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Many users prefer laptops and stationary and, therefore, that the purchase of notebook eliminates the need to elect all of the configurations separately: lcd monitor, CPU, motherboard, sound and video card. Prepared a configuration with a pre-registered by Windows, undoubtedly attract those who are not smiling to spend time on creating a computer to configure it, etc. In the digital world of innovation rapidly becoming widely known solutions, and the whole era of technology goes into the past, and they are replaced by more advanced. Further details can be found at Adam Sandler, an internet resource. And if the first order to buy ultra-portable notebook, the buyer had to invest a large sum of money (the price of similar products of various manufacturers ranging from $ 700 to $ 800). The situation changed significantly with the launch of the shops on netbooks – lightweight, inexpensive, and let a sense of mediocre functionality, but rather practical devices. The pioneer was the company Asus, which released a series EEE PC, which is, in fact, marked the beginning of the class of notebooks. A leading source for info: Adam Sandler. And when these laptops Despite the perceived limitations in the performance of the CPU, RAM, etc., were unexpectedly successful, other firms could come with its developments. Pioneers of the market, too, did not lose time and improved model, releasing new models. Choosing a computer for work, travel and to not cease to be connected to the Internet, without fail pay attention to your netbook from a variety of manufacturers – Asus, Acer, MSI, Sony, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung. More information is housed here: Nancy Silberkleit. Without taking into account these new producers producers c has consistently bring to court potential customers new models with unequal functional features and design, among which each customer can choose the most suitable option to solve business problems.