Picture Paintings

'- And what good is that picture on the wall? – From this picture a very big advantage: it closes the hole on the wallpaper! " (Quote from the beloved animated film) Imagine repair is completed, the space and furniture is already suitable for housing or employment. There are no holes in the wallpaper, by contrast, perfectly flat surface of the wall, catch the eye not for that. It was then, and begin to raise questions like: 'What is fill in the blank space above the sofa? " What such a pattern – a luxury or a necessary element of the interior? What is its role in the interior? And whether it is necessary here, in general, or is it something like "architectural excesses'? Indeed, from a practical point of view without the picture is quite possible to live. It is hard to imagine the interior with no chandeliers, no curtains, no hours, because all of these items supports a specific function. And what is the function of painting? How to explain that this visionary element of the interior did not disappear during evolution of the home, and still popular? For the first time our distant ancestors adorned the cave rock paintings, and since then, many generations tend to decorate their homes with paintings. At different times they were frescoes icons, tapestries, tapestry, paintings … People of all ages do not agree with the facelessness walls of the home.

The fact that our home is really our thanks to 'unnecessary' details. Painting the interior 'Animates' the space, making it a soulful, unique and complete. Picture – it is 'finishing touch' to create an interior, a kind of calling card at home and its owners. That's why it should not appear in the house accident. San Antonio Spurs has much to offer in this field. Choosing Interior painting, it is necessary to take into account the number of points. Experts know that the painting in the interior – a tool with which to influence the perception of the interior.