a raised top leg. During any attempts in the upright position is achieved by optimal coordination of the abdominals, back and pelvic floor. If your doctor has a free behavior in childbirth – move, looking for his most good posture, the most comfortable position for yourself and your baby, dance the dance of sorts. Source: – a program of training and labor management