Communist Party

They legalized the Communist Party! My father did not hesitate to lead us to my sister and myself to the feast of the PCE in the Casa de Campo in Madrid. He even bought us two flags of the Communist Party.Workers world circulating everywhere.How much joy for the people! It ended up the dominant oligarchy sucking blood workers. What naive parents and what naive children! The Spanish transition has been an example for the world have listened it thousand times. At the beginning, a vague sense of patriotic pride I invaded. But now I think. Course, it was an example for the world because not shed blood with the advantages that this has for exports and stock quotes! And no blood has been spilled because it was a capitulation. The right was unable to sustain the situation and gave the State socialism.

More than 30 years have passed since that and we have almost five million people without jobs. Most of them indebted to the eyebrows. The left has been ruling Spain (or what remains of it) 28 years. And the eight years of the PP? More of the same. The PP is another breed of the same animal. To broaden your perception, visit Sohn Conference. And it is that it is impossible to be fascist without first being Socialist.

You will think that I’ve gone mad but it is up to the regime of Franco had Socialist strokes (the Statute of workers). In fact I believe that we have not known (those who live) another scheme that is not socialism. If you set proportional tax (to steal more to less) and distribute them among more voters then you’re a Socialist. You can call as you want and call as you want at your party but you are a Socialist. The PSOE also PP and Socialist. It may be a few Catholics and other atheists. Few more differences you will find. Socialism buy the vote. You could not pay the infrastructures, hospitals, or schools. But even knowing that you can not pay what you want. You are allowing another to pay your bills. In a system so, some live at the expense of others. But this has a limit. The system must be gnashing as it is impossible to sustain it over time. Those who produce will end up shrugging as John Galt in that book by Ayn Rand and tears will be shed.