Mysterious Stones Urals

Puzzling rocks of the Urals is very mysterious stones are found in the Urals. And what are the origin, no one can say. The stones of natural origin, they do not like, so what is this mysterious stones? Such stones are mostly found on the banks of the Sinar. It was also a small and large, even huge strange stones. Typically, these findings begin to deify people. So in our time in a Tatar village lies a stone which is to local population miraculous. On this rock legends and worship him. One place that is famous for its mysterious stone, a place which is located on the shores of Lake Big Allakov.

There are, in particular order, blocks of stone. And in one of the blocks are clearly distinguished eyes, lips and nose. Do people do it, or nature, is difficult to say, but her face resembles a sphinx. On a block, as one can see traces of the rock paintings, very similar to dancing figures with bizarre heads. Filled the entire Ural very interesting mounds.

If you look down on a mound, then we see that the stones on the mound piled up in a certain sequence, and outline the strange patterns. And in the central part of each mound is present mound of stones, which depart two bands smaller stones. But it's not like the old graves. This is more recalls some signs. Why are these facilities with the mysterious mounds, it is not clear. According to one version, such hills could be sanctuaries for the ancient tribes. And laid her in a certain order, stones – is information that we should prochest.Megalitnye structures or rocks most exciting to date. Scientists plan to soon make a map of their location. Scientists hope to identify and reveal the secret of megaliths, and mysterious buildings with no less mysterious inscriptions