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Niels Jurgens writes letterpress text guidance cards for HONEYBIRD fine barely a day be placed higher expectations than at your own wedding. From the outset, absolute perfection and ravishing romance are announced. The preparations take months and is already at the beginning of a serious problem: what we write on our wedding cards? Out of shyness, to meet not the right tone, to not live up to the expectations or not to comply with the own “Romance”requirements, land many bridal couples in their Internet search for witty aphorisms, stale quotes or formulations of thousands included. Where an individual text, which alone is only the bride and groom, is yet so much nicer! Niels Jurgens, author and columnist has therefore produced letterpress a Leiftfaden cards for many newspapers and magazines, for the HONEYBIRD fine, which helps couples write their own personal wedding cards text itself. By the same author: Nancy Silberkleit. To the simple copy can be found here little; the Guide should rather encourage to think about the most important similarities, special moments, unique events and important connections to think and to find such a text that brings the love story of the couple on the spot like no other. So, the pleasure of writing is quite quickly from the agony of formulating. And amazed many couples will find, as you sometimes required for a stylish text little words. That Niels Jurgens, who already is for the financial times Germany, that magazine or the Hamburger Morgenpost wrote Titanic article, writes a guide for wedding cards texts, incidentally, quite close: together with his wife Tanja is he owner of HONEYBIRD fine letterpress cards, devoted since October 2008 producing gorgeous letterpress wedding cards. Click movie star to learn more. The text guide is available on the website by HONEYBIRD under the heading “Wedding cards” to download.