Family Sea

If you optimize the mode of the baby and think about all the details of a family vacation, you can get satisfaction from vacation at sea, even with very harmful baby. Pluses holidays with children young age – it's long periods of Sleep and special eating habits. If children are fed breast milk, during a family holiday mamma is important to carefully apply to your meal. If your wee one on the artificial nutrition of, you need to think needed obbem of infant formula in the entire rest of the sea and take it with you. In that case if you are traveling by own car, you also need to take in the way familiar to the child vodichku for creating baby food. If a child just entering lure, then the period of travel to the sea do not need to plan the introduction of new types of products. Canned baby food and quick meals is desirable to take to the road.

In the case where a child of today at the Pedagogical complementary feeding, is recommended in advance to request diet hotels, where you're going on a family holiday in the Crimea. If the diet is not such as to, the possibility of self-preparation baby food. Sam moved to recommend the plan that the time period when the baby is accustomed to sleep. For the very first trip on a family holiday do not recommend planning a trip to the remote region. For the first family with a toddler beach vacation select a region, which is located in the vicinity of your city. Because of this, you will have a chance to avoid drastic climate change. Just choose the journey of this length, the children slept at this time.

As known time period of stay of children up to 2 years from 14-21 days. Contemporary realities, of course, make adjustments. Nowadays, few can resolve itself as a long vacation in the Crimea. For this reason, during the first family vacation on the sea gently encouraged to pick a region to leave to avoid a strong temperature variation. For a child to ride a good fit properly equipped tourist base or boarding house for families in their area. If you longed to swim on the sea and sunbathing on the sun, you can go on a family holiday at sea in the direction of Evpatoria. For example the city of Mirny. Those edges are renowned for a warm summer sun, its very clean sea and gently sloping beaches. For very young children is recommended to go on vacation in September, the sun at this time not fry in July or August. Before the trip is not applicable explore the sea near the photo boarding house where he will hold your vacation.