Block Puzzles

This online puzzle game is “20 levels in which your task is to manipulate the bricks and plates. Your goal is to move the blocks and bricks to the right places for the exit door lights and show you that is already available. Therefore, your ultimate goal is to enter the portal to complete the level. One positive thing about this online puzzle game is the ability to restore a level every time you want by pressing X. Why this seems so useful? It sometimes happens that, having made a rapid pace the player is trapped in the situation when the road is blocked and there is no possibility of keeping the bricks moving stone. So there you probably would want to restore the level and start all over again.

In general it is necessary to emphasize a negative impact of poverty on the graphics totally deprived of colors. Some bright hues create a fund not only more enjoyable for the player but help deliver better results by stimulating brain activity, while that the combination of gray and brown simply restrained. In addition, flows that move down the screen distract the player and constantly focus on the challenges of this in the right way. On the other hand, the tasks of the game are interesting and not as easy as it might seem the first levels tested. When several blocks have to think carefully about how best to move them. It is advisable to begin to move beyond that are at the bottom, then continue with the models ‘easy’. You can use the arrow keys to move left and right objects and press the up arrow to jump. Block Puzzle? Block Puzzle! is a new free online game that offers a perfect for lovers of puzzle games.